The Secret to Selling with Zero Manipulation

When one assumes an identity, one takes actions to realize or match that identity.

As human beings, we are wired to avoid cognitive dissonance.

When we take on an identity, we make sure our actions and results match that.

You can use this psychology to create marketing communications that connect, resonate & convert.

Without being a tad manipulative.

You don’t have to do anything weird or sleazy… I won’t make you do some dubious NLP tricks. I’m talking about HONEST MARKETING.

The gist is – you want to inspired an identity in your potential clients so taking the action to work with you and achieving the results you deliver are CONGRUENT with how they want to perceive themselves.

… and do it in a way that’s in alignment with YOU.

More often than not, our ideal clients share our values and convictions.

When we share something in common, especially something that involves how we see ourselves and the world – we develop TRUST and RELATIONSHIP that bring the right peeps knocking at our door.

Trust and relationship are the foundation of sales conversion.

Here’s how:

1. Your values and convictions

Sure your POV can be about the products and services you offer. But more importantly, it’s about WHO YOU ARE.

Your values and convictions are the foundational pieces that determine who you attract. And you’d better draw in those you want to work with.

I attract clients who can’t stand sugarcoating, fluff and BS – because that’s how I show up and what I believe in. When we get on the phone, the conversation is organic and fun – most of the time we decide to work together, and if it’s not the right time or the right place, we still have a blast.

Conversion becomes the logical next step of that connection and resonance based on shared values and convictions.

2. The expression of your POV

After you get clear on your values and convictions, then you gotta express them in every touch point without watering it down.

You gotta have POVs – otherwise you’d sound like everyone else and competing as a “commodity” with zero price elasticity is no fun.

But having a POV in your head is not enough. You’ve to infuse it into everything you say or write boldly and unapologetically.

Easier said than done… there are fears that hold us back from doing that and we’ve to do the mindset work so we can truly “own it.”

Transparency, personality, connection and resonance are the new currency of conversion.

3. Inspire an identity

What identity can you inspire in your potential clients that’s congruent with your POV and the expression of it?

Speak to them as if they’re already that person. Connect with that identity so they feel seen and heard beyond the level of who they are right now. Speak to who they aspire to be.

When you inspire an identity that’s congruent with your POV, you create a deep resonance that your potential clients can’t help but choose YOU over your “competition.”

Your POV (combined with how you talk about what you do and how you do it) gives you the unique positioning that makes “competition” a non-issue, because there’s only ONE you.


If you’re ready to design a signature offer that you can market boldly and unapologetically – no watering down, fears or compromise… let’s chat.

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