The Path of Personal Evolution – An essential guide to creating an empowered life.

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What is the meaning of Personal Evolution?  What area do you focus on and how often?  Many of us want to live more deeply, more connected and feel more empowered, yet the road to development can be confusing without the proper road map.  This session will give you an easy to follow breakdown of some areas where you can begin and let you assess what level you are.  There is even great prompts to help get you moving in areas that include:

  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Career & Business
  • Plus so much more!

Grab a note pad or your journal and get ready.  Once you complete the lesson, you will find that its conclusion is only the beginning for you.  Blessings to you and your goals… may you have an abundant and memorable evolution!

About Marilen Crump:


Marilen Crump is a graduate of Sweet Briar  College  in  Virginia  and  is  the  owner  of  ArtInspired  (est.  2000) which  provides  self‐development  in  areas  of  Art,  Movement,  Wellness  and  Inspiration.ArtInspired  has  partnered  with  Todd  Health & Wellness and Harvest of Health to create the PERSONAL  EVOLUTION  GUILD  ™,  A  New  Way  to  Engage,  Innovate  and  Strategize Improvements in Your Life. Marilen is a polymath in the  areas of ballroom dancing, photography, public speaking, vocalist,  poetry  and  other  artistic  pursuits.She  finds  great  satisfaction  in  collaboration,  coaching  and  spending  quality  time  with  her  husband Ken and their five children.



Co-Founders Marilen Crump and Dianne Todd
(757) 768-9033 /


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The PERSONAL EVOLUTION GUILD BINDER™ is filled with 50+ starter pages of helpful guides, worksheets, lessons and visually rich resources.  You can even order updates that are available seasonally so that you are always engaged in creating a life of abundance and fulfillment.  Your binder is customizable and is equipped to hold your visions, thoughts, actions, plans and dreams.  It includes pocket-lined dividers in a color-coded system that coordinates with each one of our PERSONAL EVOLUTION GUILD™ (PEG) categories.  The binder cover is flexible and durable enough to accompany you through your self-improvement journey.  Each page is a work of art designed by Marilen Crump and engages the user to include his or her personal touches.  There are even frame-ready art and photographs to fill your home with inspirational images and motivational cues.  Other products are available to supplement your binder as well as other gifts that you can share with those you love and support.  Visit and click on the Powerful You! Special Binder Offer and enter code: PY110316

Clarity as Easy as Breathing – Soulful Energy Empowerment; Learn 3 steps to Capsule of Calm

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When you are asked: “Hey, how’s your day going?”  What’s your typical answer?  When was the last time you really said “hello” to yourself or checked in to assess your energy?  Personal empowerment embodies all aspects of our body, soul and mind, which as human beings, we may take for granted. Regardless of where you are in your life, whatever decade you are living, there are moments you may not be feeling empowered, strong, or connected in a meaningful way to your life. The pace of daily living may or may not change. My BAC2 Method ™ is designed

  • to teach you to raise your awareness,
  • feel more empowered
  • be a more effective decision

It’s all about the “pause”, and pressing the “refresh” button on your internal “health-o-meter”.  The intention of this session is to offer you a simple course correction by creating a new feeling of wellness in your body, allow the mind to calm so you can hear the wisdom of your Soul, regardless of your circumstance.  This class is experiential, practical and fun. Come along, and join me.

You know you are Special and You are a Blessing!

About Alissa R. Okrent:

Alissa Okrent, Souls-Compass

Alissa Okrent is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and a Board Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach with more than a decade of experience.  She has followed her passion, supporting her clients in achieving their stress management, health and wellness goals. She works with both individuals and corporate groups, helping them to be more mindful in daily tasks to maximize their life enjoyment, productivity and success.

“To know by experience” is her theme, one she learned earlier in her career as an Outward Bound participant. “Breathe through changes in their lives” is one of her guiding mantras she instills in her practice along with compassion, non-judgment, and by providing a safe haven to enable that personal exploration in her clients.

Benefits of working with you?

She developed The Capsule of Calm, a simple process for feeling calm, clear and focused in the midst of life’s challenges and transitions. Alissa focuses on your human experience, leveraging her intuitive skills and extensive background in professional fitness to mentor you in developing realistic strategies to achieve your personal goals.


Alissa R. Okrent


I am offering a complimentary 20 minute discovery phone session. During our time, you will learn one of your Soul Languages, your mission energy signature. I became a practitioner of this paradigm, because I found this insight transformed my life. This is one of the many tools I use when helping individuals feel more connected to who they are, raise self-awareness and truly experience a sense of inner peace and calmness. I look forward to sharing this information with you!
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Receive the BAC2 Audio as my gift to you. Enjoy, feel clear and focused throughout your day!
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Resilience Power for Business and Life

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Are you the Orchestrator of Your own Fate?When Obstacles, Stress, & Other Threats Loom do you have the right tools to endure?

If hardship, disappointment or unexpected changes strike how well will you prevail?

Get Rewired! Access what you need by arming yourself with resilience tactics to keep you afloat and thriving in any situation. With Resilience Power, you’ll discover how to better handle your life, career, relationship and business ups and downs with more ease and valuable tools and resources.

Resilience won’t make your challenges go away — but can give you the ability to see past them. Develop the skills and attitudes to grow your resilience to bolster you even in the unexpected, find enjoyment in life and better handle your stress.

No matter how much you plan or how proactive you are, life is often unpredictable. How you handle the challenges makes all the difference. Find out how to choose what serves you best.

  • What is Resilience?
  • Resilience Hijackers
  • Optimism Vs. Reality
  • Plan for Success
  • The Search for Meaning
  • Mind Power
  • How Successful Businesses & People Thrive in Any Situation
  • Build Up Your Resilience for Life

About Dr. Jo Anne White:

Dr. Jo Anne White, the Success Doc

International Bestselling and Award Winning Author, Certified Professional Coach and Speaker, Dr. Jo Anne White is living her dream of helping others live their dreams and thrive.

She’s CEO/ Founder of the Power Your Life Network and the Power U Online University: Guiding individuals, families, businesses and professionals to grow and succeed.

Dedicated to excellence and service, Jo Anne enhanced her client support as a lead generation expert, image and branding specialist and Energy Healer.

“We can manifest our gifts and talents to fulfill our desires and pressing goals, and make a difference in other’s lives,” Jo Anne said.

She’s also the Executive Director and Host of the popular Power Your Life TV & Radio Shows, and CEO/President of Dr. Jo Anne White Consulting Services, LLC.

Featured online and in national and international media outlets: (, Good Housekeeping, More, WebMD), Jo Anne’s appeared frequently on Radio and Television Networks as NBC, CBS, FOX, and Voice America.

Dr. White authored and co-authored numerous books including: Amazon International Bestsellers Keys to Conscious Business Growth, Bully Free, More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special (Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence), Mastering the Art of Success, JOY, and The Self Architect.


Power Your Life Radio Show:


1, Unlimited Access: State-of-the-Art Online E-Marketing System: Includes: Resources, Tools & Support to Help you get laser-focused on your career & business Fundamentals that build multimillion dollar businesses: Lead generation tools, webinars, group coaching, resource library & more!                                        Regular Price: ($197 per month: Powerful You Rate $80.)

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Awesome Aging ~ Like wine just waiting to be uncorked!

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“There is no denying the problems that accompany aging. But what has been universally denied is the potential. The ultimate expression of potential is creativity.” —Dr. Gene Cohen

In this session Pauline will share the infinite joys and lessons of her life journey based on what she calls ‘saging”:

saging —verb

  • The act of approaching aging as a journey of deepening wisdom, continued learning, expanding possibilities and renewed purpose.
  • A process of self development that enhances interpersonal relationships, hones communication skills, and cultivates a valuation of Elders as mentors and wise counsel in community.
  • The act of harvesting life’s wisdom as a legacy for future generations.

Learn more about:

1. Healing Powers of Humour

“Humour greases the journey. I don’t understand what bugs people about aging. I’m kind of proud of it. I made it to 51! …I don’t care what people think about me anymore. You get a discount. Age On!” Sue Minns, multiple sclerosis at 41, survived cancer and house fire

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow… Joy shall be reflected in all things.” Helen Keller

2. Let go of the Anchors

Recognize dream squelchers, sunshine blockers, misery monsters and sometimes your own self pity as human anchors that drag you down.

3. Uncork your Positive Powers with Creative Aging

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing.” Satchel Paige

4. Eight Strategies for Learning To Float

1) Believe
2) Meditate
3) Nourish
4) Listen
5) Interact
6) Create
7) Hug
8) Relax.

“There are no old people any more. They are either wonderful for their age or dead.” Mary Pettibone Pode

AND… Pauline’s challenge to you : Choose to be Amazingly You!

About Pauline Duncan-Thrasher:

Pauline’s education from grade 3 to the end of grade 13 took place in girls’
boarding schools. Her bachelor of Arts degree is from the University of Western Ontario
(major in Journalism) and Teachers’ Certificate from Althouse College.

Pauline enjoyed more than thirty five years as a teacher of
elementary students by day and college students in the evening.

As an active Toastmaster, leader, mentor and award
winning speaker since 1978 she has developed skills to mentor speakers of all ages.
After five years of competing she won the opportunity to speak on Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital of Ottawa in 1990.
Pauline is a certified consultant /trainer of “Words That Change Minds”
and a Certified Life Coach assisting clients to build self confidence and develop leadership.

First Book: “Swimmin’ Women” learning how to “Ride the waves of Change and Dive into Life.”
“Out of Frenzy into Focus” a workbook .
Speak and Lead manual : advice for professional speaking by leaders
Community Work : Prayer Chaplain since 2012 , 2015 president of the Board for Unity of London, Breakfast program volunteer, International Story telling facilitator and co-coordinator with Creative Age in London, Communications Mentor for Women in Business.


Pauline Duncan-Thrasher
Be Amazingly You!

FREE GIFT: 10 Strategies for Awesome Aging from Chapter 19 in “Swimmin’ Women”


Swimmin’ Women Book

“Pauline’s fluid style is injected with alliteration and metaphor. Her book is brimming with delightful word pictures.  She uses poignant stories from an abundance of women, and yes, a few men to demonstrate triumph over life’s obstacles. Swimmin’ Women offers a universal appeal to all women at every stage of life.  Don’t miss it!”  Grace Tallman, Registered Nurse,  Grief Counsellor

Special Discount until end of September ( $20 discounted to $10)

2. For Speakers who want to be Remembered and Asked Back

Evaluations based on your style and audience

From Award Winning Speaker/Evaluator Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

I help speakers to write phrases that matter to the ear, learn how to deliver personal , suitable stories , choose meaningful props and   master vocal variety to maximize your message.

 Introductory rate  Discount :

Communication Coaching $50.00 an hour ( regular rate is $100) or three sessions for  $130 available for those who sign up before the end of September

Clients who wish more than 3 sessions will receive an ongoing 15% discount for your next six months of coaching
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The Top 3 Keys To Becoming a Soul Mate Magnet™

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Are you tired of kissing frogs, and the seemingly endless search for the right partner? Are you tired of struggling with dating and relationships that are unsatisfying or even stressful?

You are a powerful woman, and you want a life partner, but you don’t want to settle for just any man…you want a man who sees you and loves you for who you are, a man who uplifts, inspires, and supports you in all that you are and aspire to be. Here’s the great news: You deserve to and CAN have exactly that, no matter what you have experienced in the past.

Join certified life, dating and relationship coach Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker in this eye-opening webinar where you will:

  • Learn the top 3 keys of becoming a soul mate magnet, so you can finally attract the true love you deserve into your life without unnecessary struggle or further delay.
  • Gain a better understanding of what has created your unsatisfying relationship patterns in the past and why the love and partner you seek hasn’t show up yet
  • Learn 3 easy action steps you can take right away to become “Soul Mate Magnet”

Jennifer has helped countless women identify their vision for their ideal relationship, clear inner and outer blocks, and manifest a great man into their life with ease. This webinar is the first step – join us for this webinar if you’d like to begin manifesting YOUR soul mate without further delay!

About Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker:

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, and Life Coach

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker is a Los Angeles Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, and Life Coach who works with people all over the world via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. She is also certified in NLP, EFT, and Hypnotherapy at the Mastery levels. She specializes in working with spiritual single women who are struggling to find the right partner. She helps them easily attract an amazing partner who will love them for who they are, and then helps them create a happy and conscious relationship with their partner once they have found them. A long-time veteran dater who had a love life transformation of her own (from hot mess of anxiety in relationship to blissfully married to the love of her life in under 18 months) she is also a best-selling co-author and the creator of  “Becoming A Soul Mate Magnet”™, an instantly downloadable program designed to give singles the tools to organically attract the right “One”. She had helped hundreds of women attract a great partner and create happy and conscious relationships with them.

You can learn more about Jennifer and her work here:


If you are ready to attract the love of your life once and for all, Becoming a Soul Mate Magnet™ is the place to start! If you feel like you have tried everything to attract the right partner into your life, and nothing has worked, you will LOVE this unique approach that has helped Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker and countless other women she has coached to END THE STRUGGLE for the search for the right partner and ATTRACT LOVE.

Here is what you will get from the program:

  • Deep insight to what has created your unsatisfying relationship patterns in the past
  • 4 modules full of information and activities proven to help you transcend your unsatisfying patterns and attract the partner you desire into your life. Each module contains a recorded call, a mini-workbook with interactive exercises, and guided meditation to set to sound healing music. Some modules also contain videos with clear instructions on how to do certain activities.
  • May exclusive bonuses (Including a private 1-1 coaching session worth $250!) which can be found on the registration page:

Discount Exclusive to Powerful You participants: $10 off the program. Use the coupon code POWERFULYOU at checkout.

SAME DAY SIGN-UP BONUS: Members who sign up the day they listen to the recording will also get a 40% discount on “The Online Dating Success System™” when it becomes available!

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Building Your Resilient Life: One Block at a Time

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Tired of feeling your life is all over the place?
Confused about how to continue to pull it all together?
Ready to build your life so it ebbs and flows with resilience?
Get your tools and materials now to start building! 

This Learning Center Session offers…

  • Real Life scenarios for real life learning.
  • A framework with examples and definitions.
  • Worksheet to ACTively apply your building.
  • A start to taking your ACTion.

“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

As you know, life ebbs and flows which makes us sway. The key is to learn to sway, becoming even more resilient to the fact life comes at us sometimes like the speed of light!

Building a more resilient life, one block at a time, starts with and on a solid foundation of faith, hope, and love. As a strong building is reinforced with strong materials, you will reinforce your life identifying your truth serving as the strong rebar going through the center of each block you define and actively put in place.

Action you will take:  

  • Understand how it works together.
  • Recognize a solid foundation is necessary for achievement.
  • Identify each block and its power.
  • Be able to revise and use this tool as you evolve.

The result? A strong sense of self, non-apologetically and transparently living your life actively!

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About Francine Carter:

Francine Carter, Action Coaching & Training, LLC

Francine Carter founded Action Coaching & Training, LLC in January 2003.

ACT, LLC’s vision is to provide services and resources to ACTivate your truth (name it) and be transparent (claim it) igniting transformation in reaching your potential.

The mission is active partnering with individuals & organizations exploring, energizing, engaging, enhancing and embracing the strengths & talents leading to true potential.  She uses a combination of learned knowledge, life experience, and humor while training & coaching her clients.

Francine earned and holds credentials as a(an)…

∆ Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained by the Institute for Professional Excellence in

Coaching (iPEC),

  • Mentors coaching students currently in the iPEC coaching program
  • Facilitates the Therapy & Coaching tele-class for iPEC coaching students

∆ Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) trained by (iPEC),

∆ Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF),

∆ Licensed Coaching Clinic© Facilitator from Coach U.

∆ Bachelors (BSW) & Masters Degrees of Social Work (MSW) from Indiana University, and is a

∆ Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Indiana.

Other training includes the…

∆ DISC self-discovery process,

∆ Extensive training in Critical Incident Stress Management services for trauma in the workplace

Francine Carter
Action Coaching & Training, LLC
(317) 241-8587 office,

Thank you for investing in yourself and listening to my program, Building Your Resilient Life: One Block at a Time! As a thank you and to aid in your continuous improvement I would like to offer the following opportunities:

  1. Please sign up for ACT’s weekly newsletters. They are quick reads and a reminder to keep it simple as well as other upcoming programs ACT will offer.
  2. The follow up to this one hour you just participated in is the Resilient Life 4 part series digging into each block further, when you sign up you will receive 10% off the program investment!
  3. What one to one coaching with Francine? You will receive 25% off six (6) sessions focusing with her on building your resilient life!

Let’s take off the blinders see our truth, be transparent and transform yourself to what you never imaged! (or have you?)

Francine at

Sign up for her newsletter at

How Faith and Food Can Fuel Your Success: Simple Strategies for the Busy Professional Woman

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If diets worked; you wouldn’t be reading this because I would be out of business. Plus, I bet that you do your best to create a healthy lifestyle, yet chronic symptoms, lack of sleep and constant stress are still your constant companions. After our time together you are going to be able to:

  • The one action that every spiritual mentor took and that you MUST take today in order to fuel your body and your business.
  • How to stop listening to the DIEt experts and jump off their bandwagons so you can create your own rules for skyrocketing your energy and health.
  • How to eat and fuel your body with fast, delicious and healthy food no matter how busy you are.

Finally, you will have simple strategies that you can implement immediately to fuel your success.

HANDOUT – Click Here

About Maureen Wielansky:

Maureen Wielansky is the leader of the Sassy Pants Rebels; a sisterhood of women who lock arms as they jump off the bandwagon together and rebel against restrictions and rules so they can create their own unique recipe for healing and health. Through her Mindful Meal Parties; Maureen helps women heal their relationship with food through the kitchen. Mindful Meal Parties bring women together both live and virtually to batch cook healthy food that is simple, healthy and delicious. Maureen also mentors women privately helping them create a life that is sassy, sexy and satisfying. Her dream is to leave a legacy so big that it puts her out of business. To be a part of the Sassy Pants Rebels; go over to and take the quiz: “Are you Having an Affair with Food?”

Maureen Wielansky

FREE GIFT: Are You Having an Affair with Food? Free Quiz
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Heal the Money Story Holding You Back from a Mindset of Unlimited Wealth and Abundance

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Pamela Catey, Intuitive Mindset & Money Coach

Are you ready to breakthrough your own personal financial ceiling?

Powerful ideas about money are formed throughout our lives — beginning at a very young age. Knowing what those deep-seated money ideas are and learning how to restructure them so that abundance becomes as real and possible as lack and struggle are the tools you need to make a lasting financial transformation.

It’s time to dig deeper and shift the currents below the surface — which are actually dictating what is or isn’t possible in your financial life.

In this powerful and enlightening workshop, Pamela will help you dive deep so you can:

  • Identify the “money story” holding YOU back or sabotaging your success
  • Discover how to release and heal that money story once-and-for-all
  • Learn a practical, easy-to-use self-help tool to turn any limiting belief into on empowering one
  • Create emotional freedom with money so you can increase your income
  • Jump-start your new financial life!

Isn’t it time to EXPERIENCE your next level of financial peace, confidence and abundance?

About Pamela Catey:

As an intuitive mindset and money coach, Pamela Catey helps consciously aware women finally break free of unconscious limiting beliefs about money, success and self-worth. The outcome is: breaking through to feeling empowered, at peace and in control with money.

Pamela believes it’s your Divine birthright to be abundant which fuels her commitment to helping women bring their relationship with money out of the dark and into the light where it can healed and transformed.

She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, is a Certified Money Breakthrough Method ™ Coach, Best Selling Co-Author of the book “Wake Up! Live a Life You Love: Giving Gratitude”, and a musician who is recording a CD of original guitar music called “Gypsy Journey- Instrumental Music to Relax the Mind & Soothe the Soul”.

She’s the money coach to call when you’re ready to make peace with money so you can make more of it!

Pamela Catey, M.A.
Intuitive Mindset & Money Coach
(231) 409-0299


    1. Take the Money Breakthrough Quiz and Discover Which of the 5 Key Areas to Making and Keeping More Money You Personally Need to Focus On. You’ll also receive weekly articles on money mindset, success and abundance tips.


  1. If you’re a Consciously Aware Woman Entrepreneur who wants to create a mindset of unlimited wealth and abundance in a safe circle of loving, supportive and encouraging women, join the Sisterhood of Abundance Private Facebook Community at

BONUS OFFER :Money Breakthrough Method Private Coaching Session

Are You Ready for a Money Breakthrough?

Bring your biggest money challenge, concern or worry to this 60 Minute Private Coaching Session and Pamela will help you…

  • Discover the Underlying “Need” Trying to Get Met in Your Current Money Concern or Challenge
  • Identify the Limiting Belief Driving that Underlying “Need” and Its Origin
  • Create a New Level of Forgiveness So You’re No longer Held Hostage by the Past
  • Declare a New Possibility with Money that’s Authentic and NOT Just a “Fix” for What Seems to Be Wrong
  • Leave the Session Empowered, Clear and Ready to Take the Next Appropriate Action that’ll Create a Breakthrough with Money.

Valued at $297
Special Offer for Powerful You Members: Only $147

Expand Your Reach ~ Grow Your Business

Web Banner - PY!LC How Published Authors Grow Exponentially, Attract Clients, and Make Money
Presented by Sue Urda

Yes, being a published author provides credibility and credentials and naturally expands your reach – and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Successful authors know how to use their book to open doors and create more and better opportunities for themselves. They know how to increase their presence and make themselves more valuable in a competitive marketplace.

Successful authors know how to use the power of their book to exponentially expand their reach and attract faithful followers and new clients that come back to them over and over again.

JOIN US to learn the secrets to growing your business and attracting more of your tribe to you as a published author.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What successful authors do differently
  • The inherent and ‘feel good benefits of being an author
  • The best ways to use your book to attract faithful followers
  • How and why a book brings you warm leads
  • How being published makes you a desirable guest expert
  • The number one way for authors to make money & grow

About Sue Urda:

Sue Urda - Feel Good Guidess

Sue Urda is your Feel Good Guidess. She has impacted thousands of individuals through her transformative talks and inspirational writings that teach people to embrace the power of feeling good. She loves helping women discover the freedom of authentic alignment, tap into and use their unique and precious gifts, and live their lives each day with more simplicity and intention, grace and ease.

Sue is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and has been a successful entrepreneur for 25 years. She is an Award-Winning and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, and a prolific, inspirational writer and speaker. As co-founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network she has connected thousands of women for business, personal and spiritual growth, and as co-founder of Powerful You! Publishing she has helped nearly 200 women achieve their dream of becoming a published author.

Sue is passionate about helping people make meaningful decisions that they feel good about, and move them to actions that are aligned with their values. Sue loves assisting women to find the feel good and live in that space every day.


Save $100 off any publishing package with Powerful You!  Publishing.
Use discount code: AUTHORMONEY

Quick Tips for Conscious Business Growth E-book. This e-book is a compilation of 20 mindful and meaningful tips, thoughts, and exercises intended to enhance your own practice of conscious business growth. The individuals sharing these tips practice them regularly and teach them to their clients. Use them to abundantly experience conscious business growth. Click Here

#perspectiveshift – Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life

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Presented by Frances B. Holinda, MBA-HCM, CPC

In this session you will learn how to manage life’s everyday challenges as well as the inevitable curveballs, by changing our point of view, or our perspective.

  • The three steps of #perspectiveshift
    • Recognize
    • Refocus
    • Rewire
  • The Four-to-One Formula
  • Rewiring our brain
  • Learning to embrace the unexpected
  • It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it
  • Getting back on track
    • Re-evaluate your priorities
    • Avoid playing the blame game
    • Revisit your vision for the life you want to create
    • Recommit to your goals and priorities
  • Look for the opportunity the unexpected provides

About Frances Holinda:

Frances B. Holinda, MBA-HCM, CPC is the Owner and Life /Personal Coach at Perspectives Personal Coaching. Prior to starting her own coaching business, Frances had a twenty five year career in medical billing and consulting as the Owner and President of Physicians Resource Network Inc.  She now devotes her professional life to personal coaching and consulting.

Certified through the International Coach Certification Academy (ICCA), Frances is a self-described “Perspectives Coach” helping clients “shift” their perspective to better manage life’s daily challenges and curveballs with greater ease and less stress. Frances coaches her clients to reach their goals, get “unstuck” and find purpose with her #perspectiveshift (recognize, refocus, rewire) approach.

Additionally, Frances is a BBM Global Network radio talk-show host with a weekly show entitled #perspectiveshift, a VIP member of the NAPW, as well as a published author (Change Agents in High Heels). Frances holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Monmouth University.

Frances B. Holinda, MBA-HCM, CPC
“Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life”

Special Package Deal:

PY! Learning Center Attendees – Purchase a package of 5 coaching sessions and save $25 off the regular price.

Send an email to Frances to purchase –

Flipping the Cosmic Switch – The Magic Behind Authentic Leadership

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Lisa Winston

As women continue to redefine success, there’s a powerful desire to make a big impact professionally and to change the rules about how we operate at work. Whether it’s finding work that truly fits you or upleveling your current business or career, you deserve to love what you do and create success on your own terms, without having to give up your life in the process.

If you’re having challenges building your business or are attracting more victim-types than motivated potential clients; if you’re finding it hard to connect with your tribe or feel that the entire process is more drudgery than joy, it’s time to take a deep and honest look at who you are and how you’re leading.

Most of us would rather be liked then risk exposing who we really are.  We’re more in our heads than in our hearts.  We want to be the one with the magic pill and promise things we can’t deliver.  We’re often more concerned about clinching a client than making sure they get results.  And we want everything NOW.

The real magic lies in authentic leadership.  Authentic leaders:

  • Know who they are and show their real selves
  • Lead with their hearts, not just their head
  • Are focused on transformational results
  • Are in it for the long-haul, no matter what

Learn how to flip the magic switch so you can be who you are and do what you came here to do, powerfully and authentically.

About Lisa Winston:

Through alignment with true essence, Lisa Winston, Authenticity & ReAlignment Coach, facilitates transformation in people’s personal lives and conscious businesses.  She believes that building a solid inner foundation, which includes alignment with one’s core love essence and a deeper connection to one’s inner wisdom, as well as living from an unshakeable, unapologetic knowing and love of one’s self, is the way to a life of joy, purpose and prosperity. Thirty years of traumatic life experiences finally awakened her inner fire and propelled her into her life’s mission.  She knows first-hand that everyone has access to the power within to rise above circumstances and thrive.  She now has the honor and joy of assisting others along their journey back to Spirit and self, as well as aligning with their unique passion and purpose.  Her Awaken Your Core Fire Programs are changing lives.  Lisa is a best-selling author, teacher, artist, vocalist, mentor and mom.

Lisa Winston
Authenticity & Re-Alignment Coach

Two special offerings to meet you right where you are:

If you’re feeling a restlessness, urgency or just a feeling it’s time to do something, your Soul is calling you back to your-self.  To become all you came here to be.  That feels big and scary.

First of all, you’re not sure what you want, why you want it or how in the world to even get started.   Then, the strangely overwhelming and intangible fear creeps in, paralyzing you.  Keeping you in confusion and holding you back.

That’s where I come in (I LOVE this part)!  It’s my greatest honor and joy to offer you a complimentary 30 – 45 minute Clarity call to go deep and get some answers.  Through intuition and life experience, I will help you get clear on your what and why.  You’ll also walk away with an easy, actionable next step.

Book your call with me here

I look forward to sharing a beautiful and powerful heart-centered connection with you.

If you’re a Powerful You! Member who is looking for a coach and you feel drawn to working with me, I’m offering a total of $1600 off of my year-long, private VIP coaching program through the month of June.  That’s $100 per month off of my regular coaching fees and $400 off of your deposit.  I’m in the process of taking my last few clients for the year, so if you feel a nudge or a knowing, please call me asap to book a qualifying call.    You can schedule by clicking here.


  1. The When Resistance Hits Guidesheet
  2. The Grounding and Centering Meditation
  3. The Love Expansion Meditation
  4. The Let Go and Find Peace Meditation

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Inspire You NOW! How to Find Your Calling and Become Unstoppable!

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Christine Suva

In this powerful presentation, you will discover key ways to master your mindset around your life, career and/or business that can massively impact your success. I believe that often the biggest obstacle in the way of success for most people lies in their thoughts, beliefs and resulting actions or lack of actions. How you think about yourself and the world effects how you show up in your daily life. Whether it’s a dream of starting a business, a dream of having a family, a desire to make a career change or to experience things on your “bucket list”; your mindset determines if, when and how you live your life and what you attract.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many high level executives that are clearly big thinkers about their careers and the organizations they serve. However, they are not always big thinkers when it comes to their lives as a whole. This presentation will invite you to think BIGGER about WHO you are and what you do.

I. Why Am I Here?

  • A. You are NOT your job or your business!
  • B. The Roles We Play
  • C. The Essence of You
  • D. The Litmus Test

II.Mastering your Mindset for Success

  • A. What you say matters!
  • B. How are you showing up?
  • C. Your Energy Impacts Your Results

III. Building a VISION – Building a LIFE

  • A. Your Unique Purpose
  • B. Your Highest Values & Priorities
  • C. Your Stage in Life
  • D. Take Conscious Action to Create Your Legacy

About Christine Suva:

Christine Suva has spent a lifetime exploring her insatiable passion for personal and professional development!  She’s a Certified Professional Life & Career Coach, Engaging Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, two time Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author and interviewed for television and radio.  As Founder and President of THRIVE Coach Services, Inc., she is deeply committed to helping others find passion, purpose and success in their lives!  Her business is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience guiding thousands across the country to achieve career and personal goals as an Outplacement Consultant and Wellness Professional in the education, healthcare, corporate, and community settings.

Her clients are often in a place of reinvention, looking to start a business or are in career transition.  Christine’s approach is holistic, comprehensive and involves mastering the mindset for success.  She’s personally used all of the tools and strategies she shares to reinvent her own life and career multiple times. Her most popular programs are her Career Mindset Mastery Series and Inspire You Now programs.

Chris feels deep gratitude for being called to her highest purpose in her work and enjoys helping others discover, develop and live out their highest calling over the course of their lives!

Christine Suva


Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment

Find Out
What Mindset Patterns Unique to YOU May Hold You Back from Success and
Keep You Stuck!

Special Powerful You LC Discount:
$247 (A $297 Value)
Includes 1 Hour Debrief Session with Christine

Call or Send an email:

FREE GIFT: Report “Key Factor Revealed for Determining Success in Work and in Life” – to be able to gather emails. To receive a copy of the report, Click Here

Say Yes to Yourself!

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Sujata Uppal
Double Your Confidence to Have Better Relationships, More Time, and Greater Success in Your Life.

As women continue to redefine success, there’s a powerful desire to make a big impact professionally and to change the rules about how we operate at work. Whether it’s finding work that truly fits you or upleveling your current business or career, you deserve to love what you do and create success on your own terms, without having to give up your life in the process.


If you had a magic wand and could change one aspect of you life, what would that be? Would it be a relationship, your professional success, your level of self-confidence, or happiness in life? What if you already had the power to do that – not just in one area of your life but all the areas of your life?

Find out in this seminar where you will:

  • – Learn how to assess where you are in your life and what got you there
  • – Determine which area of your life you want to succeed at
  • – Discover the secret to achieving the success you desire
  • – Establish how to increase your level of self-confidence and empowerment to create your ideal emotional, physical, financial, and social life.


About Sujata Uppal:

Fueled by a desire to free herself from the limitations set for women by her culture, Sujata Uppal left her native country, India, at the age of 21 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sociology. Sujata’s core belief is that we, as women, have an innate inner power that gives us the strength and fortitude to aspire to what we want and to stand up for ourselves and the causes that we care about.

Sujata has spent her life educating, engaging, and empowering women to break past limitations and achieve their highest potential. She has been involved in many women’s organizations, led workshops on self-esteem, and mentored women in all stages of their lives to help them become their own best advocates – both personally and professionally.

In addition to her Master’s in Sociology, Sujata holds three professional coaching certifications: Life Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, and Singles Relationship Coach. After a difficult divorce that ended her twenty-five year marriage, Sujata launched Transition AIDE to bring Awareness, Insight, Direction, and Empowerment to women making changes in their lives, whether by chance or by choice. She specializes in guiding women to make empowering, strategic decisions during divorce, self-empowerment for women juggling multiple priorities, and personal leadership for all women who want to experience self-growth.

Sujata Uppal
Transition AIDE
Office Phone: 561.228.1058


30-Minute INSTANT CONFIDENCE Session to help you One-On-One to do the following:

  • – Figure out what is holding you back from the success you desire.
  • – Figure out the CLEAR PATH to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • – Create your personal CODE of CONFIDENCE

FREE GIFT: Free Ebook: 5 Easy To Implement
What to Say When You Talk To Yourself
Click Here

Success Without Exhaustion for Women

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Courtney Parks Creating Your Path to Wealth, Happiness & Freedom

As women continue to redefine success, there’s a powerful desire to make a big impact professionally and to change the rules about how we operate at work. Whether it’s finding work that truly fits you or upleveling your current business or career, you deserve to love what you do and create success on your own terms, without having to give up your life in the process.

During this session, you’ll learn essential lessons to thrive in business without burning out including…

  • How to create time to focus on your priorities, set boundaries and get things done
  • The key to letting your unique personality drive your business and career growth
  • The importance of streamlining how you operate so you can focus on your genius
  • How to ask for and allow more income, without simply having to “work harder”
  • The power of thinking, acting and making decisions from where you want to be

If you’re tired of sacrificing your time, your energy and your sanity in order to ‘have it all’, find out what you need to create personal and professional success the easy way.

About Courtney Parks:

Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC is a Women’s Success Coach and mindset expert dedicated to helping women create success professionally without exhausting themselves personally. Through private coaching, group programs, workshops and speaking, Courtney has taught hundreds of women how to love their work and their lives by combining solid business and career development strategies with intuition, inspiration and personal growth. With a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University and certification from the Coaches Training Institute, she supports women in creating lasting success both inside and out.

Courtney’s signature 5-Step Passion Success & Balance Coaching Method helps high-achieving women to transform their work so they can make more and be more while still living a fabulous life. Her clients span from top notch coaches, consultants and creatives to c-suite executives and women on the rise in law, finance and journalism. Her philosophy and strategies help women to advance beyond their limits and she’s been fortunate to work with clients to double, triple and even quadruple their incomes while working less so they have time for themselves and their families. A living example of someone who ‘walks her talk,’ Courtney is equally passionate about her work, her relationships and her life.

Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC
Women’s Success Coach & Owner
Courtney Parks Coaching


Work with me to create a plan you love for the next steps in your business, career and life…the easy way, of course! I’ve created a special offer just for my Powerful You! guests where you’ll save 50% off my regular rate when you purchase a 60 Minutes to Success coaching session. This is a one-time opportunity to coach with me and design a made-for-you plan for your next level of success – one that’s easy, effective and enjoyable – not just about more hard work.

For 60 minutes, you’ll get my expertise, advice and support in making your work and life the BEST it can be. Your session includes a questionnaire to help you get clear on your focus, private coaching time to strategize your next steps and action and accountability so you can get in motion right away.

If you’re ready for a whole new way to create success, I’d love to share this PY! special offer with you. To get all the details and purchase your 60 minutes to Success session, visit now.

Contact Courtney with questions at 847-217-2387 or

FREE GIFT: Get my free audio program Passion Success & Balance for Women: 5 Secrets to Making More (& Being More) with Less Stress and learn how to create success the easy way at

Feel Good Now

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Sue Urda

In this webinar, Sue Urda shares…

– The practices and mindset techniques that have kept her on track
even through one of the most challenging years of her life.
– How to keep from spiraling down when bad things happen.
– How to stay positive and moving forward no matter what.
– How to feel good in the midst of the muck.
These simple, yet profound strategies will help you to feel
more grateful, alive, and at peace.

Never underestimate the power of feeling good!

About Sue Urda: Sue Urda is your Feel Good Guidess. She is an Award-Winning and #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Inspirer, and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Powerful You! Publishing. Sue is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Having started 3 companies since 1989, Sue knows the challenges and joys businesses face, and she is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive, get connected, share their stories, and feel good. Sue loves assisting individuals in their own pursuit of success, purposeful-living and freedom, and her mission is to connect women to each other, their visions & themselves for true fulfillment.

My two books are titled “Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude” Book I and Book II. Each book provides simple insights and inspiration, mindset molding, and vibration raising in the form of a daily reading. They assist individuals to set intentions, live on purpose, judge less, and enjoy life more.

Sue Urda


100 Transformational Days to Create a Life of Joy, Grace, and Ease

Join Sue Urda, your Feel Good Guidess, on a journey of transformation that will change your life — if you let it!

You will explore and learn:

  • – The power of choice
  • – Personal growth through everyday challenges
  • – Stop fighting and follow the natural flow of life
  • – Be present even when your mind is cluttered
  • – Gain clarity to move forward
  • – Live into your true life purpose
  • – Shed limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • – Self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment
  • – Positive use of your emotions and intuition
  • – Live in simplicity, grace and ease

This video series is based on Sue’s award-winning, Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude. It’s a transformational book that sets you on a 100-day journey to the center of YOU! This book provides the tools for you to become the conscious creator of your life, instead of just being a passenger on the journey.

*This series contains 100 videos that are approximately 4-7 minutes each. Watch them one each day or several at a time. Watch them in order or choose the topic that resonates with you on a particular day. As you watch and implement some of the practices and lessons you’ll see shifts in your mood, vibration, interactions, relationships, and all aspects of your life.

Use discount code:  video50

FREE GIFT: Bonus Gift: 7-Day Transformational Video Series for a Life of Joy, Grace and Ease. With each day’s video, you’ll become more aware of the thoughts you are thinking, more conscious of what’s going on around you, and you’ll find it increasingly “ease-ire” to experience moments of joy, grace and ease as you move through your day. This is your 7-day jumpstart for feeling really, really good.


Tune Up Your LinkedIn Profile & Attract More Income Opportunities Now: Tap the Power of Inbound Marketing

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Kathy Sipple

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. It’s a network many buyers depend on to find and vet In this targeted, informative session you’ll learn to optimize your LinkedIn profile in a few easy steps to ensure you are representing yourself in a way that helps attract abundance by making your profile irresistible to those searching for services you offer.

Too many times, we think of ourselves as “bragging” when we share details about ourselves. Heart-based entrepreneurs will appreciate the paradigm shift represented here — you are actually helping people when you take the time to accurately and effectively describe how you can solve their problems and help them succeed.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Basics of “The Buyer’s Journey”
– The importance of selecting (and using) the right keywords
– How to write a compelling professional headline and why it’s critical for your LinkedIn success
– Formatting tips
– Simple tips that will bring your LinkedIn profile to the top of – search results
– And much more

About Kathy Sipple:

Kathy Sipple founded her business, My Social Media Coach, in 2009 with the mission to make social media marketing easier and more manageable for small business owners, coaches and consultants. Realizing that many times these busy professionals had to “do it all”, she brought her sustainability mindset to her marketing work, helping each client to create a unique success blueprint based on their own situation: time, budget and resources available to them to devote to marketing. She enjoys the challenge of co-creating programs that work well for her clients and deliver the results they desire.

Her 20+ year career has been completely devoted to sales and marketing in one form or another. The past 13 have focused on digital and the past 7 have focused specifically on social media. She holds a number of industry certifications as well as BA from the University of Michigan. She is one of our Powerful You authors as well as the social media trainer for our authors.

Kathy Sipple
Social Media Trainer & Strategist
Private consulting and training
Affordable group coaching option
Linked In:
Phone: (219) 405-9482

FREE GIFT: Group coaching: CoThrive is an online school for digital media mastery in a group setting. We have open online office hours (Q&A time) at least 6 hours each week where members can get help with technical, strategic or other business help with their marketing. Try it free for 30 days.

SPECIAL OFFER: LinkedIn Profile Coaching – (1) 55 minute session where I will coach you through the changes and updates. Regular price $150; Powerful You! Learning Center members save $50. Enter Discount Code PY! when scheduling:

Free subscription to my e-newsletter (tips, webinars, etc.) Click Here

Introduction to B.A.N.K.™ “Unlock The Secrets to Increasing Your Sales, Communication and Negotiation Skills!”

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Gloria Cirulli “Unlock The Secrets to Increasing Your Sales, Communication and Negotiation Skills!”

Would you like to increase productivity, revenue and motivation?  You can easily do this by tweaking your communication skills and having people actually listen to what you are saying because you are speaking their “language”.   The B.A.N.K.™ Programs offer you the tools to crack the personality code of most anyone you are communicating with, in 90 seconds…whether professionally, socially or personally, so you can…

–  Speak to others the way they listen

–  Sell to your customers the way they buy

–  Train your staff or team members the way that motivates them

–  Achieve desired results

B.A.N.K.™ is simple, quick and accurate.  Based upon a recent published White Paper, B.A.N.K.™  is scientifically proven and can predict people’s decision making behavior.  Once you understand what is important to who you are communicating with and what they value…you can dramatically increase your “closing rate” in everything you do!


About Gloria Cirulli:

Gloria Cirulli is a Powerhouse Communicator! She can help you craft an attention grabbing elevator pitch with her ZIP Technique. And you will be motivated to take action with her “Take STEPS To Success” Process!

As a Certified & Licensed Personality Assessment & Sales Trainer, Gloria offers the tools to sell to your customers the way they buy and train your team the way that motivates them. BANKCODE is a Personality Assessment & Sales Training Program focusing on increasing revenue, productivity and motivation.

Gloria is also the two-time award winning Managing Director of eWomenNetwork Central NJ. As a connector, she is dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs and professionals to share their expertise and support.

Gloria writes a monthly business column for the Gannett syndication. Her column is featured in print and at

Gloria is a contributing author, in the book “BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS”…which will be published in mid-January 2016.

Gloria lost over 100 pounds, 19 years ago and proudly raised two sons as a single mother. She has faced difficulties, yet stayed motivated to succeed! She is an engaging speaker and trainer! If you’re ready to “Communicate Your Way to Success”…you will want to connect with Gloria!

Gloria Cirulli
Certified & Licensed BANKCODE Trainer

BONUS OFFER: As a Certified & Licensed B.A.N.K.™ Trainer, I offer a variety of Training Programs. The in person Programs are: B.A.N.K. FUNDAMENTALS™, B.A.N.K. SPEED CODING™ and B.A.N.K. POWER SCRIPTING™. All are engaging, content filled workshops providing the tools you need to increase your sales, communication and negotiation skills. Bundling them together provides greater insight and preferred pricing. It is highly recommended to also subscribe to the on-line, home study course, B.A.N.K. PRO™ with access to B.A.N.K. PASS™. It is a great compliment to the in-person Training Programs as well. I am offering a $500 DISCOUNT off of each individual Program if purchased from me through this PY!LC Session. I will also offer an ADDITIONAL $500 DISCOUNT off of the TOTAL COST WHEN ALL of the PROGRAMS ARE PURCHASED AT ONE TIME from me through this PY!LC Session. All Program details are included in this presentation or contact me directly for information and mention PY!

FREE GIFT:If you are ready to Communicate Your Way to Success…then go to to Crack Your Personality Code and receive your COMPLIMENTARY report!

Ego Vs. Soul: How To END Struggle, Overwhelm, & Conflict And START Living Uniquely From Soul

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Christina Ann Sullivan
“Become the best version of YOU”

It’s a new year. And with it comes the opportunity to shift your beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that no longer serve you. Regardless of what area of your life ISN’T working, you can transform your life from the inside-out by rebalancing your mind, body, and spirit through your soul. Break free of the ego and it’s constraints by living your life in divine alignment. The ego plays a significant role in our lives and is sometimes needed, but only in its healthiest state. In order to have a healthy ego you need to be in soul alignment. To be in soul alignment you must dive deep within and clear out all your mental and emotional debris in doing so you become an open channel for divine expression to flow through you.

During this session, you will:
* Learn the important differences between operating from ego vs. soul.
* Deeply understand the value of mental and emotional clearing.
* Discover simple and straight forward practices for shifting into soul alignment.
* Become aware of the 4 major ego construct archetypes.
* Experience the freedom that comes with true soul-ular transformation.


About Christina Ann Sullivan:

Christina Ann Sullivan is, a Denise Linn Certified Soul Coach® & Past life regression facilitator, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record reader, and Advanced Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist. Passionate about being of service, Christina, dedicates her career to helping people heal on all levels–spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Christina helps her clients to gain clarity of purpose and build a solid foundation with God so that they live in divine alignment, have more gratitude, give more generously and have a greater love for life. They become balanced and transform into the greatest versions of themselves. Her signature coaching and speaking style helps others access their intuitive wisdom, gain a whole new perspective on their life and awaken their soul. By awakening soul consciousness they open their heart, feel more deeply, become purposeful, peaceful, joyful, and harmonious in all areas of their life. And another important element of Christina’s coaching is the space of acceptance she creates with her clients. With this as the background, her clients know they can say and express anything without being judged. Inspired by her sister, Christina created Kathy’s Lifeflow to help clients discover the love that they innately are, heal, revitalize, and bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Christian Ann Sullivan
(954) 732-3104

BONUS OFFER: Powerful You Members 10% off my Soul Coaching Services.
You can choose the 28 day Soul Coaching program which is a total of 4 weekly coaching sessions. The 28 day program is for those who have been doing their inner work but just need some help jumping over those last hurdles. The 3 month intensive would be for those new to doing the inner work and need assistance diving deep into their self-discovery and uncovering their shadows. The Soul Coaching Intensive is a total of 12 weekly.

Contact me at or call (954) 732-3104

FREE GIFT: Complimentary 45 minute coaching session to help you identify which Ego Archetype is most currently affecting your life and how you can overcome it.

Contact me at or call (954) 732-3104

What Type of Entrepreneurial Woman Are You?

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Melinda P. Neisser

“Become the best version of YOU”

There is a powerful and dynamic system; called the Enneagram, (pronounced any-a-gram) that can help you to connect to the powerful entrepreneurial woman you were created to be. It accurately describes nine distinct and fundamentally different personality styles, each of which has its own pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting.

You’ll discover what your strengths and talents are as an entrepreneur and become aware of the habitual habits and behaviors that can trip you up personally and professional. What you learn about yourself will amaze you! You’ll become less constricted by your personality structure and deepen into the real YOU.  The end result will be a more fulfilled, joyful, and successful YOU.

During the session you will:

  • Learn how the Enneagram Personality Mapping System can help you attain more confidence and fulfillment as an entrepreneurial woman
  • – Be provided with the Enneagram  Personality Assessment to discover your unique personality type and blossom into the woman you were created to be
  • – Understand how you can bring your unique gifts and message to the world and become unstoppable
  • – Free yourself from unconscious limiting beliefs and fears and excel at what you do
  • – Show up in the world with more energy, vitality, power and influence
  • – Become less myopic and gain an understanding of other personality types so that you can develop deeper workplace and personal relationships

If you are a woman longing to rise into a higher state of entrepreneurship, What Type of Entrepreneurial Woman Are You? provides the key to unlock your unlimited potential


About Melinda P. Neisser:

For the past 30 years, Melinda has dedicated her life to helping others live more empowered lives. During the beginning of her career, she was a social worker who played a significant role in enhancing the well- being of her clients. During midlife, she transitioned into the field of training and development. Her focus was on designing and conducting empowerment workshops that would awaken individuals to their highest potential.

Building upon her skill set, she became a certified life coach and founded Path Seekers Life Coaching in 2007. Her mission is to help women discover their authentic selves and step onto their unique path in life.

Melinda holds a M.S in Human Resources Management and a B.S.W from Widener University. She received her certification as a life coach through the Deep Coaching Institute whose curriculum is recognized by the International Coach Federation and the International Enneagram Association. To date, there are only 43 human service professionals in the United States trained in this innovative way of coaching.

A few years into her practice, she realized that many women were stuck in life because they were holding onto destructive subconscious beliefs about themselves. This led her to become a certified consulting hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Melinda was so struck by the benefits her clients were experiencing with hypnosis, she advanced her training and became a certified hypnotherapist in the 5 Path Hypnosis Method ®

Melinda provides national coaching services and is a local coach and hypnotist in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Path Seekers Life Coaching & Hypnosis
Melinda P. Neisser, MS, CDCP, CH
Founder, Path Seekers Life Coaching
National – 1 -888- 922-6224
Local – 561- 935-6454

BONUS OFFER: Free 30 Minute Phone or Skype Consultation
Are you ready to take your business to the next level but something seems to be holding you back? Become the entrepreneurial woman you were created to be! Learn about your dominant personality type, your gifts and talents, and the behaviors and attitudes common to your type that may be holding you back from finding the success you deserve.

What you learn about yourself will amaze you! You’ll become less constricted by your personality structure and deepen into the real YOU. The end result will be a more fulfilled, joyful, and successful YOU.

Contact me for a free 30 minute phone or Skype consultation to learn how the discovery of your Enneagram Personality type can help you get to the core of who you are and eliminate the attitudes and behaviors that are preventing you from reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.

I’ve helped countless women connect to their true selves and fulfill their life’s purpose. I’m confident that you too can be one of these women.

Click Here

FREE GIFT:Take this Free Enneagam Personality Assessment and connect to the real YOU. – Click Here

Attracting Perfect Customers and the #1 Strategy for Creating Lucrative Loyal Raving Fans

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Jan H. Stringer, PerfectCustomers, Inc.

-Take the struggle out of reaching your business goals
-Stop making costly mistakes in your business with dead-end relationships
-Start to see your “invisible” clients
-Learn the #1 Strategy for Creating Lucrative Loyal Raving Fans

About Jan H. Stringer:

Jan Stringer is the Founder of PerfectCustomers, Inc.  She is the Author of two global best-selling books, an International Speaker, as well as, Founder of SACAT: Strategic Attraction Certification and Training program.  Jan delivers practical, solid ways for you to work smarter, build stronger alliances, and improve the quality of your business and personal relationships. She will help you eliminate costly mistakes and take the struggle out of reaching your business and personal goals. Jan is creator of the #1 Strategy that will help you to connect with your ‘perfect fit’ relationships with clients, employees, employers, associates, and vital stake- holders in your business.


FREE GIFT: Strategic Attraction™ in Action E-Guide. – Click Here

BONUS OFFER : Create your own Customized Strategic Attraction™ Plan
Attend an interactive tele-class and be guided in creating that plan during the class.    Click Here


The Energy Codes: Why Embodiment is Essential for Empowerment.

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter speaks worldwide on the topics of ‘user friendly’ Quantum Science, BioEnergetics, Natural Healing and Human Potential. She bridges these worlds with an appeal to the senses, ‘gut feelings’ and the core essence of who we are as human beings.

Speaking of human energy fields, energy centers in the body and their influence on creative capacity and physical healing Dr. Sue discusses the relationship of the conscious and subconscious mind and how they relate to anxiety and stress versus triumph and success.

We are multidimensional human beings; there is much more to us than meets the eye, even more to us than meets the mind. She teaches audiences to explore the far reaches of their own awareness through practices of self-healing, meditation and inner reflection through integrative breathwork. She brings science to the conversation of the heart. The objective is to access higher frequency energy patterns in our own systems for the purpose of realizing life purpose and defining life’s path with grace. For individuals ready to engage in transformation and healing, Dr. Sue’s Intentional Living Programs provide step by step instruction while establishing a strong foundation.

About Dr. Sue Morter:

>Dr. Sue Morter is an international authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility.  She is a master teacher of the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), a neuro-emotional clearing and healing process that addresses subconscious interferences within the mind, body, memory and spirit, and their influence on health and human performance.

In addition to her private practice at Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing center she founded in 1987, today she speaks about living on the Front Side of the Model, where we no longer have to create what we don’t want in order to know what we do want. She has spoken at the TED Conference, Agape International, and Tony Robbin’s Trainer Support amongst many others.  She shares wisdom from her studies in India, growing up in a quantum science conversation, and from her own personal experiences with Self Realization, Enlightenment and processes of Embodiment. Dr Sue can be seen in documentary films, internet television and radio interviews and live conferences worldwide.  She is here to help bridge Science and Spirit and return us to our true power in life.

Discover how to minimize your fear of public speaking! ~ Become the speaker you are meant to be!

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Eileen Strong, Strong Incentives


Eliminate this fear and discover how to be a confident and engaging speaker!

Learn the art of telling a story…..people will relate to you!
Realize techniques that will minimize your fear and show you
how to feel confident and in control….everytime you ae at the podium!
Share your expertise and increase your bottom line profits, because of
your credibility and presence, everytime you speak.

You CAN choose to change….You CAN choose to succeed
You are worth it….You are a POWERFUL WOMAN!

About Eileen Strong:

Starting as flight attendant, Eileen Strong worked and flew her way thru college. A microphone has always been in Eileen’s hands ever since.

As a professional speaker, Eileen has mastered the art of speaking in public. Even though speaking to groups of people has always come easy to her…..she has now learned and mastered the art of creating…. engaging presentation skills that are informative and intriguing. .
Her audiences always walk away with techniques that are easy to incorporate into their presentations. Her objective is for you to look professional and credible every time you stand in front of a podium.

She is the author of the book “Who Stole My Confidence” 7 Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back” and she is also the president-elect for the National Speakers Association for the state of New Jersey. She will share with you successful techniques of how to speak with clarity, credibility and confidence.

And with diligent practice,……. you CAN go from CONFIDENT TO COMPELLING!

Eileen Strong – Professional Speaker – Expert in Communications & Confidence

Strong Incentives… Delivers Powerful Results!

How To Create Your Quantum Leap: Accelerating Your Results Through Clarity

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Lynn Scheurell, My Creative Catalyst

Everything is energy – everything – and that includes what’s happening in your life and business right now. If you don’t like what’s happening, you’ve got to starting creating something new by working with the source of it – the quantum energy. By increasing your awareness in how to tap your hidden potential and understand the world around you in a new way, you can create dramatic new results. Quantum Leaping gives you the ability to compress time and to super-charge your efforts to a point SO big that you soar to your next best level quickly and easily.

As a result of interview, you will learn:
-The five things that could be holding you back right now
-The myths that hold entrepreneurs back
-The four stages of quantum leap consciousness
-Your personal manifestation formula
-And more…

This will be a dynamic, engaging and powerful way to begin your Quantum Leap into what you really want!

About Lynn Scheurell:

Lynn Scheurell is a visionary pioneer, spiritual teacher for entrepreneurs and authority in the area of conscious business. She is a leading proponent that entrepreneuring is one’s highest calling made manifest through service and that one’s business is the ultimate tool for personal growth.

Internationally known for her empowering and inclusive approach to conscious business, Lynn teaches entrepreneurs how to identify, align and express their true nature at every stage in business to accelerate results. As she is ‘bi-lingual’ in speaking the language of spirit AND the language of business, she is able to translate and facilitate self-growth into faster and easier business growth. Changing the world starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose; in other words, changing the world starts within you. Only then can you apply your intensity through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results.