Inspire You NOW! How to Find Your Calling and Become Unstoppable!

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In this powerful presentation, you will discover key ways to master your mindset around your life, career and/or business that can massively impact your success. I believe that often the biggest obstacle in the way of success for most people lies in their thoughts, beliefs and resulting actions or lack of actions. How you think about yourself and the world effects how you show up in your daily life. Whether it’s a dream of starting a business, a dream of having a family, a desire to make a career change or to experience things on your “bucket list”; your mindset determines if, when and how you live your life and what you attract.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many high level executives that are clearly big thinkers about their careers and the organizations they serve. However, they are not always big thinkers when it comes to their lives as a whole. This presentation will invite you to think BIGGER about WHO you are and what you do.

I. Why Am I Here?

  • A. You are NOT your job or your business!
  • B. The Roles We Play
  • C. The Essence of You
  • D. The Litmus Test

II.Mastering your Mindset for Success

  • A. What you say matters!
  • B. How are you showing up?
  • C. Your Energy Impacts Your Results

III. Building a VISION – Building a LIFE

  • A. Your Unique Purpose
  • B. Your Highest Values & Priorities
  • C. Your Stage in Life
  • D. Take Conscious Action to Create Your Legacy

About Christine Suva:

Christine Suva has spent a lifetime exploring her insatiable passion for personal and professional development!  She’s a Certified Professional Life & Career Coach, Engaging Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, two time Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author and interviewed for television and radio.  As Founder and President of THRIVE Coach Services, Inc., she is deeply committed to helping others find passion, purpose and success in their lives!  Her business is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience guiding thousands across the country to achieve career and personal goals as an Outplacement Consultant and Wellness Professional in the education, healthcare, corporate, and community settings.

Her clients are often in a place of reinvention, looking to start a business or are in career transition.  Christine’s approach is holistic, comprehensive and involves mastering the mindset for success.  She’s personally used all of the tools and strategies she shares to reinvent her own life and career multiple times. Her most popular programs are her Career Mindset Mastery Series and Inspire You Now programs.

Chris feels deep gratitude for being called to her highest purpose in her work and enjoys helping others discover, develop and live out their highest calling over the course of their lives!

Christine Suva


Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment

Find Out
What Mindset Patterns Unique to YOU May Hold You Back from Success and
Keep You Stuck!

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$247 (A $297 Value)
Includes 1 Hour Debrief Session with Christine

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Success Without Exhaustion for Women

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As women continue to redefine success, there’s a powerful desire to make a big impact professionally and to change the rules about how we operate at work. Whether it’s finding work that truly fits you or upleveling your current business or career, you deserve to love what you do and create success on your own terms, without having to give up your life in the process.

During this session, you’ll learn essential lessons to thrive in business without burning out including…

  • How to create time to focus on your priorities, set boundaries and get things done
  • The key to letting your unique personality drive your business and career growth
  • The importance of streamlining how you operate so you can focus on your genius
  • How to ask for and allow more income, without simply having to “work harder”
  • The power of thinking, acting and making decisions from where you want to be

If you’re tired of sacrificing your time, your energy and your sanity in order to ‘have it all’, find out what you need to create personal and professional success the easy way.

About Courtney Parks:

Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC is a Women’s Success Coach and mindset expert dedicated to helping women create success professionally without exhausting themselves personally. Through private coaching, group programs, workshops and speaking, Courtney has taught hundreds of women how to love their work and their lives by combining solid business and career development strategies with intuition, inspiration and personal growth. With a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University and certification from the Coaches Training Institute, she supports women in creating lasting success both inside and out.

Courtney’s signature 5-Step Passion Success & Balance Coaching Method helps high-achieving women to transform their work so they can make more and be more while still living a fabulous life. Her clients span from top notch coaches, consultants and creatives to c-suite executives and women on the rise in law, finance and journalism. Her philosophy and strategies help women to advance beyond their limits and she’s been fortunate to work with clients to double, triple and even quadruple their incomes while working less so they have time for themselves and their families. A living example of someone who ‘walks her talk,’ Courtney is equally passionate about her work, her relationships and her life.

Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC
Women’s Success Coach & Owner
Courtney Parks Coaching


Work with me to create a plan you love for the next steps in your business, career and life…the easy way, of course! I’ve created a special offer just for my Powerful You! guests where you’ll save 50% off my regular rate when you purchase a 60 Minutes to Success coaching session. This is a one-time opportunity to coach with me and design a made-for-you plan for your next level of success – one that’s easy, effective and enjoyable – not just about more hard work.

For 60 minutes, you’ll get my expertise, advice and support in making your work and life the BEST it can be. Your session includes a questionnaire to help you get clear on your focus, private coaching time to strategize your next steps and action and accountability so you can get in motion right away.

If you’re ready for a whole new way to create success, I’d love to share this PY! special offer with you. To get all the details and purchase your 60 minutes to Success session, visit now.

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Tune Up Your LinkedIn Profile & Attract More Income Opportunities Now: Tap the Power of Inbound Marketing

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. It’s a network many buyers depend on to find and vet In this targeted, informative session you’ll learn to optimize your LinkedIn profile in a few easy steps to ensure you are representing yourself in a way that helps attract abundance by making your profile irresistible to those searching for services you offer.

Too many times, we think of ourselves as “bragging” when we share details about ourselves. Heart-based entrepreneurs will appreciate the paradigm shift represented here — you are actually helping people when you take the time to accurately and effectively describe how you can solve their problems and help them succeed.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Basics of “The Buyer’s Journey”
– The importance of selecting (and using) the right keywords
– How to write a compelling professional headline and why it’s critical for your LinkedIn success
– Formatting tips
– Simple tips that will bring your LinkedIn profile to the top of – search results
– And much more

About Kathy Sipple:

Kathy Sipple founded her business, My Social Media Coach, in 2009 with the mission to make social media marketing easier and more manageable for small business owners, coaches and consultants. Realizing that many times these busy professionals had to “do it all”, she brought her sustainability mindset to her marketing work, helping each client to create a unique success blueprint based on their own situation: time, budget and resources available to them to devote to marketing. She enjoys the challenge of co-creating programs that work well for her clients and deliver the results they desire.

Her 20+ year career has been completely devoted to sales and marketing in one form or another. The past 13 have focused on digital and the past 7 have focused specifically on social media. She holds a number of industry certifications as well as BA from the University of Michigan. She is one of our Powerful You authors as well as the social media trainer for our authors.

Kathy Sipple
Social Media Trainer & Strategist
Private consulting and training
Affordable group coaching option
Linked In:
Phone: (219) 405-9482

FREE GIFT: Group coaching: CoThrive is an online school for digital media mastery in a group setting. We have open online office hours (Q&A time) at least 6 hours each week where members can get help with technical, strategic or other business help with their marketing. Try it free for 30 days.

SPECIAL OFFER: LinkedIn Profile Coaching – (1) 55 minute session where I will coach you through the changes and updates. Regular price $150; Powerful You! Learning Center members save $50. Enter Discount Code PY! when scheduling:

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Introduction to B.A.N.K.™ “Unlock The Secrets to Increasing Your Sales, Communication and Negotiation Skills!”

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Gloria Cirulli “Unlock The Secrets to Increasing Your Sales, Communication and Negotiation Skills!”

Would you like to increase productivity, revenue and motivation?  You can easily do this by tweaking your communication skills and having people actually listen to what you are saying because you are speaking their “language”.   The B.A.N.K.™ Programs offer you the tools to crack the personality code of most anyone you are communicating with, in 90 seconds…whether professionally, socially or personally, so you can…

–  Speak to others the way they listen

–  Sell to your customers the way they buy

–  Train your staff or team members the way that motivates them

–  Achieve desired results

B.A.N.K.™ is simple, quick and accurate.  Based upon a recent published White Paper, B.A.N.K.™  is scientifically proven and can predict people’s decision making behavior.  Once you understand what is important to who you are communicating with and what they value…you can dramatically increase your “closing rate” in everything you do!


About Gloria Cirulli:

Gloria Cirulli is a Powerhouse Communicator! She can help you craft an attention grabbing elevator pitch with her ZIP Technique. And you will be motivated to take action with her “Take STEPS To Success” Process!

As a Certified & Licensed Personality Assessment & Sales Trainer, Gloria offers the tools to sell to your customers the way they buy and train your team the way that motivates them. BANKCODE is a Personality Assessment & Sales Training Program focusing on increasing revenue, productivity and motivation.

Gloria is also the two-time award winning Managing Director of eWomenNetwork Central NJ. As a connector, she is dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs and professionals to share their expertise and support.

Gloria writes a monthly business column for the Gannett syndication. Her column is featured in print and at

Gloria is a contributing author, in the book “BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS”…which will be published in mid-January 2016.

Gloria lost over 100 pounds, 19 years ago and proudly raised two sons as a single mother. She has faced difficulties, yet stayed motivated to succeed! She is an engaging speaker and trainer! If you’re ready to “Communicate Your Way to Success”…you will want to connect with Gloria!

Gloria Cirulli
Certified & Licensed BANKCODE Trainer

BONUS OFFER: As a Certified & Licensed B.A.N.K.™ Trainer, I offer a variety of Training Programs. The in person Programs are: B.A.N.K. FUNDAMENTALS™, B.A.N.K. SPEED CODING™ and B.A.N.K. POWER SCRIPTING™. All are engaging, content filled workshops providing the tools you need to increase your sales, communication and negotiation skills. Bundling them together provides greater insight and preferred pricing. It is highly recommended to also subscribe to the on-line, home study course, B.A.N.K. PRO™ with access to B.A.N.K. PASS™. It is a great compliment to the in-person Training Programs as well. I am offering a $500 DISCOUNT off of each individual Program if purchased from me through this PY!LC Session. I will also offer an ADDITIONAL $500 DISCOUNT off of the TOTAL COST WHEN ALL of the PROGRAMS ARE PURCHASED AT ONE TIME from me through this PY!LC Session. All Program details are included in this presentation or contact me directly for information and mention PY!

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What Type of Entrepreneurial Woman Are You?

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“Become the best version of YOU”

There is a powerful and dynamic system; called the Enneagram, (pronounced any-a-gram) that can help you to connect to the powerful entrepreneurial woman you were created to be. It accurately describes nine distinct and fundamentally different personality styles, each of which has its own pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting.

You’ll discover what your strengths and talents are as an entrepreneur and become aware of the habitual habits and behaviors that can trip you up personally and professional. What you learn about yourself will amaze you! You’ll become less constricted by your personality structure and deepen into the real YOU.  The end result will be a more fulfilled, joyful, and successful YOU.

During the session you will:

  • Learn how the Enneagram Personality Mapping System can help you attain more confidence and fulfillment as an entrepreneurial woman
  • – Be provided with the Enneagram  Personality Assessment to discover your unique personality type and blossom into the woman you were created to be
  • – Understand how you can bring your unique gifts and message to the world and become unstoppable
  • – Free yourself from unconscious limiting beliefs and fears and excel at what you do
  • – Show up in the world with more energy, vitality, power and influence
  • – Become less myopic and gain an understanding of other personality types so that you can develop deeper workplace and personal relationships

If you are a woman longing to rise into a higher state of entrepreneurship, What Type of Entrepreneurial Woman Are You? provides the key to unlock your unlimited potential


About Melinda P. Neisser:

For the past 30 years, Melinda has dedicated her life to helping others live more empowered lives. During the beginning of her career, she was a social worker who played a significant role in enhancing the well- being of her clients. During midlife, she transitioned into the field of training and development. Her focus was on designing and conducting empowerment workshops that would awaken individuals to their highest potential.

Building upon her skill set, she became a certified life coach and founded Path Seekers Life Coaching in 2007. Her mission is to help women discover their authentic selves and step onto their unique path in life.

Melinda holds a M.S in Human Resources Management and a B.S.W from Widener University. She received her certification as a life coach through the Deep Coaching Institute whose curriculum is recognized by the International Coach Federation and the International Enneagram Association. To date, there are only 43 human service professionals in the United States trained in this innovative way of coaching.

A few years into her practice, she realized that many women were stuck in life because they were holding onto destructive subconscious beliefs about themselves. This led her to become a certified consulting hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Melinda was so struck by the benefits her clients were experiencing with hypnosis, she advanced her training and became a certified hypnotherapist in the 5 Path Hypnosis Method ®

Melinda provides national coaching services and is a local coach and hypnotist in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Path Seekers Life Coaching & Hypnosis
Melinda P. Neisser, MS, CDCP, CH
Founder, Path Seekers Life Coaching
National – 1 -888- 922-6224
Local – 561- 935-6454

BONUS OFFER: Free 30 Minute Phone or Skype Consultation
Are you ready to take your business to the next level but something seems to be holding you back? Become the entrepreneurial woman you were created to be! Learn about your dominant personality type, your gifts and talents, and the behaviors and attitudes common to your type that may be holding you back from finding the success you deserve.

What you learn about yourself will amaze you! You’ll become less constricted by your personality structure and deepen into the real YOU. The end result will be a more fulfilled, joyful, and successful YOU.

Contact me for a free 30 minute phone or Skype consultation to learn how the discovery of your Enneagram Personality type can help you get to the core of who you are and eliminate the attitudes and behaviors that are preventing you from reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.

I’ve helped countless women connect to their true selves and fulfill their life’s purpose. I’m confident that you too can be one of these women.

Click Here

FREE GIFT:Take this Free Enneagam Personality Assessment and connect to the real YOU. – Click Here

Attracting Perfect Customers and the #1 Strategy for Creating Lucrative Loyal Raving Fans

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-Take the struggle out of reaching your business goals
-Stop making costly mistakes in your business with dead-end relationships
-Start to see your “invisible” clients
-Learn the #1 Strategy for Creating Lucrative Loyal Raving Fans

About Jan H. Stringer:

Jan Stringer is the Founder of PerfectCustomers, Inc.  She is the Author of two global best-selling books, an International Speaker, as well as, Founder of SACAT: Strategic Attraction Certification and Training program.  Jan delivers practical, solid ways for you to work smarter, build stronger alliances, and improve the quality of your business and personal relationships. She will help you eliminate costly mistakes and take the struggle out of reaching your business and personal goals. Jan is creator of the #1 Strategy that will help you to connect with your ‘perfect fit’ relationships with clients, employees, employers, associates, and vital stake- holders in your business.


FREE GIFT: Strategic Attraction™ in Action E-Guide. – Click Here

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Discover how to minimize your fear of public speaking! ~ Become the speaker you are meant to be!

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Eliminate this fear and discover how to be a confident and engaging speaker!

Learn the art of telling a story…..people will relate to you!
Realize techniques that will minimize your fear and show you
how to feel confident and in control….everytime you ae at the podium!
Share your expertise and increase your bottom line profits, because of
your credibility and presence, everytime you speak.

You CAN choose to change….You CAN choose to succeed
You are worth it….You are a POWERFUL WOMAN!

About Eileen Strong:

Starting as flight attendant, Eileen Strong worked and flew her way thru college. A microphone has always been in Eileen’s hands ever since.

As a professional speaker, Eileen has mastered the art of speaking in public. Even though speaking to groups of people has always come easy to her…..she has now learned and mastered the art of creating…. engaging presentation skills that are informative and intriguing. .
Her audiences always walk away with techniques that are easy to incorporate into their presentations. Her objective is for you to look professional and credible every time you stand in front of a podium.

She is the author of the book “Who Stole My Confidence” 7 Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back” and she is also the president-elect for the National Speakers Association for the state of New Jersey. She will share with you successful techniques of how to speak with clarity, credibility and confidence.

And with diligent practice,……. you CAN go from CONFIDENT TO COMPELLING!

Eileen Strong – Professional Speaker – Expert in Communications & Confidence

Strong Incentives… Delivers Powerful Results!

How To Create Your Quantum Leap: Accelerating Your Results Through Clarity

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Lynn Scheurell, My Creative Catalyst

Everything is energy – everything – and that includes what’s happening in your life and business right now. If you don’t like what’s happening, you’ve got to starting creating something new by working with the source of it – the quantum energy. By increasing your awareness in how to tap your hidden potential and understand the world around you in a new way, you can create dramatic new results. Quantum Leaping gives you the ability to compress time and to super-charge your efforts to a point SO big that you soar to your next best level quickly and easily.

As a result of interview, you will learn:
-The five things that could be holding you back right now
-The myths that hold entrepreneurs back
-The four stages of quantum leap consciousness
-Your personal manifestation formula
-And more…

This will be a dynamic, engaging and powerful way to begin your Quantum Leap into what you really want!

About Lynn Scheurell:

Lynn Scheurell is a visionary pioneer, spiritual teacher for entrepreneurs and authority in the area of conscious business. She is a leading proponent that entrepreneuring is one’s highest calling made manifest through service and that one’s business is the ultimate tool for personal growth.

Internationally known for her empowering and inclusive approach to conscious business, Lynn teaches entrepreneurs how to identify, align and express their true nature at every stage in business to accelerate results. As she is ‘bi-lingual’ in speaking the language of spirit AND the language of business, she is able to translate and facilitate self-growth into faster and easier business growth. Changing the world starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose; in other words, changing the world starts within you. Only then can you apply your intensity through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results.

Feminine Gutsy Leadership: The New Model for Success How to Authentically & Powerfully Step into Your Leadership and Be the Source of Your Success!

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In this learning segment, you’ll learn what are the 5 most critical elements that characterize leadership for women entrepreneurs who desire a 6-7 figure business that’s allows them to be true to who they are. You’ll learn why character is as important as the skillset. If you want to…

-Find your courage to say YES, even when you don’t know how yet
-Not be afraid to say NO when it doesn’t serve you.
-Be a leader who uses her feminine power
-Take action that is in alignment with “who you are”

You are in the right place.

See why leadership is NOT a position you acquire as a result of having achieved a certain income, title or position. Leadership is a place to come from as a declaration, a proclamation that guides your decisions and actions. When YOU are the source of everything that shows up in your life & in your business, your action will be in sync with your authentic gutsy leadership role.

This is not your usual talk on developing the skillset for Leadership. This is a different twist that incorporates being FEMININE, CONFIDENT & GUTSY in your Authentic Style!

About Roe Couture DeSaro:

Roe is a passionate, energetic speaker focusing on Mindset, Marketing & Money Matters for Women Entrepreneurs. She touches her audiences at a deep level, inspiring you to step into your authentic feminine power and confidence. Her simple blueprints will help you attract high-paying ideal clients, charge what you’re worth with ease, and create a life of fun, freedom & fulfillment. Her remarkable heartfelt stories of Real Life will have you on the edge of your seat.

Roe is as unique and diverse as her background. Her expertise began with her Wall Street career, first as a Corporate VP Executive in the 80’s (breaking several glass ceilings along the way) then as a Partner in the 90’s. Roe is also an award-winning independent Sales Professional, a two-time Best Selling Author, and a successful Entrepreneur – accomplishing all of this while married, raising two children and having fun.

Today, she is the go-to resource for finding your inner Gutsy Gal, so you can believe in yourself and monetize your passions. She is the undisputed expert on how to take Feminine Gutsy Action in Business and Life.

Her company provides coaching, speaking, workshops, seminars, masterminding and retreats both live and virtual.

BONUS OFFER: Unleash Your Authenticity Discovery Session
Includes Assessment
Value $300
Bonus for taking action:
Quick Tips for Better Confidence
Dissecting Your Confidence Zappers worksheet – Click Here

Grow Your Business with Video – 10 Tips to Plan, Practice, Present, and Promote Powerfully

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Pat Altvater, AFP Marketing Group

Video engages people in a way that static text and images cannot!

Do you have at least one video on your website now?

If you don’t, you need to jump in today! Experts say that within the next year if you aren’t using video on your website, you will lose business to those of us who are utilizing it to help our prospects get to know, like and trust us. In addition, if you are a content expert and only have one or two videos on your website, you will be blown away by your competitors who are using video as a marketing strategy.

So if you are procrastinating about getting started with video because you think you need expensive equipment, are afraid to be in front of the camera, are not sure what to say, and don’t know what to do with the video once it’s created, this session is for YOU!

You will learn how to:

  1. Plan your video strategy, your script and your call to action so that you attract your perfect clients
  2. Practice your script, set your stage and prepare yourself visually so there is nothing to distract your viewer
  3. Present your topic so that you come across as authentic and likeable
  4. Promote your video or group of videos to get maximum exposure

An effective video is the best marketing tool around today because it grabs attention, makes information more believable and shortens the sales cycle since prospects get to know and like you through your video. Attend this session to be sure that the videos you create are EFFECTIVE; otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

About Pat Alvater:

Author, trainer and coach, Pat Altvater, has natural credibility which inspires her audiences to take action. Her over 15 years of sales and sales experience coupled with 10 years of entrepreneurship gives Pat the ability to relate to her audiences. Her infectious, positive “can-do” attitude has helped hundreds of individuals reach their highest potential.

In her entertaining, high-energy style, she packs her presentations full of how-to’s, tools and worksheets, real life stories and humor, leaving people saying “WOW – I can BE and DO this now.”
During every presentation, Pat lives her mission of “helping others showcase their expertise and achieve their desired results whether it is building their business, attracting their perfect customer or nurturing themselves so they can attain peak performance.”

With more than 20 years of experience delivering training programs, workshops and retreats, Pat consistently receives rave reviews. “Energetic, Engaging and Educational” are the words most commonly used to describe Pat Altvater.

Free Report – The Top Five Mistakes People Make When Creating Videos and How to Avoid them.
Click Here

Gutsy Gals Guide to Confidence ~ Go From Best Kept Secret to Rock Star Status!

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Roe Couture DeSaro, Gutsy Gals Get More

Do you struggle with success?

Many people spend their entire lives paralyzed by doubts and fears, afraid of the possibility of failure and criticism. They see glimpses of their true potential in moments of brief success, but those moments of excitement and possibility quickly fade as fears and self-doubts creep back in.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had no fears of failure…if you knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt that you could accomplish whatever you set out to do.

Imagine what your life would be like with complete confidence.

Confident people have faith in themselves and their abilities, but when you lack confidence, you feel stuck and unable to obtain what you want for your life. Life becomes a series of ordeals to manage, and instead of moving forward, you feel like you are just getting by.

However, confidence changes everything. With confidence you can achieve your life’s purpose. And the best part is, you already have a deep wellspring of confidence living within you. You just need a few tools to tap into it

On this call you’ll discover:

-How to create a fertile garden for you budding confidence
-How to eliminate your doubts and fears
-4 ways to deeply increase your confidence
-Emotional Energy – Identify what makes you feel confident

Life is full of potential pitfalls, but with confidence, you can sail through these problems and come out on top every time.

3 Handouts
Me and Confidence
Disecting My Confidence Zappers
Energy Scale

About Roe Couture DeSaro
Roe is the creator of ‘Gutsy Gals Get More’ a global training &development company for service-based women professionals/entrepreneurs.Her programs have the unique ability to uplevel your mindset, unleash your brilliance,& create clear boundaries for increased productivity, profits and freedom in your business and life.

She is a Money, Marketing & Soul Certified Coach with the International Women in Coaching, 2-time best-selling author, popular professional speaker, and successful entrepreneur who broke several glass ceilings for years as a top exec on Wall St—all while being married, raising children, taking care of herself and having fun.

“My mission is to help women be strong, powerful, feminine, and authentic—to get out of their own way, speak up, know their worth so they can attract ideal clients (who love them) and turn their passions into profits”


FREE GIFT: Get the Gutsy Gals Guide
How to find your courage, feel confident every day and embrace your inner Gutsy Gal to have a career and life that you love! Special report and MP3. – Click Here

BONUS OFFER :Sign up for a complimentary session
on: “How to get out of your own way” – Click Here


The Karma of Blogging: 7 Steps to Help You Create Compelling Content

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Michele Santo

Blogging is a brilliant content marketing strategy. The website that offers helpful information vs. a brochure-style site always wins the client.

Are you blogging?
In the Karma of Blogging class, you’ll learn the 7 Steps to Help You Create Compelling Content — including

  1. The Power of Your Purpose
  2. Keepin’ it Real
  3. Be Compelling
  4. Opt-In Enchantment
  5. If I Build a Blog, Will They Come + Say Hi?
  6. Brand Like a Badass
  7. Let the Cash Flow

This course is full of lessons on creativity and how to write with ease. You can refer to it every time you write blogs, bios, and beyond.

About Michele Santo:

Michele Santo is a communication expert who helps wellness companies master their message.

Her forte? Helping you find the right words to get recognized, get hired and get others psyched on your ideas — not through pressure, but through integrity and love.

She has co-authored a book, Empowering Transformations for Women. Her lessons on creativity and writing are found on her blog. Her words have been featured on digital storefronts, social scenes, and silkscreens.

When she’s not wordsmithing, she’s dancing to reggae or eating something delicious.

Get a taste of how to write with ease at


Stress Express for Female Entrepreneurs: Balance Your Body, Mind And Spirit™

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Snowden McFall, Fired Up Now!

Today’s world is more stressful than ever. The American Psychological Association reports that 80%of American workers are burnt-out. Stress costs business and industry more than $300 billion per year in absences, lost productivity and down-time. Women entrepreneurs are especially plagued with stress, trying to balance work and home life. So how do you handle your stress and the stress of your people, and still stay motivated and Fired Up?

In this interactive and upbeat webinar, you will:
-Determine how close you are to burnout and how to spot it in others
-Learn the top 5 stress relievers that work right away to reduce your stress
-Discover fast ways to rev up your energy
-Create strategies to balance your life at work and at home
-Use practical tools and techniques to stay motivated and keep your team fired up
-And much much more…

About Snowden McFall:

Snowden McFall, professional speaker, coach and 30 year entrepreneur, is the author of 5 books. Honored at the White House, she was featured on CNN, Bloomberg Television and in Success Magazine. Snowden’s book Fired Up!, has sold 65,000+ copies. Her newest book is Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers.  Snowden’s passion is helping others do what they love and make a difference in the world.

Snowden’s volunteer work with female entrepreneurs led to national media attention. The SBA named her National Women in Business Advocate of the Year which led to a Congressional luncheon in her honor. Inc. Magazine chose Snowden as finalist for “New England Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Snowden has appeared on 320 radio shows and several national TV shows. She has been speaking for 20+ years and has addressed several thousand people. She recently received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Obama. You can find Snowden at

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Stress Express! Instant Relief Package

The ideal toolkit to help you overcome stress with research-backed hands-on techniques.
Starting with the Stress Expres!s burnout test, the Stress Express! book packed with great hands-on tools to immediately release stress, plus 3 uplifting audios, including an instant relaxation audio, playsheets and more.

Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers- the Book will help you:

  • Do more of what you love on a regular basis & create a more fulfilling, joyful life
  • Take immediate action to reduce your stress levels
  • Create strategies to prevent future stress
  • Overcome past limitations and break negative stress habits
  • Promote your positive self-esteem
  • Apply 10 quick tips for staying “Fired Up!”

The Stress Express! Instant Relief Package Includes:

  • The book: Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers
  • The Stress Express Instant Relaxation™ Audio download – 20 minutes of peace!
  • Overcoming Holiday Stress™ Audio download – 60 minutes of practical ways to cope with family holidays
  • The 60 minute audio download “Stress and Change: Moving from Fear and Frustration to Fired Up!” webinar replay
  • The Stress Express Burnout Test™
  • 15 Fun Favorites™ Playsheet – do more of what you love
  • Stress Express™ Affirmations to keep you on track

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Connecting the Dots Online: From Best Kept Secret to Shining Rising Star – 3 Powerful Keys to Boosting Your Income and Impact with Social Media

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Emily Miller

Discover the 3 Powerful Keys to Boosting Your Income and Impact with Social Media – once you know how to Connect the Dots online you will stop being the best kept secret in town and shine online!

Everybody knows you need to be using Social Media today to get noticed and make sales.  If you’re like a lot of people I meet, you’re overwhelmed, short on time, and not sure where to begin. It feels impossible. But what if I told you it’s easier than you think?

I know that you are passionate about your work and care about your message.  

Give me 60 minutes of your time and give yourself permission to be guided so you learn quickly and grow your engagement with as little wasted effort as possible.

You will learn:

Joyful Productivity – how to be conscious and not waste your precious time on tasks that make no impact and are actually pushing people away.
Sensory Simplicity – being online can be overwhelming so learning to make it less demanding on your senses is a must!
Easy Social Media – get clarity on the 3 things you must know to create engagement.  
We all need support if we want to sustain our social media and engagement – you don’t need to go this alone!

Together I will help you start to finally monetize the power of social media, as well as begin to have a bigger impact on the lives of others by reaching more people with your online presence. 

About Emily Miller:

Emily Miller is a tech savvy, heart-centered Virtual Assistant and Online Media Goddess. Her clients are Rising Stars ready for the next level of success and visibility. She provides high vibration done for you services, removing your overwhelm, to create a conscious consistent online presence that delivers a profitable return.

Emily is a co-author of with a collection of International authors in the second book of a #1 Best Selling series by Janet Beckers.  Romance Your Tribe Online – Client Attraction in Action with 52 action packed Customer Attracting ideas and more … 

“I believe everyone is a soul waking up,” said Emily, “We’re getting greater awareness, consciousness and evolving through love. Everything I do, is to free people up for their fullest expression through doing what they are most talented at. My mission is to raise global consciousness by using social media to connect people to good ideas that change them and the world. Life IS simple – and heaven can be experienced on Earth.”

Her clients enjoy feeling happy, joyful and free to get on with the things they love because she is providing support for selling online products, running membership programs, managing global summits and digital media.

Emily is exceptional when it comes to customer service, project management and connecting, as well as being a powerful soul intention business coach lending her listening ear and inspiration in the moments where entrepreneurs and people need it most. She is the Online Media Goddess.

Emily Miller
Online Media Goddess

FREE GIFT: Join the facebook Connecting the Dots community: Inside are easy to follow tips and tools to help your Online Media presence, including Social Media templates!. – Click Here

BONUS OFFER: Connecting the Dots Social Media Breakthrough Sessions
Every month, Emily opens up 7 of her special Connecting the Dots Social Media Breakthrough Sessions.  This is a free 30 minutes consultation to evaluate your current web presence—from your website, blog and traffic solutions, to your use of social media, video marketing and email opt in choices—or lack thereof.
The purpose of the call is to show you how to consolidate your efforts and maximize your results! Click Here

Build Your Marketing Toolkit A Framework for Small Businesses

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Susana Fonticoba

Most small business owners developed their companies so they can focus on delivering great products and services to their customers. Marketing is not their forte, and they fall into the common practice of “throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks”. As expected, some of it works, and some of it just slides down the wall in a mess. In this session, we’ll cover the most important principles of marketing, giving you a solid foundation and real tools to work with.

About Susana Fonticoba:

Right Click Advantage LLC’s president Susana Fonticoba is a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and Master Certified Solution Provider who specializes in Email Marketing Strategy, Coaching, and Services. She has a Productivity Studio in East Hanover NJ and supports small business owners throughout NJ and NYC. Susana conducts live seminars and workshops on Small Business Online Marketing for SCORE and SBDC, at Microsoft Stores, business organizations and networking groups. Susana is the President of the Northwest Region of the NJ Association of Women Business Owners.

BONUS OFFER: Constant Contact Custom Template
Say Yes to Email Marketing with Constant Contact and I’ll create the account, build you a custom template that matches your branding, and schedule a Free Phone consultation.
(Constant Contact charges $200 to build the template, I offer it for free if I create the account for you.) – Contact Susana at

25 of the Worst Social Media Mistakes, Ever

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Michele Santo
Social media is a powerful way to engage with folks (especially clients). You can get instant feedback on anything. You can get sales. You can grow your platform. Quickly you’ll see what people want more of. And, don’t leave them hangin’.

If phrases like, “Please retweet this!, Double tap if you like this., Like if you feel me!” are foreign, listen closely. In this training, learn 25 of the worst social media mistakes, ever, including:

-Why being everywhere is not good
-How to create content for each platform
-The best times to post
-Why deleting comments is bad
-How to be more savvy on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram

About Michele Santo:

Michele Santo is a communication expert who helps wellness companies master their message.

Her forte? Helping you find the right words to get recognized, get hired and get others psyched on your ideas — not through pressure, but through integrity and love.

She has co-authored a book, Empowering Transformations for Women. Her lessons on creativity and writing are found on her blog. Her words have been featured on digital storefronts, social scenes, and silkscreens.

When she’s not wordsmithing, she’s dancing to reggae or eating something delicious.

Get a taste of how to write with ease at


Do you love sending people to your Pinterest,‘cause you’re so stinkin’ proud of it?
Do you have no clue what a hashtag is?
No sweat. I’ll look under the skirt of one of your social sites for a complete analysis of systems, copy, and design.

Choose one: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
You’ll get a checklist of tweaks to spark your social media.

INVESTMENT: $97 (Value $197)

Contact Michele at

The Karma of Copywriting: 7 Steps to Surefire Sales

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Michele Santo

If you want to sell anything, you need the right words. Words that make your ideal client feel like you get them. I’ve built my business (with a wait list) without a website. That’s how powerful words are. If you need to serve more people, watch this now. You’ll learn:

Why your About page is not about you

What to listen for in client sessions that’ll give you a copywriting edge

How to avoid the biggest social media mistakes

About Michele Santo:

Michele Santo writes compelling communication for Wellness Warriors. They call her their secret weapon. She believes words should touch the heart and bring people together for the win win.

As a writer, she’s co-authored a book, Empowering Transformations for Women, and has been featured on,, and When she’s not typing away, she’s dancing.

If you need to serve more people in a big way, swing by


ABCs of Financial Fulfillment How to Find Hidden Dollars, Pay Yourself First and Help Take the Fear out of Finances!

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Diane Metivier

In this ABCs of Financial Fulfillment you will learn to master your finances by A-Analyzing your current situation, B- Budget back to basics and Finding hidden Dollars and C-Committing to Paying Yourself first and look forward to your future of financial security. This workshop is what you have been waiting for to take you step by step to reclaim control of your finances and feel empowered about your future. The tips in this workshop can be applied immediately and easily with the tools that are provided.

About Diane Metivier:

Diane Metivier is on a mission to inspire and empower women and children financially by creating wealth through education and guidance, seeking to provide them with the financial security and the freedom that comes with it. She provides the most personal service available, and strives for a reputation of excellence in her industry.

Diane is a seasoned professional, with over 15 years of experience, whose practice is based upon a “hands on” approach to financial guidance. As a Financial Professional, she does  everything in her power to keep her clients focused on where they want to go, how they will get there, and continually reminds them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.

Diane is licensed in NJ, PA, NY and WA. She holds licensing in both Life and Health Insurance and works with life insurance, savings and investments, education funding, retirement, rollovers, Long term care, annuities, disability insurance, business planning, estate planning and group benefits and retirement plans for businesses. ~

SPECIAL OFFER: FREE 20 minute consult. I will also provide my Free Report to those who sign up for the sesssion

Sow the Seeds of Social Media and Reap the Rewards

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Bonny Clayton, Your Web Chick

“I’ve tried that social media thing…it didn’t work for me.”

“So I’m on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. But I have no idea what’s next.”

“I just don’t get social media…I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do there.”

If any of these statements sound like you, this online class can help you get on your way to GROWING your online presence and really getting a handle on social media for your small business. We’ll answer the most common social media for small business questions like:

-When it comes to social media for small business, what works and what doesn’t?
-Why, as a small business owner, should you even bother using social media?
-What are the best practices when it comes to things like when to post, how often to post and what to post?
-How can I automate some of my social media tasks so I’m not sitting at my computer all day, every day and I can actually work in my business?

You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more when you learn how to sow the seeds of social media…then watch your garden grow

About Bonny Clayton:

Bonny Clayton, aka Your Web Chick, is an award-winning web professional specializing in web design, social media and e-mail marketing.  A tech-geek with a creative streak, she helps small business owners and entrepreneurs establish and maintain their online presence.  She is dedicated to her clients’ ongoing success and is committed to serving them according to their needs, whether that means “giving them a fish” or “teaching them to fish”.
Bonny has lived all over the East Coast and abroad and is mom to a 23 year old son currently stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia.  She reconnected with her junior high-school sweetheart in 2007 (and married him in 2011) who gifted her three fabulous stepsons, now 23, 20 and 17.  She is an animal lover (2 dogs and a cat, all rescues), a HUGE fan of U2 and claims coffee, wine, pasta, chocolate and cheese as her greatest food weaknesses.

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A picture may be worth a 1000 words, A video is cash in your pocket.: Leverage the power of video to get more clients. Anyone can do it, no expensive equipment necessary.

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Jessica Brace

Did you know that a video has a 53x higher chance of being on the first page of google than other types of web content like your blog, web page or articles? Google owns YouTube and they are handsomely rewarding those who are playing with their Google toys. Each and every second there are millions of people searching online. 1000’s of them are searching for EXACTLY what you have to offer. Whaf if I could show you a way to create a short 2 min video that will connect you with YOUR SEARCHERS and turn them into paying clients. My unique “Courageous On Camera” technique will show you how in less than 3 minutes you can easily record attention getting videos with no expensive equipment necessary. I have taught 1000’s of entrepreneurs my strategy to create a winning online video presence.

-During this presentation you will learn:
-The BEST way to create videos fast.
-How to avoid the SINGLE BIGGEST VIDEO MISTAKE people make!
-How to tilt the rules in your favor for FAST sales results…
-5 essential videos every business needs
-And much much more…

About Jessica Brace:

A graphic designer, entrepreneur, and marketing visionary.  Her company Firewalker Creative Group represents the convergence of her interests in marketing, internet media and the knowledge and experience she has acquired while building an international design firm over the past decade. Jessica drives her business under the belief that you can never stop learning. She has a passion for new ideas and continues to expand her knowledge and certifications. She has a wide variety of certifications in design, internet and new media.

Some of the most notable are:

  • Certified Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Certified Online Social Media Contest Manager
  • Certified Social Media Marketer
  • Certified Online PR Practitioner
  • MS Office Specialist Certification
  • Certified Print Broker
  • Constant Contact Certified Email Marketing Expert
  • Certified in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Main Street Marketing/Traffic Geyser Associate
  • Cross Channel Marketing Certification

Jessica is passionate about helping her clients, discovering new things and contributing to the greater good for everyone.  She manages her life and her business by a simple principle taught by Zig Ziglar: “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
When Jessica is not working at the computer you can find her walking on fire, travelling to exotic beaches around the world,  scuba diving, or volunteering her time!


FREE GIFTS: – Click Here

  • Iphone / Android Video Equipment
  • 15 Minute Video Shoot Checklist
  • Bonus PDF with 10 Questions from Jessica’s Book:  Ready, Set, GO Make A Video – 101 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Business

BONUS OFFER: 30 min consultation (value $250) with Jessica to learn more about how video can connect you with your clients – email Jessica at