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Your website’s About Page can be very powerful in building trust, credibility and connection with your audience.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t giving it the attention it deserves. As a result, most About Pages are sitting around collecting dust, instead of taking a website visitor closer to becoming a client.

I get it, writing the About Page is often tricky…

It’s about you, and it’s NOT about you.

You’ve to communicate your experience, skills and credentials, without making it dry and boring like a crusty ol’ resume (reminder: boring doesn’t sell.)

You’ve to tell your story, without navel-gazing.

You’ve to share your success and achievement – written in first person – without overtly tooting your own horn.

Here’s the hardest part:

Your About Page is about YOU.

You’ve to be brutally honest and vulnerable.

It’s a distillation of the sum total of you – your vision, values, convictions, personality, skills, experiences, superpowers… woven into an intriguing story, fit into a page short enough that your readers don’t fall asleep.

There’s no products, services or programs to hide behind. You’re presenting YOU.

You’re putting yourself out there, making the personal and emotional connection necessary for clients to say yes to YOU.

And that’s scary.

Work needs to be done on overcoming the fears of not being good enough, of not worthy of being seen and heard, of being judged or criticized, of rejection and of missing out.

You’ve to make your About Page personal, without taking it personally.

Talking about YOU is the vehicle to find the people who resonate with YOU – which means you’ve to relate to your audience through your story.

There’s no one definitive way to write an effective About Page, because your life’s arch is one of a kind.

I’ve written many About Pages for my clients

The process always focuses on honoring the clients’ unique path, rather than squeezing them into a template.

Instead of giving you some 5-step process, a bunch of storytelling formulas or a series of techniques (all of which you can pull from the Google in less than 5 sec,) I’m going to share 6 insights I’ve gleaned over the years on what goes behind an intriguing personal story that pulls the heartstring and creates connection and resonance with readers.

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