Say Yes to Yourself!

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Double Your Confidence to Have Better Relationships, More Time, and Greater Success in Your Life.

As women continue to redefine success, there’s a powerful desire to make a big impact professionally and to change the rules about how we operate at work. Whether it’s finding work that truly fits you or upleveling your current business or career, you deserve to love what you do and create success on your own terms, without having to give up your life in the process.


If you had a magic wand and could change one aspect of you life, what would that be? Would it be a relationship, your professional success, your level of self-confidence, or happiness in life? What if you already had the power to do that – not just in one area of your life but all the areas of your life?

Find out in this seminar where you will:

  • – Learn how to assess where you are in your life and what got you there
  • – Determine which area of your life you want to succeed at
  • – Discover the secret to achieving the success you desire
  • – Establish how to increase your level of self-confidence and empowerment to create your ideal emotional, physical, financial, and social life.


About Sujata Uppal:

Fueled by a desire to free herself from the limitations set for women by her culture, Sujata Uppal left her native country, India, at the age of 21 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sociology. Sujata’s core belief is that we, as women, have an innate inner power that gives us the strength and fortitude to aspire to what we want and to stand up for ourselves and the causes that we care about.

Sujata has spent her life educating, engaging, and empowering women to break past limitations and achieve their highest potential. She has been involved in many women’s organizations, led workshops on self-esteem, and mentored women in all stages of their lives to help them become their own best advocates – both personally and professionally.

In addition to her Master’s in Sociology, Sujata holds three professional coaching certifications: Life Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, and Singles Relationship Coach. After a difficult divorce that ended her twenty-five year marriage, Sujata launched Transition AIDE to bring Awareness, Insight, Direction, and Empowerment to women making changes in their lives, whether by chance or by choice. She specializes in guiding women to make empowering, strategic decisions during divorce, self-empowerment for women juggling multiple priorities, and personal leadership for all women who want to experience self-growth.

Sujata Uppal
Transition AIDE
Office Phone: 561.228.1058


30-Minute INSTANT CONFIDENCE Session to help you One-On-One to do the following:

  • – Figure out what is holding you back from the success you desire.
  • – Figure out the CLEAR PATH to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • – Create your personal CODE of CONFIDENCE

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What to Say When You Talk To Yourself
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3 Marketing Strategies for Deep Transformational Work

If you’re like many of my super intuitive clients who deliver results that are more experiential than “intellectual” (you know who you are!)…

It may be hard to put your process into words (and you probably resist writing sales copy) because “on paper” it doesn’t differ much from your competition. You just KNOW when they actually do the work with YOU, they get results like gangbuster. Period.

Even if you get them to experience your process and feel the results in their bodies or their “beings,” their intellectual mind – the one that holds the purse string – is unable to frame or comprehend the results. They may even chalk it up as a coincidence or a fluke, which prevents them from taking the next step with you.

You do deep stuff; transformational work. You get to the root cause beyond the “logical” or intellectual mind.

Talking about the same old lose 10 pounds in 14 days or find your soulmate in 60 days just doesn’t cut it.

The internal transformation you deliver manifests differently from one client to the next… even though you’ve done the work to “nail your niche” you still find getting specific about your results (like all those marketing trainings are telling you) a losing battle.

Sounds familiar? Then try these instead: 

1. Map the Fastest Path to Experiencing YOU

There’re too many marketing strategies and bright shiny objects for anybody to learn and implement within one lifetime.

If being in your presence, experiencing your process YOUR way and being guided by real-time interaction with YOU yield the “AHA” moment that turns someone from “just curious” to saying, “OMG, I want that!”…

Then the simple question is – which strategy and tactic is going to get as many people to experience YOU as quickly as possible?

What’s the fastest path to delivering that “AHA” moment so they are moved to take the next step with you?


2. Give Them a Framework to Intellectualize the Results

Here’s the thing with that “AHA” moment. The “high” they experience when everything clicks can be fleeting.

The “logical mind” can be annoying. It serves up chatter and doubts when your potential clients’ heart and guts are screaming “sign me up!” It refuses to acknowledge whatever it cannot comprehend.

The “logical mind” can look at that fleeting “high” that people feel and experience in your presence or with your process and call it a fluke or a coincidence if it doesn’t have a way to intellectualize the results.

That’s when a well-written and concise signature system comes in handy:

It gives the monkey mind a framework to understand the experience.

It gives the left-brain a way to comprehend the deep transformation.

It gives the logical mind a reason to open the wallet and whip out the credit card.

It positions your expertise as a body of work that can be put into practice with replicable results (aka not a fluke.)

It helps your potential clients alleviate the fears that they’d be criticized for investing in themselves because they’re equipped to articulate why they’re doing so.


3. Don’t Overload Your Website

Everyone looks up everyone on the interwebs so don’t let your online presence sabotage the great work you’ve done.

It may be tempting to load up your website with tons of content to show that you know your stuff.

Sure, there’s a place for all these resources and to showcase the depth of your knowledge.

However, keep the focus on your “first encounter” experience with the goals of: (1) communicating your unique personality and point of view and (2) creatingconnection and resonance with your audience. 

The simplicity of this strategy allows you to build TRUST as quickly as possible, without giving the monkey mind too much to “chew on” so your potential clients get lost in reading instead of taking action.

The good news is – you don’t have to write a ton of stuff for your website to be effective.

In fact, just mastering THREE pages on your website can build a solid foundation that not only connects, resonates and converts, but also inform ALL your marketing communication going forward.

Don’t believe me?

>> Experience WEBSITE COPY ALCHEY for yourself


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About Ling

Ling is an Intuitive Brainiac. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, she helps the multi-talented and multi-passionate maverick solo-entrepreneurs distill ALL their big ideas into ONE cohesive Message, nail the WORDS that sell and design a Plan to cut the busywork and do what matters, through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry.

Ling helps her clients optimize the space between individuality + originality vs. “tried-and-true” marketing so they can express their WHY unapologetically and profitably without reinventing the wheel.

Find Ling and grab her free “How to Find YOUR Winning Formula” Training Series here.

Time To Take A Look


We’ve been experiencing more and more profound changes from astrological events, most especially over the last 2 years.  But this year, things have stepped up in intensity and length.  We’re into an astrological event right now that is really making us all sweat.  An eclipse pattern that’s turning up the heat and promises to last on and off into next year.  Things are so ramped up that even the “astrological non-believers” are taking notice.  

This is a time of miracles AND challenge.  It’s a time of refinement.  Remember, a diamond only forms under intense pressure and millions of years.  And even though the concept of time is man-made, you get what I’m saying.  You’re a brilliant and necessary diamond-in-the-rough.  It’s now time for all of us to take a long look at what no longer serves us, what needs to be accepted, released and changed.

If you’ve been having fights with your significant other, kids, people at work or with people in general, take heart.  If you’ve been eating more, sleeping more, feeling lethargic, overwhelmed, sad, take heart.  If you’ve been seeing aligned numbers and are experiencing miraculous signs and events, take heart!!

All of this is a time for reflection, retrospection, introspection, understanding, patience and compassion – for yourself and for others.  You know the saying that tells us the things we need to learn will keep showing up over and over until we see them?  It’s total truth.  Only within that, I want you to now go deeper.

Expect the unexpected – on both ends of the spectrum.  No stone is being left unturned.

Expect things that are out of the ordinary to show up.  New and uncomfortable patterns between you and your partner.  Deep, unusual and unexplainable feelings within yourself.  And on the flip-side, watch for signs and miracles that specifically materialize to show your alignment with your intentions.

New openings are being created and amazing new things are manifesting at warp speed.  As well, the old way of doing and being is being stripped naked and exposed.  So, what can we do about it?  What do we do when we feel like our old ways of dealing with our problems aren’t working anymore?  

Instead of going to our head space and allowing our old fears and patterns to emerge (which will keep us in deep and painful struggle), we need to visualize walking from our heads down into our hearts.  We need to consciously make a choice to walk away from the old us and walk into our heart-spaces, where all direct communication with our Higher Selves and the Divine, exists.  That’s where you’ll find peace and answers.

Next, we must ask questions like, “What is this experience showing me?” “What do I need to learn from this?”  “What’s my next step?”  Connect with your heart (close your eyes, visualize your mind walking down into your heart and breathe it in), trust and watch the answer come forward.  It can happen instantaneously or it can time.  Keep asking.  It’s a practice. 

Step away from the blame game.  We are ALL projecting onto each other.  Every. Single. One of us.  We are ALL mirrors of each other.  Our circumstances…our bodies…..our friends and families……our emotions.  All bringing us gifts of showing us exactly where we stand and what we believe.

FEELINGS.  Don’t push them away.  We have feelings and emotions for a reason.  They are indicators and part of our guidance system.  If you’re not allowing yourself to feel or pushing away from resistance, you’ll have a difficult time until you change that old story that says feelings and emotions are bad.  Because they aren’t.  Unless you feel and notice, there’s no real way you can deeply know yourself at an authentic level.  Unless you feel and release, the energy of those emotions stay stuck in your physical body.

And as far as the miraculous happenings; don’t judge them or create a story around them.  If what is happening seems too good to be true, trust that the Universe is in control.  If it’s meant to go forward, it will.  If not, then realize that you’ve been given a gift, a sign that’s telling you to keep moving forward.   It’s showing you you’re on track.  Have gratitude.

Take responsibility for your own journey.  You can’t force others to grow and change.   You can’t force timing.  You can’t control circumstances.  The only control you have is over YOU, your decisions, your emotions, your reactions and actions.  If you’re with someone and you’re on two separate life paths, as one lifts, the other will either lift or fall away.  It’s a Universal law.  Keep walking your path.

Continue to practice more understanding, patience and compassion during this time, for yourself and others.  This next year will hold more surprises as the old paradigm starts to dissolve, and in preparation for the emergence of a vibrationally higher and more aligned world.  We’re going through a birthing process and birth can sometimes be a bit painful.

Above all else, remember that you signed up to be here in this time and space.  And what a miraculous time it is, unlike any other in history.  Embrace it with love, curiosity and wonder.  Find the joy in the journey and enjoy every juicy moment. 

Feel Good Now

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In this webinar, Sue Urda shares…

– The practices and mindset techniques that have kept her on track
even through one of the most challenging years of her life.
– How to keep from spiraling down when bad things happen.
– How to stay positive and moving forward no matter what.
– How to feel good in the midst of the muck.
These simple, yet profound strategies will help you to feel
more grateful, alive, and at peace.

Never underestimate the power of feeling good!

About Sue Urda: Sue Urda is your Feel Good Guidess. She is an Award-Winning and #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Inspirer, and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Powerful You! Publishing. Sue is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Having started 3 companies since 1989, Sue knows the challenges and joys businesses face, and she is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive, get connected, share their stories, and feel good. Sue loves assisting individuals in their own pursuit of success, purposeful-living and freedom, and her mission is to connect women to each other, their visions & themselves for true fulfillment.

My two books are titled “Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude” Book I and Book II. Each book provides simple insights and inspiration, mindset molding, and vibration raising in the form of a daily reading. They assist individuals to set intentions, live on purpose, judge less, and enjoy life more.

Sue Urda


100 Transformational Days to Create a Life of Joy, Grace, and Ease

Join Sue Urda, your Feel Good Guidess, on a journey of transformation that will change your life — if you let it!

You will explore and learn:

  • The power of choice
  • Personal growth through everyday challenges
  • Stop fighting and follow the natural flow of life
  • Be present even when your mind is cluttered
  • Gain clarity to move forward
  • Live into your true life purpose
  • Shed limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment
  • Positive use of your emotions and intuition
  • Live in simplicity, grace and ease
  • This video series is based on Sue’s award-winning, Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude. It’s a transformational book that sets you on a 100-day journey to the center of YOU! This book provides the tools for you to become the conscious creator of your life, instead of just being a passenger on the journey.

    *This series contains 100 videos that are approximately 4-7 minutes each. Watch them one each day or several at a time. Watch them in order or choose the topic that resonates with you on a particular day. As you watch and implement some of the practices and lessons you’ll see shifts in your mood, vibration, interactions, relationships, and all aspects of your life.

    Use discount code:  video50

    FREE GIFT: Bonus Gift: 7-Day Transformational Video Series for a Life of Joy, Grace and Ease. With each day’s video, you’ll become more aware of the thoughts you are thinking, more conscious of what’s going on around you, and you’ll find it increasingly “ease-ire” to experience moments of joy, grace and ease as you move through your day. This is your 7-day jumpstart for feeling really, really good.


    A new partnership…

    MOC-azRecently AlphaZelle started working with an amazing non-profit called Survivor Glam Squad – Making Over Cancer. Survivor Glam Squad provides complimentary makeovers to cancer patients and survivors in the United States – boosting confidence and self esteem, one makeover at a time!

    We are honored to be one of their partners and to help make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

    Most of us have been touched by cancer in one way or another. Either personally, a loved one or maybe a close friend. Cancer and the different treatments change people in many ways including the sensitivity of their skin, hair, eyes and their sense of smell. Products they used in the past may no longer work for them or the products might actually hurt or possibly give a burning sensation. Our partnership with Survivor Glam Squad – Making Over Cancer gives their clients the opportunity to learn about and use products that are safe and will not hurt them.

    The mission of AlphaZelle is to create holistic products that contribute to the health and wellness of our customers. ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS! We take pride in the fact that we only offer toxin-free products made with wild crafted and USDA certified organic ingredients! AlphaZelle was created in 2004 out of the need for clean products with NO harmful chemicals. From day one we were, still are and always will be: SAFE • CLEAN • PURE • TOXIN-FREE!

    Ego Vs. Soul: How To END Struggle, Overwhelm, & Conflict And START Living Uniquely From Soul

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    “Become the best version of YOU”

    It’s a new year. And with it comes the opportunity to shift your beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that no longer serve you. Regardless of what area of your life ISN’T working, you can transform your life from the inside-out by rebalancing your mind, body, and spirit through your soul. Break free of the ego and it’s constraints by living your life in divine alignment. The ego plays a significant role in our lives and is sometimes needed, but only in its healthiest state. In order to have a healthy ego you need to be in soul alignment. To be in soul alignment you must dive deep within and clear out all your mental and emotional debris in doing so you become an open channel for divine expression to flow through you.

    During this session, you will:
    * Learn the important differences between operating from ego vs. soul.
    * Deeply understand the value of mental and emotional clearing.
    * Discover simple and straight forward practices for shifting into soul alignment.
    * Become aware of the 4 major ego construct archetypes.
    * Experience the freedom that comes with true soul-ular transformation.


    About Christina Ann Sullivan:

    Christina Ann Sullivan is, a Denise Linn Certified Soul Coach® & Past life regression facilitator, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record reader, and Advanced Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist. Passionate about being of service, Christina, dedicates her career to helping people heal on all levels–spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Christina helps her clients to gain clarity of purpose and build a solid foundation with God so that they live in divine alignment, have more gratitude, give more generously and have a greater love for life. They become balanced and transform into the greatest versions of themselves. Her signature coaching and speaking style helps others access their intuitive wisdom, gain a whole new perspective on their life and awaken their soul. By awakening soul consciousness they open their heart, feel more deeply, become purposeful, peaceful, joyful, and harmonious in all areas of their life. And another important element of Christina’s coaching is the space of acceptance she creates with her clients. With this as the background, her clients know they can say and express anything without being judged. Inspired by her sister, Christina created Kathy’s Lifeflow to help clients discover the love that they innately are, heal, revitalize, and bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

    Christian Ann Sullivan
    (954) 732-3104

    BONUS OFFER: Powerful You Members 10% off my Soul Coaching Services.
    You can choose the 28 day Soul Coaching program which is a total of 4 weekly coaching sessions. The 28 day program is for those who have been doing their inner work but just need some help jumping over those last hurdles. The 3 month intensive would be for those new to doing the inner work and need assistance diving deep into their self-discovery and uncovering their shadows. The Soul Coaching Intensive is a total of 12 weekly.

    Contact me at or call (954) 732-3104

    FREE GIFT: Complimentary 45 minute coaching session to help you identify which Ego Archetype is most currently affecting your life and how you can overcome it.

    Contact me at or call (954) 732-3104

    Personal Power Is Yours

    Many people shy away from the power word. In their minds, they conjure up the image of a bully or a business takeover, a victim and a victor. Power over others is not true personal power. Instead, it can cover-up feeling powerless.

    Personal power doesn’t impose its will on others. It’s about standing up to you, knowing your own worth and recognizing your gifts.  With personal power, you don’t brag or swagger. You feel good about you, despite the human flaws and foolish mistakes that you’ve made along the way. And more often than not, you can laugh at those mistakes and at yourself.  Self Appreciation  is the first valuable step to achieve personal power.

    Know what you’re good at and develop a sense of personal pride and self-dignity. Valuing you and the wondrous miracle that you are, with all your emotions, a vast intellect, a body and mind that can self-regulate and heal is essential. Recognize the limitless potential inside you and your innate ability for growth, expansion and transformation.

    I was a guest on a radio program and spoke about the many ways that we can practice self-appreciation. Treat yourself with the same respect you generate to others. So often, we demand the impossible of ourselves and build up an idea of perfection that’s impossible to reach. When we don’t meet our high expectations, we feel that we’ve failed. Realize that’s not failure at all. Would we do the same for a friend or a young child? Not really. Instead, we would encourage and cheer them on.

    Honor you by taking personal time and caring for you on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Find activities and people that give you a sense of pleasure;  add more meaning and value to your life.  Be surrounded by people and situations that support and nurture you and be sure to do the same for them.

    Self-appreciation doesn’t give you license to neglect others or be selfish. Living responsibly is about making a contribution, large or small. When we are empowered, we can be generous with our power and share it with others in service, kindness and compassion.  When you do, you release a bounty of appreciation and community for you and others.



    When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond?

    A daughter complained to her father about her life and how things were so hard for her. She didn’t know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of all of the fighting and struggling. It seemed that just as one problem was solved, a new one always arose.

    Her father, a chef, took her into the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots began to a boil. In one pot he placed carrots, in the second pot he placed eggs, and in the third pot he placed ground coffee beans. He let them sit and boil, without saying a word. The daughter impatiently waited, wondering what her father was doing.

    In about 20 minutes, he turned off the burners. He fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the eggs out and placed them a bowl. Then he ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl.

    Turning to his daughter, he asked, “What do you see?” “Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” she replied. He brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. She did and noted that they were soft. He then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg inside. Finally, he asked her to sip the coffee. She smiled as she tasted its rich flavor and smelled its wonderful aroma.

    She humbly asked. “What does it mean, Father?” He explained that each of these three items had faced the same adversity, boiling water, but each reacted differently.

    The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting. But after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak.

    The egg had been fragile. Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid interior. But after sitting in the boiling water, its inside became hard.

    The ground coffee beans were very unique, however. After they were in the boiling water, they had changed the water.

    “Which are you,” he asked his daughter. “When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?”

    So, which one are you?

    I share this story often with my clients simply because I see it as a great tool to use when you find yourself in crisis, feeling fearful, lonely, or simply just frustrated. When I share this story, I often use it as a redirection tool and to help raise awareness about the choices we all have in how we respond to challenges, obstacles and adversity.

    Life happens; adversity is unavoidable, your well-being and your self-empowerment are directly tied to how you respond to the challenges of the moment.

    So, which one are you going to be the next time you are faced with an obstacle, challenge or simply when you are frustrated?

    Promoting Health & Wellbeing Under Extreme Stress

    Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Carole Franques

    Having gone through a recent divorce and knowing what I went through during the 2 and half years of finalizing it, I thought it would be useful for me to tie in the emotional and physical aspects of stress during such a life changing event. I personally know from experience the amount of stress one can endure, especially if the situation is made more difficult that it needed to be. My goals are to provide you with insights on nutrition to support the physical body and also share some tools to enhance your emotional well-being during this overwhelming time of your life. While every one’s experience is different on how we deal with stress; it is useful to have someone else’s insights on what can be done to support oneself and not let the situation overpower us.

    About Carole Franques:

    Carole Franques has an extensive background in the food industry and has received several certifications to complement her B.S degree in management & marketing. Through her own personal challenges, she has become more intuitive which complements her energy healing work. She has the ability to empower and support her clients on a cellular level by letting go of emotions that inhibit one’s potential. She can also advise her clients through life changes, positive mindset as well as food awareness and she is in the process of being certified in Dream Builder Coaching™ which will give her the ability to serve her clients best by helping them remove identified blocks and guide them in creating the life they wish to live.  She considers herself a student of life.

    She is Certified as a Practitioner of The Emotion Code©, a Holistic Health Coach, a Self-Esteem Elevation© Coach for children, a Practitioner of the Law of Attraction Wealth Program & an Angel Card Reader© from Doreen Virtue.

    She is also a Contributing author to “Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-being” from Powerful You! Publishing™ and now a contributing teacher to Powerful You! Women’s Network™

    Carole is bilingual in French and English and she works with children & adults. She does distance Emotional healing & the Japanese art form  of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help© in person.

    FREE GIFT: Sign up for Carole’s newsletter and receive “Kitchen safety and hidden treasures ” – Click Here and click on the free gift icon

    SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a free 3 Angel Card Reading when you book & prepay 5 distant sessions of Emotional Release.  Use Special Code PYFRALCW  – ~ 571-278-3325 ~


    You Have the Right to Remain Fabulous – The Keys to Overcoming Adversity in Your Everyday Life

    Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Jennifer S. Wilkov

    Everybody experiences moments of great glory and also those of utter despair. Oftentimes, we are uncertain about what we are going to do when we are hit with what appears to be a devastating situation and, moreover, we are not confident about how we are going to handle it. Some still manage to rise to the top; others never make it. And still others have fallen gracefully only to rise again, stronger and even more passionate about their career focus and dreams.

    Expect to learn:

    -The secrets to turning moments of adversity into amazing opportunities
    -The basics of perception which begins with you
    -How to replace your fears with faith and be effective in the face of adversity
    -Proven techniques to succeed in every situation: faith, optimism & persistence
    -Fool-proof ways to master your mindset
    -The importance of building a dream support team
    -How to maintain your integrity in the face of judgment from others
    -Top strategies to leap into your life and live it to its fullest

    Jennifer S. Wilkov will show you how to master the art of accomplishing anything in any situation, circumstance and condition. She’ll also share why you have the right to remain fabulous – no matter what you’ve endured, from workplace conflicts to health issues and from family crises to legal complaints. Break through the paralysis, make thoughtful decisions, keep your focus on what you want to achieve and leverage each moment as an opportunity to live your life to the fullest and make a difference.

    About Jennifer S. Wilkov:

    Jennifer’s passion for communication has led to her being a # 1 radio show host and executive producer, a #1 international best-selling award-winning author, international keynote speaker, an award-winning freelance writer, a successful book business consultant, and entrepreneur.  She survived being incarcerated in one of New York’s and the nation’s most violent prisons, Rikers Island, after inappropriately being told to plead guilty to a crime she did not commit by an attorney who mishandled her case. Jennifer continued to succeed as an author, media personality, entrepreneur and speaker after enduring this devastating, unimaginable experience. She knows what it takes to live the life you love in the face of any challenge. She loves to inspire audiences everywhere with the insights, knowledge and wisdom she has gained so participants take action. Jennifer fans the flames of the Human Spirit in each audience member and empowers them to tell their story, express it transparently, leap powerfully into their lives and at last live the life they’ve imagined. Her empowering message resonates with audiences everywhere: “You have the right to remain fabulous – under any situation, circumstance or condition.”

    Phone: (917) 727-8434
    Twitter: @jenniferwilkov

    FREE GIFT: Learn the top 5 mistakes people make that keep them from remaining fabulous in any situation, circumstance or condition…and how to avoid them. Get your free special report now – Click Here

    BONUS OFFER : Reset Your Mindset Session
    Jennifer offers a unique session called the Reset Your Mindset Session for those individuals who are looking for support, guidance and direction in times of personal and professional crisis.

    Clients have said time and again that working with Jennifer was the ticket to not only getting focused on what is important and keeping their self-esteem together in the face of adversity, but being able to go to work without crumbling from the stress and strain and/or managing others in their company who are dealing with crises while attempting to do their jobs with the same level of quality and enthusiasm.

    As a member of Powerful You! (or a non-member who is accessing this program through the Powerful You! Resource Center), Jennifer is happy to offer you a 10% ($100 savings) discount on one Reset Your Mindset Session or a 30% ($600 savings) discount on two Reset Your Mindset Sessions (both must be scheduled in order to receive this discount). Click Here

    Thoughts on The Four Agreements


    The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

    To say that the book was life changing for me is an understatement. In no way am I professing agreement with the personal & spiritual beliefs of Ruiz, yet, neither am I judging his beliefs. For me, his personal beliefs are irrelevant to what I learned, after all, the underlying premise of his Toltec wisdom stems from love, joy, peace and serenity, what could be wrong with that?  What I do know is if you read this book with your own personal faith and beliefs in perspective, the content of the actual “Four Agreements” can be truly eye opening and yes, life changing!

    Along with my Christian beliefs, my core values and my own personal mantra of being true to my word, I believe these four simple agreements can be easily adhered to no matter what your spiritual beliefs are. So much so, that I always recommend this book as a guide for my clients at some point in their personal journey. I am pleased to say that for most of my clients, it has been life changing for them also.

    • Be Impeccable With Your Word – Words have power. It’s really simple; say what you mean and mean what you say. If you say something that is not in line with your beliefs to please someone else or for acceptance, you are not being impeccable with your word. Just as important, words are so powerful that they will carry on for generations, for better, or for worse. If you say something to someone, especially a child, be impeccable with your words; they have power. Words carry energy and can shift the way the other person, as well as yourself, views life, themselves as a person, their faith and their worth. Be impeccable with your word; it is the basis for integrity and without this consistent agreement, you will be in conflict with other virtues such as trust, respect and loyalty.
    • Don’t Make Assumptions  –  There is no fine line here; it is either a fact or it is not. I guess, I think, I believe, I thought, are all the beginnings of an assumption. To eliminate drama from your life, eliminate making assumptions. Ask questions, wait for answers, make your decisions based on what is, not what you think it is, or what you think the person is thinking or feeling. Ask questions, it will eliminate the need to make assumptions. With this one simple agreement, you will be happy to learn that not all things are what you think they are when you finally learn the truth about what is.
    • Don’t Take Anything Personally – One of the simplest, yet most complex of the Agreements. If you choose to see things as they are, it will be easier to see that not all things are about you. Choose to release the need to think so and you will be liberated to know, most things that you’ve taken personally in the past, actually have nothing to do with you! When you find yourself in this situation; step back, see things for what they are, face your truth or the truth about the circumstances and see if there is truly any reason for you to take any of it personally. It’s a choice, only you can decide, it’s powerful and it’s liberating!
    • Always Do Your Best – One of the greatest gifts I learned from this Agreement is that   “your best” shifts just as you do. If you believe you are “this”, then recognize that “this” will change and shift from minute to minute as you and your circumstances evolve. When you learn this simple agreement and shift your thinking to apply this concept to your own truth, you immediately stop beating yourself up. If your inner voice sounds something like this, “I am not this”, “I don’t have that”, “I failed”, “I am not good enough for that” or “I could never qualify”, you probably have not been very fair to yourself and your potential. When you start recognizing, with optimum truth and integrity; “I did the best I could today with what I have available to me, based on the conditions of my life and my health in this very moment”,everything changes!  It is amazing how life can be when you see it for what it truly is. When you accept and acknowledge that life at this very moment has no attachment to expectations from others and especially to your past, you are free to excel and do your very best! It’s all about right now, this very moment. Are you doing your best in this very moment?  If your truthful answer is yes, that’s all that matters! Go, get it!

    co-creating your dharma + desire ::

    Dharma or (Destiny): Our true place in the cosmic process. Desire: The true meaning: “of or guided by the (sire) stars”.

    What is Desire? Have you ever experienced the rush of desire; that feeling of passion for someone or something you cannot wait to wake up or go home to? The healthy exuberance of creative possibility, or the excitement of the artistic unknown: a life that’s self-actualized by your own design is attainable, if you’re in tune with your dharma, destiny or calling. Have you wondered why some people make what seems so out of reach, so undeniably effortless? The answer: Unwavering Belief + Desire. They’re not seeking outside approval, nor do they spend time scrutinizing the actions of others; so passionate about what they desire they are unrelenting at setting their own bar, bunkering down and staying their course.

    Co-creating a life you take pride in, is to be willing and open to the potential for possibility or failure, but in the inherent knowing that your power lies deep within. It’s all there and always has been. To seek external approval is as to deem ourselves unworthy and undeserving. It is the furthest point from “the divine”, that we can be. It can automatically throw walls up for failure. The onus and responsibility to guide our own course, is on us and only us. To do right by ourselves not only betters us, but betters society as a whole and solidifies the concept of self-sustainability and interconnectedness.

    To follow our heart’s desire, hold every encounter every experience with reverence, as it is our dharma or cosmic blueprint; that demonstration of faith and strength sometimes shows itself, in the unknown. It too, can even be in the uncertainty that a shred of proof exists. We have the potential to become the co-creators and Rembrandts of our lives.

    You can do this. I PROMISE.

    We can either watch life from the sidelines OR ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE…. Either we let SELF-DOUBT and FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY prevent us from realizing our potential, or embrace the fact that when we turn our attention away from ourselves, OUR POTENTIAL IS LIMITLESS.” ~ Christopher Reeve

    the certainty of where you’re from :: the foundation of where you’re going

    :: on sustainability, interdependence + not being your own island.

    “You don’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’re from.”  Aunt Wendy, Bailey-Wilson ‘Ohana (family) Reunion.

    “I am because we are.” Translation: The African word, Ubuntu.

    In Western European culture for the most part, we are groomed to go out into the world, with the intent of staking our claim. We are told that once we’re of a certain age, we should pursue higher education, seek a high paying career, move away from family and be the pioneers of our personal success. The idea that it’s critical for growth, maturity and the harnessing of autonomy is in part, true. At times, the downside of this ideal is the degradation of emotional stability and severing of the core foundation that a family may have intended to build.

    I know firsthand, how that scenario can play out. I left home at seventeen, moved back home at eighteen and married at nineteen. Divorced at twenty-one, I moved away from my family in Alaska, back to my birth state of Washington. Prior to my move, my parents were also struggling with divorce; I felt there was no emotional space for me, so I made the decision that moving would be my best option, my only option.

    In the first few years of “my independence”, many times I struggled and lost my footing; encountered loneliness and uncertainty, financial hardship, personal crisis and craved emotional nourishment, all in the name of independence and success. Without guidance or mentoring, I mastered the ability to think quickly on my feet. As a graduate of the University of Street Smarts, I mastered the skill of making slapstick decisions as a survivalist would in the wild, based on dire need, not on my heart’s desire. Many may argue that it was character building; in reflection as a woman and as a parent, I call bullshit. To the friends that offered me payday loans, fed me, offered temporary transportation and helped cover my rent, thank you. I have never forgotten you.

    The notion that I was on a voyage of personal success, emotionally sound, with a fine-tuned navigational system was a lie: truth was, I was drowning. I lacked spiritual strength, a stable foundation and a sense of myself; I had not a clue as to who I was.

    A pivotal experience.

    Last summer, my family and I joined one hundred of my relatives for our family reunion on the island of O’ahu, in the town of Laie. At the time, it was exactly what I needed. There is a unique pulse to the Hawaiian culture, as with many indigenous tribes; a reverence for elders, an honoring of ancestry and a collective bonding that I’d never before experienced. For the first time, I felt a part of something much larger than myself. Metaphorically I grew roots; I had a clearer vision of my future, through the stories of my past.

    In this world of technology, it’s far too easy to sequester ourselves as if we’re off basking on our own island. We’re not impervious in our desire and need for connection, or our longing for a sense of belonging.

    Interdependence takes the willingness to go beyond ourselves, as we are a continuum of one another. Our emotional strength and social survival rely upon it. Only then will we as individuals thrive.

    Who are you?

    If uncertain, I strongly urge you to explore where you’re from. Everything you’ve thought to be true of yourself may just fall away. That cathartic experience quite possibly, could reinterpret the course of your life.


    Discover what is Exceptional about You!

    The Webster’s dictionary defines Exceptional as, ” Extraordinary; Well above average; Having more than average intelligence, skill, or ability.” Exceptional is who you are, but what is keeping you from letting the true you out? Showing what is exceptional about who you are is the key ingredient for a woman to be successful in business, career or life. If you keep your “exceptional” hidden, women can have some success, but to achieve the exceptional succes they desire, You have to have maximum energy and let your Exceptional You shine!

    Here are a few results for women who tap into their “exceptional you”:

    • Exceptional Business/Career Results & satisfaction
    • Maximum Physical Well being High Self Confidence Sustained Energy to get it all done
    • Secure Financial Well being
    • Sustaining Spiritual connection
    • Robust Social life and relationships

    So, you are saying “sign me up, how do I get let my Exceptional You! shine and the results I desire?”

    The first step to having all that you desire is in the awareness of what you bring to the table. Each of us have innate gifts and strengths that we were born with. Many researchers believe that by focusing on your strengths you can get amazing results. These researches also believe that if you focus on what you don’t do well, you will only attain average results. You will want to begin by identifying and focusing on your strengths. Here are questions for you ponder as you begin to take inventory of your strengths: When are you at your best? What do you do when you are at your best? How do you know when you are at your best? What about that behavior makes you exceptional? How do you feel when you are at your best? What feedback have you received that validates your strengths? If you are still unclear as to all of your strengths/gifts, you can try this activity. You can do this via email or face to face, whichever method serves you best. Ask as many people as you want the following questions and request their honest feed back. You will want to include friends, family members, colleagues, current and former bosses, your clergy, whomever that you value their input.

    Discovering your strengths:

    Step 1: · What do you see about me that unique or exceptional about me? · What do you see as my key strengths or gifts? · What can you tell me about myself that I don’t already know? · When am I at my best and what am I doing? What do you or do you see others relying on me for when there are struggles?

    Step 2: As you listen to the answers, breathe deeply and let the answers seep in. Take this as an opportunity to value who you are and bask in appreciation and celebrate what is exceptional about you!! Now that you have explored what strengths are what are your next steps?

    Many people find that partnering with a coach can greatly assist you in the discovery of your strengths. All the great athletes, CEO’s and leaders use coaches to take charge of their strengths to take them to the next level. You are the leader of your life! How a coach can help you: a coach will support you in your growth and journey by partner with you as you create the vision you have for yourself personally/professional. This exploration or coaching process honors you by creating a safe space whereby you can explore the barriers and opportunities that move you closer or farther from your vision. The coach will assist you in the creation of goals and action steps that purposefully move you toward your desired vision. Your vision will guide you to own and create your Exceptional life.

    Love & light, Sandra To learn more, visit

    4 Reasons To Give Yourself Permission

    Your Say Yes to Life Monday Motivator: Four Reasons to Give Yourself Permission


    While the formal definition of the word is simply “to give consent; authorization”, the word itself instantly evokes an experience – of longing, fear, held breath, hope, anticipation, second thoughts, resentment, anger, joy.

    Permission is a loaded word, and one heavily burdened by the heavily patriarchal, authoritarian society that underlies the independence we flatter ourselves that we possess.

    If we are so independent, then why do we run around asking everyone who will stand still long enough to listen to us for advice – yet consistently fail to consult ourselves?

    If we are so independent, then why do we so often talk ourselves out of the very experiences we most crave?

    If we are so independent, then why do we feel enslaved to our phones, our televisions, our relationships, our careers, and our refrigerators?

    If we are so independent, then why is it so difficult to trust ourselves with our own lives?

    While we may think we know the meaning of the word “permission”, this does not necessarily translate into our ability to extend permission to ourselves, or to live out that permission, once granted.

    This failure clearly points to a lesson we have yet to learn.

    The lesson is that we are self-contained, that we possess all the wisdom and brilliance we will ever need already, that we are a trustworthy source of advice and guidance, and that we can and must learn to live quite successfully on as small or large a scale as our heart desires on the strength of no one else’s say-so but our own.

    No two callings are alike, just like no two people are alike. As women, some of us may be called to serve as global mentors and leaders to ease humanity’s hurt and provide hope, while others of us may be called to tend carefully and completely to the needs of tiny yet essential communities called “families”.

    What we need permission to do and become is not nearly as important to notice as the fact THAT we need permission to do and become whatever it is that we are called to be.  And the fact that we need permission is not nearly as important as the recognition of whose permission we need and crave the most – our own.

    Along the way to developing this understanding, however, we will have to do battle with our own mind before we can fully take in what our heart already knows – that we deserve, can and must gain our own permission in order to live the fulfilling, satisfying lives we dream of and deserve.

    This week, for the sake of helping you to more quickly overcome your mind’s objections, I offer you these four simple reasons why you should give yourself permission.

    Reason One: Because, ultimately, you require our own permission anyway before you will act.

    Even if you have consulted your personal hero, your mentor, your therapist, and your spouse, and all have extended their permission to you to pursue a goal or take an action, as long as you personally remain undecided, even your best attempts to take action will remain half-hearted. The endless gathering of others’ opinions is merely an attempt to obtain your own. If you remain undecided, know there is a reason for it, and wait upon your heart until you are sure.

    Reason Two: Because living a fulfilling life is all about becoming willing to take chances.

    Usually if we are hesitant to grant permission to others or ourselves, it is because we are worried about failure. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that do not work.” With this attitude, our own permission becomes much easier to obtain and trust, even if it takes 10 or 10,000 tries to achieve our goal.

    Reason Three: Because trust and friendship is only built through action.

    The act of granting permission is at its core an act of trust and friendship. It is a lonely life indeed if we go through it a stranger and distrustful observer towards ourselves.  We can learn a lot here from watching how we are with our young children and pets. We know they are likely to piddle on the couch or carpet the first several (or several hundred) times we try to potty train them (after which, we have to dump the carpet at Carpet Cleaning Hamilton oh), yet we extend our permission over and over so that they may become willing and encouraged to try again until they succeed. Each time, we trust and believe that this will be the time they master the task. In the same way, if we want to ever experience trust and friendship with ourselves, we must extend our permission again and again, no matter how many tries it takes us to learn.

    Reason Four: Because we already have our own permission.

    While we may spend the rest of the day arguing with ourselves about how to spend the hours once we have arisen in the morning, the fact that we woke up and got out of bed speaks volumes about the permission we have already granted to ourselves to live, to make mistakes, to stretch and strive, to learn and to grow. It makes little sense to exercise the extreme courage it takes to get up and face a new unknown day, yet withhold permission to face a new unknown task, challenge, or opportunity. We already have our own permission – now we just need to grasp hold of it and use it.

    With much love,


    If you find that you are struggling to grant yourself permission, or to act on your own permission once granted, then Southlake Center can help. Our professional, caring, and highly trained staff has spent more than 20 years supporting individuals just like you to say “no” to staying stuck in the sense of fear and limitation and “yes” to stepping out into the light of your highest potential. Learn more about the many individual and group programs and services we can offer at

    Changing My Bad Habits

    We all have them, so don’t pretend you don’t. As part of my journey to be “Fabulous and Fit by 50” I’m also working on my bad habits. Giving them up is going to be difficult, but admitting you have them is the first step. So here goes…

    • Waiting for the “right” opportunity. Should I be “waiting for my ship to come in,” while others are out there building ships? Waiting doesn’t invite opportunities – work does. I’m training myself to take advantage of opportunities (like coaching with Team Beachbody) by always taking some small step the moment I recognize an opportunity. No more waiting. I’m taking this “leap of faith.”
    • Procrastination. We know that often, “later” becomes “never.” In order to stop my procrastinating, I’m getting in the habit of looking for and doing the easiest first step I can find. Often just starting will develop my motivation. No more excuses about working out. Get to it!
    • Indulging one’s laziness. I have little to say about this bad habit, except that I don’t know anyone who has suffered greatly from forcing themselves to get up and do something. I’m going to start by doing something easy first, and if low energy is part of the problem (excuse), I’ll start learning a few techniques for boosting it, like deep breathing and singing. Get off the sofa!

    Maybe you have heard the saying, “change your mind – change your life.” How do you change your mind? A good start is to correct your bad habits, one-by-one. Why not work on one with me today?

    You Can Have It All. Get the first steps to finding the love and career of your dreams

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    Are you successful in every area of your life but feel unlucky in love? Are you wondering if it is possible to have a great love and career at the same time? What if I told you that having the ideal relationship will help you catapult your career to the next level? What if by putting boys before business you were guaranteed to start having it all? If you truly are ready to have a relationship and career that rocks, then you have to start with the first steps.

    -Learn how to get clear about what you want
    -Understand your deal breakers
    -Identify your values and how they determine your success in business and professional relationships
    -Jumpstart your love life and explode your career by deciding what you want and knowing how to ask for what you want

    Still skeptical? Here is what America’s #1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield has to say: “If your goals include finding Mr. Right, having a positive work-life balance, or taking your career to the next level, Kimberly Mylls and Jennifer S. Wilkov are the experts who can teach you to how to have it all. They know how to craft a vision and bring it to life. Both have done it themselves, and they are now on a mission to help you do the same.”

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is your time to have it all.

    About Kimberly Mylls:

    Kim grew up in the San Francisco Bay area.  After graduating with a BA in Radio/TV and journalism from the University of Arizona, Kim spent over 15 years in the magazine publishing industry.  She has published several articles and was Publisher of “The Arizona Home Book”.  After leaving the corporate publishing environment, Kim became self-employed by joining Arbonne International.  She quickly rose to the top of Arbonne International and became a National Vice President.  Kim spends much of her time coaching, training and speaking.  She is a certified Leadership Coach and coaches business entrepreneurs.

    Six days after applying the first steps outlined in Boys Before Business, she met her husband.  Together they opened a business, Bike Dojo to promote kids exercising.  They live in Santa Cruz, CA, and have a home in Arizona.

    Kimberly Mylls

    BONUS OFFER: 26 Week Challenge

    1: 26 weeks of Guided Lessons
    Each week we will send you your Have It All Lesson. This is where we teach you exactly what we did to have our dream lives.  Each week you will be given:

    • action steps
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    We’ve created an exclusive private Facebook page for everyone taking the 26-week program and you’re invited!  This group is here to support you and hold you accountable.  Get ready to feel like one of the girls.  You can check in, share your stories, your wins, your struggles and what amazing things are happening for you.  You will have all the encouragement you need to stay on track.

    • Connect with others who have similar stories
    • Share what’s working
    • Get inspired by other people’s results
    • Make friends

    3 Steps to Disarm the Subconscious Saboteur & Regain Control of Your Life

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    Darn it! There it goes again! Every time I get close to reaching my goals, something comes along and knocks my feet out from under me. I can’t seem to get beyond that certain point. Maybe I’m just not meant to have what I want. Maybe I should just be content as I am.

    Sound familiar? Can you relate? This unseen force that seems to repeatedly derail your greatest intentions is referred to as the “Subconscious Saboteur.”

    But who is he really and why is he after you? Join me for this hour of education and experiential exercise and discover 3 Steps to Disarm the Subconscious Saboteur & Regain Control of Your Life.

    -Learn tools you can use in any area of your life
    -Familiarize yourself with choices that keep YOU in control
    -Discover what is needed to rise above the plateaus and reach beyond your current limits

    You are meant to have a life of love, fulfillment and success! Join me to embrace your Subconscious Saboteur and Realize the Life You’ve been Waiting For!

    About Debra Graugnard, M.Div.:

    I help people with digestive dysfunction and eating challenges heal the stress, emotions and underlying factors that affect, and in some cases, cause their discomforts and dis-ease.

    About 26 years ago, I was struggling with hypoglycemia, fibrocystic disease and ulcerative colitis.  I healed them all with a natural holistic approach including adopting a clean diet, cleansing and spiritual healing.  Now I help others to do the same.

    My transformational programs and services have helped many men, women and children who were struggling with health, weight and body image challenges develop a relationship with food that supports a healthy body, mind, heart and spirit.

    My unique approach addresses the entire being – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies – for complete healing and true personal transformation that lasts.

    BONUS OFFER: Free 30-minute Discovery Session
    Let me know your biggest challenges and what keeps you from realizing your goals, and I will help you to discover what is needed for you to have the breakthrough you are seeking. Let’s find out what your Subconscious Saboteur is telling you and discover how you can embrace the message to move toward success and fulfillment in your life. – Click Here

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    Is stress taking a toll on your digestive system? Download my free eBook and discover how you can find relief from stress-affected digestive dysfunction. ~ Click Here

    3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Woman Make That Keep You Confused, Emotional and Powerless About Achieving Lifelong Weight Loss

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    Imagine having the principles of weight loss success right at your fingertips. Giving you awareness and empowering you to achieve your long term weight loss goals along with optimal health, wellness and boundless energy. In this session I will:

    -Identify the top 3 mistakes men and woman make with lifelong weight loss attempt and provide tips to correct them
    -Create awareness of patterns that are sabotaging your efforts
    -Share techniques to stay focused and on goal- especially on those questionable days.

    Mastering the tools discussed in this session will enable you to break the cycle of yo,yo dieting that has been holding you back from all that you deserve.

    Listen to Donna’s Presentation

    About Donna DeMild:

    After having successful weight loss surgery in 2001, Donna became dedicated to assisting others to achieve and maintain their own weight loss goals and optimal success.   For several years Donna enjoyed working with Bariatric surgeons, nutritionists, psychologists, and pharmacists. Still, her clients were always her main focus and she worked closely with each of them to create individualized lifestyle change to move them forward in their journey to success and in the meantime developing an individualized approach that is unique and is a highly sought after program. So much so, that Donna has had the opportunity to travel overseas to Istanbul, Turkey to assist Dr. Yunus Yavus in developing an aftercare program for his patients as well as the opportunity and honor of speaking at UMDNJ Medical School, Rutgers University for 2nd and 3rd year medical students for the past several years with Dr. Jeff Levine. She has coauthored the book “Woman Living Consciously” an Amazon #1 bestseller and is featured in bestselling book “Successful Habits of the Weight Loss Surgery Patient” by Colleen May Cook. Donna is a Certified Professional Life Coach, proud member of The International Coaching Federation, mother of 2, and happily married since 1990.


    Through Transition to Transformation – Strategies To Shift From Overwhelmed to Empowered

    Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Christine Catoggio

    Life is constantly changing and there is always something new in the mix. As soon as we finish one stage a new one surfaces.
    Empty-nest, Retirement, Boomerang children, Divorce, Retirement, Job or Career Change, Aging Parents… .

    All have one thing in common:
    They force us to make changes to our existing life.

    -Can you relate to any of these?
    -Are you experiencing the aftermath?
    -Trying to dig out of “the muck” and get back to living?

    Are you looking for guidance and direction to get through the transitions you’re experiencing?

    Life transitions have a way of directing us and showing us the path that we are meant to take. Getting through the inevitable changes, teaches us about ourselves, leads us to new opportunities, and empowers us for the evolution of our life.

    In “Through Transition to Transformation”, you will learn to take back control of your life, nurture yourself and move into the life you desire.

    -Release old patterns that keep you stuck
    -Activate your Inner GPS
    -Unleash your Desires, Potential and Goals and move toward the life that you truly want and deserve!

    Through my own experiences (and, there have been MANY!), I have learned the strategies to reduce the overwhelm and turn the inevitable changes into powerful, and empowering experiences.

    Now, I’ve utilized all that I’ve learned to help so many of my clients manage and thrive through the TRANSITIONS in their lives.
    In “Through Transition to Transformation” you can start seeing what is possible and put the systems in place to honor and embrace your own transformation.

    Listen to Christine’s Presentation

    About Christine Catoggio:

    Known as the Life Navigator and Guide Through Unchartered Life Change, Christine is passionate about helping men and women understand and navigate the many challenges of life transitions. Christine inspires and motivates business owners and entrepreneurs to survive and thrive through the processes of change and transition in their own lives.

    Christine maintains an active Care Management Practice , and coaches individuals and families as they deal with the transitions of Aging parents, while experiencing their own issues. Christine understands first hand the challenges that adult children of aging parents face, and is passionate about helping families share long healthy lives and strong relationships with peace of mind and quality of life.

    Christine is a Life Transition specialist, and her services and programs have helped many clients locally and globally.

    A sought after speaker and Senior Issues Educator, she has been a keynote presenter for both live events and radio platforms.

    Christine holds a Bachelor of Science from Barry University, and is a Florida State licensed provider of Homemaker & Companion Services.

    Christine holds membership in the Women Speakers Association, Florida Care Planning Council, National Care Planning Council and National Elder Care Matters Alliance.