How Faith and Food Can Fuel Your Success: Simple Strategies for the Busy Professional Woman

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If diets worked; you wouldn’t be reading this because I would be out of business. Plus, I bet that you do your best to create a healthy lifestyle, yet chronic symptoms, lack of sleep and constant stress are still your constant companions. After our time together you are going to be able to:

  • The one action that every spiritual mentor took and that you MUST take today in order to fuel your body and your business.
  • How to stop listening to the DIEt experts and jump off their bandwagons so you can create your own rules for skyrocketing your energy and health.
  • How to eat and fuel your body with fast, delicious and healthy food no matter how busy you are.

Finally, you will have simple strategies that you can implement immediately to fuel your success.

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About Maureen Wielansky:

Maureen Wielansky is the leader of the Sassy Pants Rebels; a sisterhood of women who lock arms as they jump off the bandwagon together and rebel against restrictions and rules so they can create their own unique recipe for healing and health. Through her Mindful Meal Parties; Maureen helps women heal their relationship with food through the kitchen. Mindful Meal Parties bring women together both live and virtually to batch cook healthy food that is simple, healthy and delicious. Maureen also mentors women privately helping them create a life that is sassy, sexy and satisfying. Her dream is to leave a legacy so big that it puts her out of business. To be a part of the Sassy Pants Rebels; go over to and take the quiz: “Are you Having an Affair with Food?”

Maureen Wielansky

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Promoting Health & Wellbeing Under Extreme Stress

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Having gone through a recent divorce and knowing what I went through during the 2 and half years of finalizing it, I thought it would be useful for me to tie in the emotional and physical aspects of stress during such a life changing event. I personally know from experience the amount of stress one can endure, especially if the situation is made more difficult that it needed to be. My goals are to provide you with insights on nutrition to support the physical body and also share some tools to enhance your emotional well-being during this overwhelming time of your life. While every one’s experience is different on how we deal with stress; it is useful to have someone else’s insights on what can be done to support oneself and not let the situation overpower us.

About Carole Franques:

Carole Franques has an extensive background in the food industry and has received several certifications to complement her B.S degree in management & marketing. Through her own personal challenges, she has become more intuitive which complements her energy healing work. She has the ability to empower and support her clients on a cellular level by letting go of emotions that inhibit one’s potential. She can also advise her clients through life changes, positive mindset as well as food awareness and she is in the process of being certified in Dream Builder Coaching™ which will give her the ability to serve her clients best by helping them remove identified blocks and guide them in creating the life they wish to live.  She considers herself a student of life.

She is Certified as a Practitioner of The Emotion Code©, a Holistic Health Coach, a Self-Esteem Elevation© Coach for children, a Practitioner of the Law of Attraction Wealth Program & an Angel Card Reader© from Doreen Virtue.

She is also a Contributing author to “Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-being” from Powerful You! Publishing™ and now a contributing teacher to Powerful You! Women’s Network™

Carole is bilingual in French and English and she works with children & adults. She does distance Emotional healing & the Japanese art form  of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help© in person.

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Stress Express for Female Entrepreneurs: Balance Your Body, Mind And Spirit™

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Today’s world is more stressful than ever. The American Psychological Association reports that 80%of American workers are burnt-out. Stress costs business and industry more than $300 billion per year in absences, lost productivity and down-time. Women entrepreneurs are especially plagued with stress, trying to balance work and home life. So how do you handle your stress and the stress of your people, and still stay motivated and Fired Up?

In this interactive and upbeat webinar, you will:
-Determine how close you are to burnout and how to spot it in others
-Learn the top 5 stress relievers that work right away to reduce your stress
-Discover fast ways to rev up your energy
-Create strategies to balance your life at work and at home
-Use practical tools and techniques to stay motivated and keep your team fired up
-And much much more…

About Snowden McFall:

Snowden McFall, professional speaker, coach and 30 year entrepreneur, is the author of 5 books. Honored at the White House, she was featured on CNN, Bloomberg Television and in Success Magazine. Snowden’s book Fired Up!, has sold 65,000+ copies. Her newest book is Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers.  Snowden’s passion is helping others do what they love and make a difference in the world.

Snowden’s volunteer work with female entrepreneurs led to national media attention. The SBA named her National Women in Business Advocate of the Year which led to a Congressional luncheon in her honor. Inc. Magazine chose Snowden as finalist for “New England Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Snowden has appeared on 320 radio shows and several national TV shows. She has been speaking for 20+ years and has addressed several thousand people. She recently received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Obama. You can find Snowden at

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Stress Express! Instant Relief Package

The ideal toolkit to help you overcome stress with research-backed hands-on techniques.
Starting with the Stress Expres!s burnout test, the Stress Express! book packed with great hands-on tools to immediately release stress, plus 3 uplifting audios, including an instant relaxation audio, playsheets and more.

Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers- the Book will help you:

  • Do more of what you love on a regular basis & create a more fulfilling, joyful life
  • Take immediate action to reduce your stress levels
  • Create strategies to prevent future stress
  • Overcome past limitations and break negative stress habits
  • Promote your positive self-esteem
  • Apply 10 quick tips for staying “Fired Up!”

The Stress Express! Instant Relief Package Includes:

  • The book: Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers
  • The Stress Express Instant Relaxation™ Audio download – 20 minutes of peace!
  • Overcoming Holiday Stress™ Audio download – 60 minutes of practical ways to cope with family holidays
  • The 60 minute audio download “Stress and Change: Moving from Fear and Frustration to Fired Up!” webinar replay
  • The Stress Express Burnout Test™
  • 15 Fun Favorites™ Playsheet – do more of what you love
  • Stress Express™ Affirmations to keep you on track

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“Healthy Home Today…Healthy You Tomorrow” 4 Hidden Dangers that Even Smart Homeowners, Parents and Caregivers make that keep them from Unlocking the Secrets to a Healthy Home!

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Every day the physical well being of you and your loved ones is threatened by unknown health risks lurking in your homes. You can avoid and remove unknown environmental challenges resulting in long-lasting and costly effects on your health. NOW is the perfect time to get clear about these common and tricky truths. Eliminate the Hidden Dangers. Your health depends on it.

“4 Hidden Dangers that Even Smart Homeowners, Parents and Caregivers make that keep them from ‘Unlocking the Secrets’ to a Healthy Home”.

The #1 mistake most people make which impacts daily health and you Can’t LIVE without it.

-Essential “Home Step” you can easily take to eliminate a common, yet seriously risky home product.
-Quickly access your favorite home products, are they the ROOT cause of recurring health challenges?
-Create a Sleeping Sanctuary. Do you experience sleepless nights and morning grogginess? If you can’t get a goodnights sleep it will IMPACT your health.
-Are YOU allergic to the 21st century? You may be doing the radioactive SPIN.

Knowledge is power! Driven by her personal health-war against toxins, this eye opening and life changing session will quickly and easily help you to identify and remove Hidden Dangers “living” in your home.

This very special presentation is exactly what you have been looking for;
Healthy Home Healthy You by Maggie will unlock the “Secrets” you need to change your health and the health of your loved ones.

About Maggie Poetz:

“Everyone has to live somewhere, so it should be healthy and safe,” says Maggie Poetz, founder of Healthy Home Healthy You by Maggie.   Her mission is to lead the war on environmental toxins and to empower everyone with the tools to achieve a healthy home.

Born and raised on the Jersey “shore”, married there, then in 1989 she moved to Florida with her husband.  Maggie’s favorite pastime is running with her dogs at the ocean.  She has been an Interior Designer with an international Palm Beach design firm for twenty years with a focus on high-end residential design.

The sudden appearance of debilitating symptoms of “unknown cause” prompted her journey to education. Medical doctors found nothing. Her body was under attack; overflowing with toxins … like a rain barrel too full.  Building materials, chemicals and her environment were the culprits. The passion to help others was born.

Maggie holds a BBEC from the International Institute for Bau Biologie & Ecology; LEED AP, United States Green Building Council; Florida Interior Design Professional #ID0004090 Board of Architecture and Interior design; AS Interior Design, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale; BA Fine Arts, Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ.

Maggie’s gift to you – Healthy home today…Healthy you tomorrow”

Maggie Poetz
Speaker/Consultant/Interior Designer
Healthy Home Healthy You by Maggie
P 561-346-7234

BONUS OFFER: Create your own Sleeping Sanctuary
Do you experience sleepless nights and morning grogginess?If you can’t get a goodnights sleep it will negatively IMPACT your health.

Knowledge is power!  Driven by her personal health-war against toxins, this breakthrough eye opening and life changing session will quickly and easily help you to identify and remove Hidden Dangers “living” in your sleeping sanctuary.

Empower your body to fight against the environmental toxins, you will Love the way you feel, work and play!

Experience a 45 minute phone session with Maggie-send pictures of your bedroom prior to the call for Maggie to evaluate and give you a step by step plan to create your own Sleeping Sanctuary.

Free bonus Q & Athis is your time to ask Maggie about another part of your Home that you question IS IT a Hidden Danger.
Value at $250.00 Special offer ($175.00) that is a great savings for this life changing session. – Contact Maggie at

Nurturing the 11 Body Systems Understand The Whispering Sounds of Your Anatomy!

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Languages of Life
There are so many languages of Life. Many of these languages do not speak the country’s dialect such as Chinese, English, French or Vietnamese.
Therefore, very often we, human beings, do not understand them. However, there is one language that only one of us can learn and communicate, that is the language of our own body, mind, emotion and spirit. The saying “You Create Your Own Universe” attests to that.

Language is the expression of Relationships
The Universe is built on Relationships. Understand your body’s universe language is to understand the relationships of your health, beauty, happiness and success.

Nurturing 11 Body Systems – Understanding the Whispering Sounds of Your Anatomy – is to share information and wisdom for YOU to design YOUR PHYSICAL BEING, whatever way you want and desire.

Only You Can Breathe, Eat, Drink and Be Happy for Yourself
And only can decide whether our information and services is for you. Our company dedicating in bringing you innovation and quality products and services, we hope you will join us to explore the unlimited fun and joy in DO IT YOURSELF for all 7 Aspects of Life.

In this Webinar, you will learn:
-Five types of Nutrition
-11 Body Systems
-Some common disorders of the 11 Body Systems
-Single herb that could help easing the discomfort
-Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP – The Youth that could assist in bringing the body back into balance

About Vicki Tuong Vi Eaton:

Vicki Tuong Vi Eaton is a Holistic Show Host, Author, Healer, CEO, and Wellness Coach.

After a car accident some 8 years ago, Vicki decided to gain back her health and beauty using Natural Medicine and Herbal Resources.  She went to holistic schools to learn DIY healings. So far, Vicki lost 60 lbs, healed herself of several illnesses including diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, acid reflux and chronic pains.

She also obtained more than 25 certifications in Energy Healing, Reiki, Iridology, Herbs, Photo Reading, Genius Code, Nutrition, In-Form Coach and Sound & Music Therapy.

Vicki is dedicated to provide quality educational programs combining products and services of natural, organic supplements that help one choose a smart diet choice. Vicki also makes use of Modern Technologies like Stem cell therapy, DNA telomeres repair, Derma-Grid, Quantum Infinity Healing along with mystical methods such as Muscle Testing, Vision Quest, Qi Jong & Prayers to help people sustain good health, beauty and happiness.

Her company’s commitment is to market quality products with proven track records for the Highest Good of All.

Vicki’s personal goal is to live hundreds of years in a 30 year old body with awesome Blessings in all 7 Aspects of Life. ~

From Interpersonal Stress to Relationship Success: Building Lasting Relationships Through Positive & Mindful Choices

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Monica Leggett, Certified Life and Business Coach

Do you avoid conflict or accommodate everyone’s needs before your own?
Do you ever judge, get defensive, or make assumptions about others?
Do you wish you had a template to create successful personal and professional relationships?

You’ve come to the right place!

Through this webinar you will learn:
-4 toxic mindsets which weaken relationships
-4 new strategic approaches that will create healthy and effective relationship dynamics
-8 antidotes to the 8 most toxic behaviors that sabotage relationships

Real and hypothetical case scenarios bring the material to life.

Participants will have an opportunity to look at a relationship in their life that is experiencing a “hot spot” or stress and then do the 5-step worksheet that leads to relationship transformations.

We often set goals for ourselves such as losing weight, getting organized, or growing our business. Personal and Professional relationships need goals and attention too! By the end of the call you will have created a SMART goal for any important relationship in your life.

About Monica Leggett:

Monica Leggett, Certified Life and Business Coach, works with home-based entrepreneurs, small business owners and their teams. They are at the crossroads of where personal affects business and business affects personal. Monica’s clients are pursuing business or career growth with better leadership skills, or are experiencing stressful imbalance in their work/life dynamics.

Through one-on-one or group coaching, virtually or in person, Monica gives her clients the tools to create a master plan full of actionable goals, simple strategies, winning perspectives and self-management techniques. As their accountability partner, Monica challenges and motivates her clients to envision, pursue, and achieve their goals.

Monica has additional expertise in relationship development; the key to success in everything from sales, client retention and team building, to work/life harmony. Her suite of personal development training programs foster awareness and skills in career growth, interpersonal communication, leadership, and conflict resolution.  She loves to help her clients master the tough conversations!

Monica is co-founder of the Southwestern CT Powerful You! Chapter and a contributing author to the first PY! book, Empowering Transformations for Women.  She has been married for 34 years, has three married children and just welcomed her fifth grandchild to the growing family.

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3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Woman Make That Keep You Confused, Emotional and Powerless About Achieving Lifelong Weight Loss

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Donna DeMild

Imagine having the principles of weight loss success right at your fingertips. Giving you awareness and empowering you to achieve your long term weight loss goals along with optimal health, wellness and boundless energy. In this session I will:

-Identify the top 3 mistakes men and woman make with lifelong weight loss attempt and provide tips to correct them
-Create awareness of patterns that are sabotaging your efforts
-Share techniques to stay focused and on goal- especially on those questionable days.

Mastering the tools discussed in this session will enable you to break the cycle of yo,yo dieting that has been holding you back from all that you deserve.

Listen to Donna’s Presentation

About Donna DeMild:

After having successful weight loss surgery in 2001, Donna became dedicated to assisting others to achieve and maintain their own weight loss goals and optimal success.   For several years Donna enjoyed working with Bariatric surgeons, nutritionists, psychologists, and pharmacists. Still, her clients were always her main focus and she worked closely with each of them to create individualized lifestyle change to move them forward in their journey to success and in the meantime developing an individualized approach that is unique and is a highly sought after program. So much so, that Donna has had the opportunity to travel overseas to Istanbul, Turkey to assist Dr. Yunus Yavus in developing an aftercare program for his patients as well as the opportunity and honor of speaking at UMDNJ Medical School, Rutgers University for 2nd and 3rd year medical students for the past several years with Dr. Jeff Levine. She has coauthored the book “Woman Living Consciously” an Amazon #1 bestseller and is featured in bestselling book “Successful Habits of the Weight Loss Surgery Patient” by Colleen May Cook. Donna is a Certified Professional Life Coach, proud member of The International Coaching Federation, mother of 2, and happily married since 1990.


Smooth Sailing Through The Changes: Dealing with Menopause and Premenopause…. How to look and feel your absolute best!

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Dr. Ina Nozek

In this session, Dr. Ina will uncover the reasons why so many women suffer unnecessarily with menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms and she will share effective, natural approaches so that you can sail through this natural cycle of life. Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but still suffering? Eating healthy and exercising but still not feeling as healthy as you should? Have you been asking yourself these questions?

-Why am I so tired?
-Why Can’t I lose weight?
-Why am I so irritable?
-Where did my sex drive go?
-Why can’t I sleep well?
-Why am more anxious than ever before?
-What can I do about these horrible night sweats and hot flashes?

Dr. Ina will share her 22 years of clinical experience working with women, helping them to look and feel their best and helping YOU to sail through YOUR changes and truly look and feel FABULOUS! She will also be offering a complimentary session to assist you on your journey.

About Dr. Ina Nozek:

Dr. Ina S. Nozek, D.C., (Ret.) , M.S., CN is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic and a Clinical Nutritionist and holds a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. While in active practice, Dr. Ina had an expertise in stubborn weight loss, nutritional detoxification and women’s health issues. Dr. Ina currently serves as Product Expert and Field Trainer for Isagenix international. She has also been the nutritional consultant and columnist for several holistic health publications. Her personal story is featured in the Amazon #1 best selling book, Women Living Consciously.

Dr Ina has been involved in nutrition & holistic health since the mid eighties. In addition to lecturing nationwide on a variety of health topics, she has also made numerous radio and television appearances including being the co-host (with her husband) of a 12 part cable TV series on alternative medicine and holistic health entitled “Lifeline” and also together co-hosting a weekly radio health talk show entitled “Listen for Your Health”.  They will soon be launching their latest book entitled, Trusting Your Inner Physician:  Practical Prescriptions to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Abundant Wealth and Total Freedom.

She and her husband owned & directed the Lifeline Center for Holistic Health in Toms River, NJ from 1988-2004. At the end of 2004, Dr. Ina and her husband made the decision to move forward on their journey and devote themselves on a full time basis to educating both health professionals as well as the public nationwide and sharing the Isagenix product experience and business opportunity.

Dr. Nozek lives on the Jersey Shore in Toms River, NJ and is especially proud of her 3 children Max (age 22), Arielle (age 19), & Jacob (age 17).



SPECIAL OFFER: Dr. Ina is offering a FREE 15 minute consultation where you can share your health issues and wellness goals and get some advice on moving forward. There is never any obligation to work with Dr. Ina but rather an opportunity to see if what she offers as a solution is something that makes sense to you and something that you are comfortable with pursuing. She is always available and does offer continuous coaching and support for those who partake in the various nutritional programs and systems that she offers. Click Here


What’s Good for Your Waistline is Good For Your Bottom Line

Web Banner - PY!LC Presented by Linda T Gottlieb

Does this sound like you?
-Constant need to be at your best?
-To handle pressure?
-To perform on demand?
-To access your talents and skills?
-To manage time effectively?

Join master motivator and veteran fitness coach Linda Gottlieb and learn what C level executives know about personal energy and professional success.

About Linda T Gottlieb:

Linda Gottlieb, veteran health, fitness and wellness professional has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals improve their energy to impact their life. Linda is a recognized master personal trainer and small business wellness consultant in addition to being one of the first American Cancer Society certified cancer exercise trainers in the nation. She is the author of No Ifs Ands or Butts: How to Turn the Top 10 Fitness Excuses into Fitness Triumphs.

Connecting With Your Sacred Self; Pathways to a Magical Life

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Lorraine Cohen, One Heart Coaching

During this historical time you might be experiencing many changes in your business, relationships, health and finances. Like so many people I meet these days, you may have reached a point in your life where you know the things you’ve tried aren’t working anymore. And at this pivotal time of spiritual “Awakening” knowing how to be in harmony with the changes may feel very foreign.

You may wonder what you are supposed to do so that you are in the flow with Life. You want answers and who could blame you?
The life you desire is a reality you can have. One simple shift can change your life. I want you to experience the everyday fullness and joy that you deserve.

2012 is the year you have all been preparing for…. a year of your “homecoming journey” and reunion with your Sacred Self.
Can you feel it?

The waiting is over.

The time is now.

In this inspiring life-changing conversation with Lorraine Cohen you will learn:
• The REALationship between forgiveness, scarcity, and abundance
• Unconscious ways you might be creating lack struggle and what you MUST do to tap into your true nature of WEALTH
• How to distinguish your soul and mind voices to connect with your Sacred Self
• Five ESSENTIAL pathways to living a magical life
• One critical shift to begin making fear your friend
• How to align with the profound changes happening in the world today.

About Lorraine Cohen:

Creatively inspiring and innovative, Lorraine Cohen is Internationally recognized spiritual guide, transformational life coach, inspirational speaker and broadcaster. Founder of Powerfull Living, she is a gifted spiritual life coach and advisor, published writer, speaker, and popular radio broadcaster. For more than 25 years, Lorraine has mentored thousands of conscious business owners to overcome the limitations of their mind to live happy and abundant lives that align with their spirit.

An expert in Transforming Fear into POWER and removing barriers to success, she helps people shift from being a victim of their circumstances to being the hero of their own life story.

As a popular broadcaster, she hosts The Compelling Conversations for Powerfull Living Series on business, personal, and spiritual topics with leaders in the field of conscious entrepreneurship, personal transformation, health and wellness, and spirituality including Marci Shimoff, James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Gay Hendricks, Joan Borysenko, Janet Attwood and many others. Her warm and engaging presentation style makes her a sought after public speaker, media guest, and workshop leader engaging audiences worldwide.

Letting Go – Beyond Fear To Freedom and Fun!

Web Banner - PY!LCBalancing the divine feminine and masculine within so you can experience more alignment, harmony and wholenessPresented by Kumari, Energy Alchemist

All beings have both aspects of feminine and masculine within. The imbalance of masculine and feminine energy can cause great pain physically, mentally and emotionally. For those who have been touched by these dynamic forces when they are out of control there has probably been great suffering, as we can see in many ways playing out throughout history. Rectifying this imbalance within the beings of our planet will bring about the answer to the greatest prayer of humanity: the prayer for peace.
Within each of us is the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine – this is not a gender issue. As the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine (Yin-Yang) aspects come into perfect alignment within each of us, it marks the beginning of the “new earth” as mystic Eckhart Tolle describes. As each of us heals our wounded feminine and wounded masculine we can further merge or unite our personal and collective relationships into greater harmony and wholeness.

Energy follows thought, and our thoughts carry the power of change. We are all undergoing a massive transformation both personally and collectively. The energy of 2012 and the conscious merging of our sacred divine feminine and masculine aspects will carry us through the coming shifts and change that are a part of our evolutionary process. This is an auspicious and potent timing for healing the personal and collective wounds of the feminine and masculine on our path of mastery and service to our planet.

You will experience:
•Guided meditative exercises to bring the two aspects, including the right and left brain hemispheres, back into alignment so you feel more balanced and centered.
•A powerful activation as we invoke a representative of your favorite Divine Masculine and Feminine Beloved Emissaries to personally merge their energies with us to facilitate the optimal integration for you personally so you can feel the enormous love and support that is always available to you.
•A unique sound healing attunement with 5th Dimensional Alchemy crystal bowls. Crystal Bowl music is a form of vibrational medicine. The pure tone of crystal bowls produces a vibrational sound field which brings the chakras and corresponding physical area into resonance, or harmony. Crystal is able to maintain the balance of electromagnetic energies between the north and south poles, and also balances our own electromagnetic energies. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness and as our awareness expands, we grow close to our original selves and start to reflect the highest radiance in our physical form.

About Kumari:

Energy Alchemist. Empathic Intuitive. Animal Mystic. Master Healer. One internationally recognized spiritual mentor exclaimed “Kumari’s purpose is to Teach the Teachers Mastery; her Meditation Master described her extraordinary healing abilities as a “Golden Gift”.
Kumari inhabits a world where communicating directly with Spirit, animals and all of nature is the norm. Her deepest joy is empowering others to experience that all of Creation is Conscious. She teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that anyone can awaken to this magical remembrance. Kumari holds a powerful energetic presence where distortions of who we are not vanish, healing shifts occur naturally, and the Mystery of Life unveils.

Kumari hosts her own transformational broadcast “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network, a global leader in empowerment radio. She is the co-author of bestselling book “Empowering Transformations for Women”, a critically acclaimed CD “Connecting with All Life” and numerous articles on healing, manifesting and intuitive development. Internationally recognized spiritual teacher, she facilitates teleseminars, playshops and retreats to reconnect with our natural healing, intuitive and manifesting abilities. Kumari’s planetary service projects include “Healing the Gulf: The Power of Intentions” with Dr. Emoto, world-renowned water crystal researcher.

Moon Signs ~ Understanding Your Emotional Nature Through Astrology

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Tracie Kleiner, CAEH, Astrologer, Certified Energy Healer, Intuitive Advisor & Life Coach

When we think of astrology, many of us know our zodiac sign or sun sign and associate certain personality traits accordingly. However, our sun sign is only part of the picture in terms of self discovery through astrology. The position of the moon at the time of our birth provides amazingly accurate insight into your emotional nature aside from the personality we convey to the world. I’m sure we can all agree that for many of us, when our emotions are activated, it brings up a very different energy than what we exhibit when we are interacting with people in a non emotional way. This is where an understanding of the moon sign and position can be a very valuable tool.

In this session we explore your moon sign and learn:

– How the energy of the moon affects us each month
– Your personal moon sign traits
– Tips for understanding and accepting your emotions based on your moon sign
– Moon sign compatibility
– Moon signs and your inner self

Together let’s explore emotional wellness through astrology!

About Tracie Kleiner, CAEH:

Tracie Kleiner, CAEH is an Astrologer, Certified Energy Healer, Intuitive Advisor & Life Coach. Tracie is a graduate of the Inner Focus School for Advanced Energy Healing’s four-year certification program and holds her Bachelors degree in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude. Along with the knowledge she gained in these programs, she combines her lifelong intuitive abilities and extensive studies of astrology to guide her clients towards greater self-awareness, healing, & empowerment. She is a Co-Facilitator of the Powerful You! Women’s Network, Appleton, WI chapter. Tracie lives and works in Appleton, WI. Additionally she is part of Hay House Author Mark Husson’s family of websites on, as an Advisor on & has tele course offerings on She can also be found at her website and welcomes connections on Facebook and Twitter

Chakras ~ How Are They Impacting You and Your Life?

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Caly Lehrer, Peace-By-Peace, LLC

Many people have heard of the word chakra, yet what exactly is a chakra? Can chakras be seen? How many are there? Do they have different functions? Where are your chakras located? Are they inside your body? Outside? How do chakras impact your life? Join Caly Lehrer from Peace-By-Peace as she takes us on a journey to explore seven of our main energy centers, otherwise known as chakras. At any given moment, your chakras are either spinning too fast, too slow or spinning in balance. Since these energy centers cannot be x-rayed by a physician or seen by most people, how would you even know what’s going on with your chakras? Are there signs to watch for? Is there something you’ll feel? If there was something going on with your chakras, would you know what to do? During this powerful hour, we will explore:

* What a chakra is;
* The names of the seven main chakras;
* Where each chakra is located;
* The color associated with each chakra;
* Physical challenges associated with each chakra;
* Signs that your chakras are spinning too fast, too slow or in balance;
* Tools that help you work with your chakras.

Whether you’re an energy worker who wants to learn more about the chakras or someone who is on a path of wellness and overall well-being, this hour will benefit you and provide you with ways on how to bring more balance into your life…chakra style!

About Caly Lehrer:

Several years ago, Caly Lehrer was a paralegal labeled with fibromyalgia, barely getting through each day. Then one day, she was unexpectedly rushed into emergency thoracic surgery…and her life dramatically changed. Out on disability and fighting an insurmountable battle of physical pain, Caly was eventually guided to try a holistic approach, which led her to study Reiki. Once Caly incorporated Reiki into her life, her well-being dramatically improved! What was perceived to be her darkest hour, turned out to be Caly’s greatest light, as it led her along the path she’s on today.

Caly Lehrer is now the owner and founder of Peace-By-Peace and has clients worldwide. As Your Spiritual Guardian for Animal Wellness, Caly’s passion is working with animals and the humans who love and care for them. Caly is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Accredited Journey™ Practitioner, Visionary Leadership Coach, Empathic Intuitive and Animal Communicator. She also connects with angels and shares Angel Card Readings. Using these gifts and more, Caly strives to restore balance and well-being into the lives of her clients. Her commitment is to work with you to be the best you can be for your personal well-being, as well as that of your animal friends.

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Eat Clean and Get Lean for Good, No excuses! Make This Your Best Year Ever

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Cindy Ruccolo, Cindy Ruccolo Fitness
Through this Mind Body Connection class, Learn to Get Fit from the inside out.

-Learn how to end fad dieting, yo yo diets, and the weight gain cycle, for good. Lose weight the healthy way and keep it off!
-No pills, no special food, and no shots!
-This is not a diet, it is a live-it! A true lifestyle change!
-You will never have to go on another diet again.
-Experience how easy it is to eat healthy and nourish your body with delicious, nutritious, clean, whole, living food.

Women have metabolism issues due to skipping meals, these weight gain cycles, hormonal imbalances, menopause, and by the wrong nutritional choices.

Find out HOW to turn you FAT BURNING furnace back on!

Learn the secrets only the fitness Pro’s know!
*Release unwanted pounds easily
*Look better, feel better, sleep better than EVER!
*Reverse and prevent unwanted conditions in your body
*Learn how to make positive lifestyle changes
*Find out what to eat, what not to eat, and when
*Experience how to make the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

About Cindy Ruccolo:

Cindy is a Fitness and nutrition Expert, as seen on NBC 6. Cindy Ruccolo of Cindy Ruccolo Fitness is an Author, Public Speaker, Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Lifestyle Coach. She is also a mother, wife and a US Military Veteran. Cindy has been in the business for over 27 years and has served in every aspect of this business, including; Aerobics Instructor,
Personal Trainer, Sales person to General Manager of several major health clubs.

She has designed a program with tools that get her clients Fit from the inside out.

Cindy is in the business of changing lives, One Body at a time.

She has also been a National level Body Building Champion and knows what it takes to succeed and holds many first place titles.

Cindy teaches a Mind, Body Connection class at Gilda’s Club Ft Lauderdale, providing support to those affected with cancer.

She currently does:
Speaking Engagements Women’s Workshops VIP Days Beach Boot Camps
One on One Training Aqua Therapy
And working with Distance Clients is not a problem. She can help anyone,
If you want to learn to Eat Clean and Get Lean for good, NO EXCUSES!
Contact Cindy Ruccolo Website:
Email: Cell: 954-242-2580 Visit her on Facebook at
Cindy Ruccolo Fitness

Our Animals, Ourselves: 3 Simple Healing Techniques for Pets & Their People

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Kumari, Energy Alchemist

Learn how our animal companion’s behavior is often a mirror for us to deepen our understanding of our own core issues. Discover the depth to which our animals understand us and are here to guide us to a more authentic, natural way of being. Find out how an ancient healing art can be used to dramatically improve your pet’s health and well-being (and yours too!) Expereince how we can increase our animals’ health and happiness by learning how to clear our energy and release stressful thoughts and emotions.

You will experience and learn 3 simple yet potent energy tools that you can use immediately to assist you and your animals:
– Release unwanted thoughts, feelings and stress easily and effectively
– Gain mental clarity and focus, improve decision-making and access creativity and inspiration
– Clear blockages and get unstuck on mental, physical and emotional levels

With a little practice, you will see dramatic shifts in your own state of being, and assist your beloved animals to feel more centered, calm, relaxed and happy!

About Kumari:

Energy Alchemist. Empathic Intuitive. Animal Mystic. Master Healer. One internationally recognized spiritual mentor exclaimed “Kumari’s purpose is to Teach the Teachers Mastery; her Meditation Master described her extraordinary healing abilities as a “Golden Gift”.
Kumari inhabits a world where communicating directly with Spirit, animals and all of nature is the norm. Her deepest joy is empowering others to experience that all of Creation is Conscious. She teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that anyone can awaken to this magical remembrance. Kumari holds a powerful energetic presence where distortions of who we are not vanish, healing shifts occur naturally, and the Mystery of Life unveils.

Kumari hosts her own transformational broadcast “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network, a global leader in empowerment radio. She is the co-author of bestselling book “Empowering Transformations for Women”, a critically acclaimed CD “Connecting with All Life” and numerous articles on healing, manifesting and intuitive development. Internationally recognized spiritual teacher, she facilitates teleseminars, playshops and retreats to reconnect with our natural healing, intuitive and manifesting abilities. Kumari’s planetary service projects include “Healing the Gulf: The Power of Intentions” with Dr. Emoto, world-renowned water crystal researcher.

Energetic Solutions – Solve Common Everyday Problems with Pranic Healing

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Donna Visco, Pranic Healer.

In this session you will:

• Discover tested Ancient techniques to enhance your health, vitality, relationships and financial success
• Understand which energies prevent love and harmony from flowing in a relationship and learn how to rekindle that spark and make it last.
• Understand how the energetic condition of your aura and chakras affects your ability to make money and how you can use this knowledge to improve your career and finances.
• Revitalize and improve your physical and emotional health with simple steps you can do in minutes a day.

We will end our session with a special Twin Hearts Meditation for World Peace. This will be a special 10-minute guided meditation by Donna. This is a great service to Mother Earth. Be part of this special blessing to our beloved planet which so needs our love at this time.

To prepare for this session, view this 5 minute video on “The Origin of Brain Training”. Go to:

About Donna Visco:

Donna Visco, Spiritual Motivator, introduces individuals to their own inner resources to help them create life happiness. Her core message is to love yourself, relax and have fun!

Donna brings her extensive knowledge of Body, Mind and Spirit through The Healing Art and Science of Pranic Healing and her years of teaching the works of Deepak Chopra in the areas of Meditation and Yoga. She has spent the last nine years of her life immersed in assisting others and bringing the gems of great teachers to her students and clients. It is Donna’s passion to assist others to come to LIKE if not LOVE themselves, and to find inner peace and understand the gift that they are and the gift that life is.

She is author of the inspirational book, “The Divine Spark That is You,” a compendium of simple truths and powerful practices to awaken the spirit within.
Her unique style is a combination of passionate belief and earthy inspiration.

She teaches the beauty of inner peace through meditation, the healing power of each person’s body energy through pranic healing and simple techniques for everyday coping via private coaching sessions and inspirational seminars.

Donna says: “You are a gift whether you know it or not. Everyday you go through your day … the slightest bit that you bring to your awareness that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE… the slightest bit… may shift how you might be in any given moment. Know that you are always making a difference and love and support yourself every step of your path in this amazing journey of life.”

Donna Visco
Pranic Healer
Pranic Healing and Meditation Teacher
908 688 7974 / Cell 908 656 4375

How I Fired Up My Thyroid

Web Banner - PY!LCA personal story shared so others can heal too.
“I cured my thyroid. So can you.”
Presented by Magdalena Wszelaki

You will discover and learn how Magdalena managed to turn her thyroid health from anxiety, fatigue and sliding into depression to feeling like she’s 25 again!

Magdalena will share:

  • The most critical 3 things that made the biggest difference
  • How she learned to assess doctors
  • Why endocrinologists are helpless and so reliant on TSH and T4 alone, which is not enough…
  • What other blood labs are critical
  • Why today’s conventional medicine has no answers for thyroid diseases–and who does
  • Two actions steps you can implement today to start feeling better
  • Find out the PY! early-bird special for “Fire Up My Thyroid” teleseminar (via phone) coming up in October..

Who would benefit from this talk? Anyone who…

  • has been suffering from hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease
  • wants to know what can awaken her thyroid
  • believes there must be more than just medication
  • is frustrated with her doctor
  • needs simple, practical and jargon-free advice on the thyroid
  • wants to know how the thyroid works and how it impacts other body systems
  • just knows there must be something else that can be done!

About Magdalena Wszelaki:
Like many people, my personal health crisis brought me here today. I was a high-flying advertising executive, worked on Fortune 500 brands, lived in 6 different countries and I loved it. Until a crisis struck. Intensifying anxiety attacks, forgetting events that happened the day before, severe mood swings and sliding into depression landed me with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. Refusing to accept my disease and “modern” medicine’s way of treating it, I went to a nutrition school to become a Certified Nutrition Coach, to really know how food can heal. I also dove into every thyroid book I could buy, sought answers from numerous endocrinologists, alternative healers and naturopaths to filter it all down to what’s critical in firing up my (or your) thyroid. 2 years ago I founded “Thyroid Diet Coach”; a coaching company to empower women with no-nonsense, action-based nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to thyroid self-healing. Today, I feel better than ever before. Free of all hypothyroid symptoms, I have more energy than most people, my skin is glowing, I have not had flu in 3 years and enjoy a wonderful equilibrium in my life. It’s ironic but true: my disease became my destiny.