I wrote a very personal reflection on Medium called “Being the 1% in Human Design :: A Reflector’s Reflection”here it is, if you’re interested

Many of my peeps are also highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic. It’s not easy to BE ourselves in today’s environment saturated with other people’s thoughts, emotions and energetic gunk.

Short of locking ourselves up in a cabin in the woods, and instead of blaming the world for being “noisy” and insensitive – it’s all the more important for us to stay grounded in what we stand for and how we express it so we don’t get derailed or diluted.

It’s critical that we own our message and stand true to the expression that best communicate our strengths and convictions.

Because I know if you’re here with me, you’ve a message to share.

Not just any canned regurgitated marketing copy everyone else is spieling out.

It’s a deeply meaningful and unique message that only YOU, with your values, convictions, superpowers and life experiences can deliver to your people.

So fellow highly-sensitive-human-beings – I hear you.

And I want the world to see, hear, feel and experience YOU.

Take a read of my own account if you’re curious.

If it resonates, leave a comment here and let me know.

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