The Path of Personal Evolution – An essential guide to creating an empowered life.

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What is the meaning of Personal Evolution?  What area do you focus on and how often?  Many of us want to live more deeply, more connected and feel more empowered, yet the road to development can be confusing without the proper road map.  This session will give you an easy to follow breakdown of some areas where you can begin and let you assess what level you are.  There is even great prompts to help get you moving in areas that include:

  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Career & Business
  • Plus so much more!

Grab a note pad or your journal and get ready.  Once you complete the lesson, you will find that its conclusion is only the beginning for you.  Blessings to you and your goals… may you have an abundant and memorable evolution!

About Marilen Crump:


Marilen Crump is a graduate of Sweet Briar  College  in  Virginia  and  is  the  owner  of  ArtInspired  (est.  2000) which  provides  self‐development  in  areas  of  Art,  Movement,  Wellness  and  Inspiration.ArtInspired  has  partnered  with  Todd  Health & Wellness and Harvest of Health to create the PERSONAL  EVOLUTION  GUILD  ™,  A  New  Way  to  Engage,  Innovate  and  Strategize Improvements in Your Life. Marilen is a polymath in the  areas of ballroom dancing, photography, public speaking, vocalist,  poetry  and  other  artistic  pursuits.She  finds  great  satisfaction  in  collaboration,  coaching  and  spending  quality  time  with  her  husband Ken and their five children.



Co-Founders Marilen Crump and Dianne Todd
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The PERSONAL EVOLUTION GUILD BINDER™ is filled with 50+ starter pages of helpful guides, worksheets, lessons and visually rich resources.  You can even order updates that are available seasonally so that you are always engaged in creating a life of abundance and fulfillment.  Your binder is customizable and is equipped to hold your visions, thoughts, actions, plans and dreams.  It includes pocket-lined dividers in a color-coded system that coordinates with each one of our PERSONAL EVOLUTION GUILD™ (PEG) categories.  The binder cover is flexible and durable enough to accompany you through your self-improvement journey.  Each page is a work of art designed by Marilen Crump and engages the user to include his or her personal touches.  There are even frame-ready art and photographs to fill your home with inspirational images and motivational cues.  Other products are available to supplement your binder as well as other gifts that you can share with those you love and support.  Visit and click on the Powerful You! Special Binder Offer and enter code: PY110316

Clarity as Easy as Breathing – Soulful Energy Empowerment; Learn 3 steps to Capsule of Calm

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When you are asked: “Hey, how’s your day going?”  What’s your typical answer?  When was the last time you really said “hello” to yourself or checked in to assess your energy?  Personal empowerment embodies all aspects of our body, soul and mind, which as human beings, we may take for granted. Regardless of where you are in your life, whatever decade you are living, there are moments you may not be feeling empowered, strong, or connected in a meaningful way to your life. The pace of daily living may or may not change. My BAC2 Method ™ is designed

  • to teach you to raise your awareness,
  • feel more empowered
  • be a more effective decision

It’s all about the “pause”, and pressing the “refresh” button on your internal “health-o-meter”.  The intention of this session is to offer you a simple course correction by creating a new feeling of wellness in your body, allow the mind to calm so you can hear the wisdom of your Soul, regardless of your circumstance.  This class is experiential, practical and fun. Come along, and join me.

You know you are Special and You are a Blessing!

About Alissa R. Okrent:

Alissa Okrent, Souls-Compass

Alissa Okrent is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and a Board Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach with more than a decade of experience.  She has followed her passion, supporting her clients in achieving their stress management, health and wellness goals. She works with both individuals and corporate groups, helping them to be more mindful in daily tasks to maximize their life enjoyment, productivity and success.

“To know by experience” is her theme, one she learned earlier in her career as an Outward Bound participant. “Breathe through changes in their lives” is one of her guiding mantras she instills in her practice along with compassion, non-judgment, and by providing a safe haven to enable that personal exploration in her clients.

Benefits of working with you?

She developed The Capsule of Calm, a simple process for feeling calm, clear and focused in the midst of life’s challenges and transitions. Alissa focuses on your human experience, leveraging her intuitive skills and extensive background in professional fitness to mentor you in developing realistic strategies to achieve your personal goals.


Alissa R. Okrent


I am offering a complimentary 20 minute discovery phone session. During our time, you will learn one of your Soul Languages, your mission energy signature. I became a practitioner of this paradigm, because I found this insight transformed my life. This is one of the many tools I use when helping individuals feel more connected to who they are, raise self-awareness and truly experience a sense of inner peace and calmness. I look forward to sharing this information with you!
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Receive the BAC2 Audio as my gift to you. Enjoy, feel clear and focused throughout your day!
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Timeframe for Grief

candle-heartIs it even possible for things to get ‘back to normal’ after someone you love passes? I don’t think so. I have found that with the passing of a loved one, a friend, and even an acquaintance, there is no going back to the way things were when they were still here with us. There’s nothing normal about life anymore – even things as simple as eating their favorite foods, going to the mall, a meeting, or a gathering  where we’re surrounded by others, and certainly communicating with people take on a whole new perspective and meaning.

When my father passed more than 20 years ago, it shook up the lives of our whole family, the community of friends my parents had created, and everyone who was involved with our business. To this day, I still wonder what life would have been like for us had he not passed at the tender age of 52.

There’s simply no way to know.

And guessing about or dwelling on this can make a person a little bit crazy.

Of course, life does go on. And so does death. In the past year, many people I have been close to over the years have left this earthly plane. Most recently, with the passing of my beautiful nephew Sean, I am reminded that life is uncertain, and that we are guaranteed nothing in terms of time in these physical bodies. We only have today, and there’s no ‘back to normal’ at all. Instead…

There’s a Whole New Normal

What’s a ‘new normal’? It’s whatever we’re living right now. And it’s totally our call. It’s an individual choice, and it’s not a one-time thing. It’s a moment-by-moment decision. We can keep on doing what we’re doing and trying to live how we’ve always lived in spite of the void or we can make some changes.

In my experience, most people balance between the two – trying to maintain some kind of ‘normal life’ and wondering what that really looks like.

There’s No Right or Wrong Answer.

Everyone is different. We must honor ourselves as we go through the grieving process. We must feel our way through and find what works for us. And mostly we must create for ourselves a ‘new normal’ that has at least some semblance of truly living.

As for me, I find that I am in a heightened state of awareness and I am allowing myself room to explore options that I have previously considered off-limits or ‘crazy-thinking’. I recognize the preciousness of life and want to live it fully – whatever that means in the moment I’m in.

Now is the Time for Allowing.

I wish for anyone who is grieving that you allow yourself these same freedoms. Be gentle with yourself and those you love. Remind yourself that life is a gift and a mystery, and that you get to choose what you do and how you feel in each moment. Hug your family, your partner, and your friends – and hug your co-workers too.

Life has brought us together on this planet for a Divine reason. Let’s lovingly embrace our physical co-existence for as long as we have it – and our Spirit connection forever.

I invite you to share in the lessons I’ve learned over the years by reading my new book, Powerful Intention Everyday gratitude Book II. It is a daily guide for living with intention and gratitude. Visit my website for details: Enjoy!

Namaste`, Blessings, and Peace

~ Sue


About the Author: Sue Urda is the Feel Good Guidess. She is an Award-winning, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Powerful You! Publishing. She was named twice on the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Sue is a thought leader who envisions a world full of people connected to their ‘feel-good’, and she’s here to help them do it. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they

Generalizations, Clumping, and Judgment

We are all OneAs humans we tend to group things. Our brains systematically categorize, rate, and even judge whatever or whoever is in front of us at any given moment – assessing the situation for danger or safety, acceptance or rejection, and where we go from here.

Within a matter of seconds, and sometimes even a split second, we clump people and things based on our past experiences and observances – and then we act accordingly.

Usually Our Brains Serve Us

In a surprisingly short time, we make decisions as to whether or not to move forward or retreat. We quickly determine if someone will be our friend or rival, confidante or enemy, collaborator or competitor. And within moments, our prejudices, fears, insecurities and judgments weigh in and our lives take a turn on a dime – unfortunately often based on misconceptions and generalizations.

Why Are We So Quick to Judge?

I recently found myself observing someone make a very harsh statement and rush to judgment about another individual based solely on his nationality. He said something like, “You gotta watch out for those _________.” (Fill in the blank with whatever nationality comes to mind.) He continued, “I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. I know they’re not all like that but you can’t be too careful.”

I was in disbelief and disgust and I made a comment to the effect that we can’t judge everyone based on their culture or on our experiences with other individuals. I was met with, “Well, I can.”

The Past Does Not Equal the Future

This phrase is a quote from Anthony Robbins, and it can be extended to making snap judgments and generalizations. Just because we have a certain experience with one person, it doesn’t extrapolate to all people of the same nationality, gender, class, size, sexuality… the list goes on. One person does not define a whole group of people.

When we set such limiting beliefs for ourselves, we are limiting our experiences in this world. By not getting to know others as individuals, we set ourselves up for relationships that are not only less interesting, but ones that keep us confined to our ‘comfort zone’, and so we limit our overall growth as individuals.

We Are Each Unique and We are More Alike than We Are Different

Encountering situations with people like I mentioned above has opened my own eyes to my own prejudices and preconceived notions. Even though I think I am open-hearted and loving, and I aspire to see people at the soul level, I know I have been guilty of clumping and generalizing too. I can look back and see how this way of thinking has limited my life experiences.

I am willing to open myself to the possibility that I can free my mind of judgment while still maintaining a discerning mindset. As a perfectly flawed woman, I am open to see the flaws of others as individuals and forgive them along the way if they have judged me – perhaps unfairly clumping me into a group to which I don’t really belong.

We Are All One

These words haunt me a little bit right now, because I don’t want to admit that I am one with the individual I wrote about earlier who was so harsh a judge based on close-minded, bigoted thinking, and yet, I know it is the truth. We ARE all one and we ARE more alike than we are different.

At the same time, we are all unique and singular individuals. I celebrate our similarities and our differences. I know we are all brought together in this life experience for a reason that may be beyond our current grasp of understanding. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can all be clumped into a singular category as children of God. I take comfort in this knowing, and I strive to open myself to all that is.

I Invite You to Dwell in this Knowing and Openness too

With lots of soul love for you, Sue


About the Author: Sue Urda is the Feel Good Guidess. She is an Award-winning, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Powerful You! Publishing. She was named twice on the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Sue is a thought leader who envisions a world full of people connected to their ‘feel-good’, and she’s here to help them do it. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they

Ego Vs. Soul: How To END Struggle, Overwhelm, & Conflict And START Living Uniquely From Soul

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“Become the best version of YOU”

It’s a new year. And with it comes the opportunity to shift your beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that no longer serve you. Regardless of what area of your life ISN’T working, you can transform your life from the inside-out by rebalancing your mind, body, and spirit through your soul. Break free of the ego and it’s constraints by living your life in divine alignment. The ego plays a significant role in our lives and is sometimes needed, but only in its healthiest state. In order to have a healthy ego you need to be in soul alignment. To be in soul alignment you must dive deep within and clear out all your mental and emotional debris in doing so you become an open channel for divine expression to flow through you.

During this session, you will:
* Learn the important differences between operating from ego vs. soul.
* Deeply understand the value of mental and emotional clearing.
* Discover simple and straight forward practices for shifting into soul alignment.
* Become aware of the 4 major ego construct archetypes.
* Experience the freedom that comes with true soul-ular transformation.


About Christina Ann Sullivan:

Christina Ann Sullivan is, a Denise Linn Certified Soul Coach® & Past life regression facilitator, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Record reader, and Advanced Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist. Passionate about being of service, Christina, dedicates her career to helping people heal on all levels–spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Christina helps her clients to gain clarity of purpose and build a solid foundation with God so that they live in divine alignment, have more gratitude, give more generously and have a greater love for life. They become balanced and transform into the greatest versions of themselves. Her signature coaching and speaking style helps others access their intuitive wisdom, gain a whole new perspective on their life and awaken their soul. By awakening soul consciousness they open their heart, feel more deeply, become purposeful, peaceful, joyful, and harmonious in all areas of their life. And another important element of Christina’s coaching is the space of acceptance she creates with her clients. With this as the background, her clients know they can say and express anything without being judged. Inspired by her sister, Christina created Kathy’s Lifeflow to help clients discover the love that they innately are, heal, revitalize, and bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Christian Ann Sullivan
(954) 732-3104

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You can choose the 28 day Soul Coaching program which is a total of 4 weekly coaching sessions. The 28 day program is for those who have been doing their inner work but just need some help jumping over those last hurdles. The 3 month intensive would be for those new to doing the inner work and need assistance diving deep into their self-discovery and uncovering their shadows. The Soul Coaching Intensive is a total of 12 weekly.

Contact me at or call (954) 732-3104

FREE GIFT: Complimentary 45 minute coaching session to help you identify which Ego Archetype is most currently affecting your life and how you can overcome it.

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The Energy Codes: Why Embodiment is Essential for Empowerment.

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Dr. Sue Morter speaks worldwide on the topics of ‘user friendly’ Quantum Science, BioEnergetics, Natural Healing and Human Potential. She bridges these worlds with an appeal to the senses, ‘gut feelings’ and the core essence of who we are as human beings.

Speaking of human energy fields, energy centers in the body and their influence on creative capacity and physical healing Dr. Sue discusses the relationship of the conscious and subconscious mind and how they relate to anxiety and stress versus triumph and success.

We are multidimensional human beings; there is much more to us than meets the eye, even more to us than meets the mind. She teaches audiences to explore the far reaches of their own awareness through practices of self-healing, meditation and inner reflection through integrative breathwork. She brings science to the conversation of the heart. The objective is to access higher frequency energy patterns in our own systems for the purpose of realizing life purpose and defining life’s path with grace. For individuals ready to engage in transformation and healing, Dr. Sue’s Intentional Living Programs provide step by step instruction while establishing a strong foundation.

About Dr. Sue Morter:

>Dr. Sue Morter is an international authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility.  She is a master teacher of the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), a neuro-emotional clearing and healing process that addresses subconscious interferences within the mind, body, memory and spirit, and their influence on health and human performance.

In addition to her private practice at Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing center she founded in 1987, today she speaks about living on the Front Side of the Model, where we no longer have to create what we don’t want in order to know what we do want. She has spoken at the TED Conference, Agape International, and Tony Robbin’s Trainer Support amongst many others.  She shares wisdom from her studies in India, growing up in a quantum science conversation, and from her own personal experiences with Self Realization, Enlightenment and processes of Embodiment. Dr Sue can be seen in documentary films, internet television and radio interviews and live conferences worldwide.  She is here to help bridge Science and Spirit and return us to our true power in life.

You Have the Right to Remain Fabulous – The Keys to Overcoming Adversity in Your Everyday Life

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Everybody experiences moments of great glory and also those of utter despair. Oftentimes, we are uncertain about what we are going to do when we are hit with what appears to be a devastating situation and, moreover, we are not confident about how we are going to handle it. Some still manage to rise to the top; others never make it. And still others have fallen gracefully only to rise again, stronger and even more passionate about their career focus and dreams.

Expect to learn:

-The secrets to turning moments of adversity into amazing opportunities
-The basics of perception which begins with you
-How to replace your fears with faith and be effective in the face of adversity
-Proven techniques to succeed in every situation: faith, optimism & persistence
-Fool-proof ways to master your mindset
-The importance of building a dream support team
-How to maintain your integrity in the face of judgment from others
-Top strategies to leap into your life and live it to its fullest

Jennifer S. Wilkov will show you how to master the art of accomplishing anything in any situation, circumstance and condition. She’ll also share why you have the right to remain fabulous – no matter what you’ve endured, from workplace conflicts to health issues and from family crises to legal complaints. Break through the paralysis, make thoughtful decisions, keep your focus on what you want to achieve and leverage each moment as an opportunity to live your life to the fullest and make a difference.

About Jennifer S. Wilkov:

Jennifer’s passion for communication has led to her being a # 1 radio show host and executive producer, a #1 international best-selling award-winning author, international keynote speaker, an award-winning freelance writer, a successful book business consultant, and entrepreneur.  She survived being incarcerated in one of New York’s and the nation’s most violent prisons, Rikers Island, after inappropriately being told to plead guilty to a crime she did not commit by an attorney who mishandled her case. Jennifer continued to succeed as an author, media personality, entrepreneur and speaker after enduring this devastating, unimaginable experience. She knows what it takes to live the life you love in the face of any challenge. She loves to inspire audiences everywhere with the insights, knowledge and wisdom she has gained so participants take action. Jennifer fans the flames of the Human Spirit in each audience member and empowers them to tell their story, express it transparently, leap powerfully into their lives and at last live the life they’ve imagined. Her empowering message resonates with audiences everywhere: “You have the right to remain fabulous – under any situation, circumstance or condition.”

Phone: (917) 727-8434
Twitter: @jenniferwilkov

FREE GIFT: Learn the top 5 mistakes people make that keep them from remaining fabulous in any situation, circumstance or condition…and how to avoid them. Get your free special report now – Click Here

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Jennifer offers a unique session called the Reset Your Mindset Session for those individuals who are looking for support, guidance and direction in times of personal and professional crisis.

Clients have said time and again that working with Jennifer was the ticket to not only getting focused on what is important and keeping their self-esteem together in the face of adversity, but being able to go to work without crumbling from the stress and strain and/or managing others in their company who are dealing with crises while attempting to do their jobs with the same level of quality and enthusiasm.

As a member of Powerful You! (or a non-member who is accessing this program through the Powerful You! Resource Center), Jennifer is happy to offer you a 10% ($100 savings) discount on one Reset Your Mindset Session or a 30% ($600 savings) discount on two Reset Your Mindset Sessions (both must be scheduled in order to receive this discount). Click Here

Living Beyond Judgment

How many times have you said or heard someone say, “I don’t mean to be judgmental but…” It’s often the precursor to an interpretation about someone else or a situation. Let’s face it: being non-judgmental isn’t easy. It’s human nature to process what another person says or does and label it as good or bad or right or wrong based on our own value system. We are trained throughout our lives to see things from one perspective—our own—and to label people’s actions, situations and circumstances through that lens. What if we readjusted our lenses to a new vision— a vision that has the clarity to see that every individual is on a personal journey, experiencing life exactly and perfectly for him/herself. This doesn’t mean we have to agree; it simply means that we acknowledge a person’s choices as his/her own, even if we would choose differently ourselves. Is it possible to be completely non-judgmental? I believe the mastery is in the journey. That moment of awareness when a thought of judgment enters your mind is a time for pause and reflection. Being aware of the thought will eventually lead to a new understanding, greater acceptance, and deeper love. Like anything we want to master, it takes practice. And the more we practice living beyond judgment the more we can open our hearts to others.

Visit my blog at

Nobody Knows Like Your Body Knows

Senior-Woman-Yoga-230x300You want answers and you want them now.  And you don’t want just any old answer; you want the right answer for your specific inquiry right now.  When you consult your thinking mind, you will find a good deal of information.  Your mind will guide you to the pros and cons, it will lead you through all your past experiences that relate to the question at hand, and it will provide all the options that are available.  Is this really what you want?  Lots and lots of options?  No.  You want the answer that is perfect for you, and you want it right now.

There is one sure-fire place that this answer exists – no exceptions.

It is within you.

The tricky part may be to access the answer.  How can you do this?  Three simple steps:  Get quiet, ask the question, and feel the signals that your body provides.  If the answer is right for you, you will feel lightness or a warmth.  You may get a tingling or a feeling of peace.  If the answer is not right, you may get a pit in your stomach or a random pain, or a sense of uneasiness.  Your body signals are unique to you.  With practice, you can even ask your body for a specific signal as a yes or no – like your right hand to rise or a tingling in your chest area.  What is happening is that you are accessing the internal guidance system that exists within you.  This guidance system will always provide the right path for you.

You must simply tune in. 

Now, that’s Powerful!


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About the Author:  Sue Urda is an Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network, She was named twice on Inc. Magazines list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies and is the author of three books, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude, Women Living Consciously and Empowering Transformations for Women. Sue’s vision is to contribute to a global consciousness of women helping women succeed in business and in life and to open them to truth of who they are.

My Spirit Groans

As I headed out around 6am to take a walk I embraced the beauty of the skies. The clouds seemed to be so perfectly formed as I grasped the magnificence of their overwhelming beauty. I am in awe of the Creator. In awe of the fact that the moon and the sun, even though out of their normal position in the skies continues to take my breath away. The entire universe is shifting. As the skies continue to shift I know that there has been a shift in spiritual realm which has hit the earth realm. This is the calm before the storm, but OH, the glory of it all.

Sometim111es I wish I could just fly up to the clouds and play in them. I would love to be able to just take off at will, but that time will come. Todah Yah. I praise the Most High God in the beauty of holiness and in all of HIS GLORY. I feel your love. I look forward to the day you that you will take us out of here. I know that something has got to happen soon. Your love for us ignites me in my spirit. I know, that with no doubt, that I need only you and that because of you, everything is, that is.

We cannot control what is happening in the heavenly realm, but we can control what is happening within ourselves, our spirit man. At the end of the day, The Most High God is all we have and the heavenly hierarchy which is laid up before us, is at hand. The more beautiful the skies become, the closer we are to what is coming. Embrace the Most High God for He embraces you. Stop embracing self, stop embracing things. Allow yourself to operate on that higher spiritual frequency level called love. Live and breath love. My spirit groans to become one with His creation. Selah.

shining your light + not playing small :: what mark will you leave on the world?

How will I be remembered?

It’s a question I’ve pondered many times this year and analyzed, when a close friend died tragically over a decade ago. About a month prior to her death, we were on the phone, at the time she was working through “stuff”, I listened. I had no idea it was the last time we’d ever speak again.  Before saying goodbye, I’ll never forget Dana’s last three words of gratitude for our friendship were, “you inspire me”. That was it. About a month later, I got the devastating news.

This year was tough, the sudden loss of my Grandmother in March- she was “my moon + my stars”, nearly losing our son three days before his high school graduation, due to a freak accident – a clip to the side, while playing flag football, then death of my Aunt in July. I made the decision to take time to go inward… to catch my breath. With memorial services, a family reunion and Shane leaving for college in just over a month, this was the perfect time to self- reflect, re-frame my life and take stock of priorities.

See No Color and my coaching practice, was close to launch, I had worked tirelessly preparing, but was this the right thing, at the right time?

Many of my friends, family and acquaintances had lived through similar circumstances over the last two years.  I wasn’t alone in the myriad of experiences and obstacles that challenge our faith: divorce, finances, jobs, illness, death, or simply just feeling “stuck”.  I accepted quiet solitude and the knowing that I could access family and the dearest of friends, by simply “being” with people and basking in their presence. Life seemed to just “show up” for me in the most unexpected ways, offering renewed confidence, in the life I’d created and a sense of belonging. The idea that adverse circumstances and situations often times are the impetus of reframing our existence is a powerful one.

     During times of personal crisis, it begs the question…

What innate gifts do I possess? How plentiful are my emotional reserves, will I be remembered, am I significant?  When you are conscious in this life, are aware that there is no time to waste, are willing and ready to receive by bravely letting go of fear + realizing your inherent gifts: LIFE PRESENTS ITSELF. 

Shine on baby.

A quote from author and minister Marianne Williamson, from A Return To Love.  Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world .  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Whatever Your Calling, It is God’s Work

sue4There are some people who say “I have a vocation” or “I have a calling” or “I know that what I am doing is my purpose in life”. I used to be envious of these people until I realized that they are no different than anyone else on this earth, and they are certainly no different than me. These people simply had allowed themselves to be open to their purpose – and actually it’s even more than that…they have allowed themselves to decide what their purpose is.

Every thought, word and deed is a step towards your purpose.

What I have come to know is that each of us IS fulfilling our purpose whether we know it or not.  Now you might think that, given your current circumstances, you couldn’t possibly be fulfilling your purpose or doing God’s work. Maybe you don’t see yourself in a position of strength or having accomplished what you know is possible for you. Maybe you feel like you are floundering or that what you are doing isn’t important enough to be your purpose in life. Here’s the thing … whatever is happening in your life right now is exactly what is supposed to be happening for you. It is the direct result of every thing you have done and every thought you have thought. If things were supposed to be different for you – they would be. This is the divine design of the Universe. There is no other way.

So what is your purpose?  Your purpose is whatever you decide it is. It is not magic. There is not ‘the one thing’ that is set in stone as your life purpose. The truth is that people choose their purpose by making a decision to follow their guidance – whether they allow this guidance to come from their heart or their mind is of no consequence. As soon as the decision is made and you begin to move towards it, you are on the right path for you. No matter what.

Your purpose is your choice. Choose to love it.

co-creating your dharma + desire ::

Dharma or (Destiny): Our true place in the cosmic process. Desire: The true meaning: “of or guided by the (sire) stars”.

What is Desire? Have you ever experienced the rush of desire; that feeling of passion for someone or something you cannot wait to wake up or go home to? The healthy exuberance of creative possibility, or the excitement of the artistic unknown: a life that’s self-actualized by your own design is attainable, if you’re in tune with your dharma, destiny or calling. Have you wondered why some people make what seems so out of reach, so undeniably effortless? The answer: Unwavering Belief + Desire. They’re not seeking outside approval, nor do they spend time scrutinizing the actions of others; so passionate about what they desire they are unrelenting at setting their own bar, bunkering down and staying their course.

Co-creating a life you take pride in, is to be willing and open to the potential for possibility or failure, but in the inherent knowing that your power lies deep within. It’s all there and always has been. To seek external approval is as to deem ourselves unworthy and undeserving. It is the furthest point from “the divine”, that we can be. It can automatically throw walls up for failure. The onus and responsibility to guide our own course, is on us and only us. To do right by ourselves not only betters us, but betters society as a whole and solidifies the concept of self-sustainability and interconnectedness.

To follow our heart’s desire, hold every encounter every experience with reverence, as it is our dharma or cosmic blueprint; that demonstration of faith and strength sometimes shows itself, in the unknown. It too, can even be in the uncertainty that a shred of proof exists. We have the potential to become the co-creators and Rembrandts of our lives.

You can do this. I PROMISE.

We can either watch life from the sidelines OR ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE…. Either we let SELF-DOUBT and FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY prevent us from realizing our potential, or embrace the fact that when we turn our attention away from ourselves, OUR POTENTIAL IS LIMITLESS.” ~ Christopher Reeve

Christmas Unplugged – Using the Law of Attraction to Create Your Holiday, Your Way

Christmas Unplugged LogoThe Law of Attraction, What is it?

The Law of Attraction is a powerful universal law that affects everything in your life and the lives of those around you.  It is similar to gravity, it is always there, it is working in your life right now. You probably have heard the Law of Attraction stated in many different ways:

“Like attracts Like”

“Thoughts held in mind produce those in kind”

“Cause and effect”, “What you focus on you attract”

“Whatever you think about either positive or negative, you attract”

“Birds of a feather, flock together”.

In the popular book “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Law of Attraction is defined as:

“That which is like unto itself, is drawn”


How does it work?

The Law of Attraction responds to the thoughts and feelings that you hold at all times.  They may be thoughts about the past, observations of something in your present or day dreaming or thinking about something in your future.  You could be complaining about what you don’t have or what you don’t want. The thoughts that you are focused in the PRESENT are creating a vibration in you and the Law of Attraction is responding to it.

Now remember, you may not be doing this deliberately or consciously, but only you have the power to attract what comes into your life.  If you are focusing on something, whether positively or negatively, you are attracting it, even if by default.

Here’s an example.  If I ask you not to think about the color of your car, what happens?  You think about the color of your car.  The universe works in the same way.  When you declare:


“I don’t want any more illness”

“I don’t want to be tired”

“I don’t want to be so fat”

“I don’t want to meet any more jerks”


The universe responds to and provides more:

  • Illness
  • Tiredness
  • Fat
  • More Jerks


Now, for the science behind it.  Everything that exists vibrates at some subatomic level and your thoughts and feelings have a vibratory frequency.

The barometer for your vibrations is your emotions and feelings. Whenever you feel and have emotion about something, you create a vibration for it and that vibrational frequency- like a radio transmitter, draws to you those things that vibrate at the same frequency.

If you give your attention to the negative things in your life and focus on what you don’t have, instead of what you want by talking about it and complaining about it, then you feel the feelings of frustration, overwhelm, worry and fear, sadness. You are now vibrating at the level of those feelings and you will attract things that are a match to that vibration….those things that make you feel more frustration, overwhelm, worry, fear, sadness.

The more you are a match to that frequency, the stronger the vibration that you are transmitting and the more you attract at that frequency.

The Bottom line…. you get what you think about and what you feel, whether you want it or not.

How do I use the Law of Attraction to Create my Holiday Season?

Here’s a tool that will assist you in shifting your vibration and attracting what you want for your holiday season and in your life.

Creating Clarity Tool

This tool helps you to get clear on what you desire and begin to focus on it, thereby using the Law of Attraction to attract it to you.  Complete this tool for your Ideal Holiday or Christmas Season, or for any of the individual activities, interactions, parties, spending, etc. related to the season.

  1. You’ll need a blank piece of paper.  Draw a line across the top of the paper about an inch from the top.  From the center of this line, draw a line down the middle to create a large “T”.
  2. At the top write: My Ideal _____ (i.e. My Ideal Christmas, Holiday, Event)
  3. Label the left column “Don’t Want” and the right column “Do Want”


  1. In the column on the left, make a list of the things that you don’t like or want to experience this holiday.
  2. Now, read through the list and in the column on the right list the opposite of what you don’t want, listing it in a positive way, stating what you do want- including how you want to feel.

Note:  You can create a separate clarity list for any of the individual activities, interactions, parties, spending, etc. related to the season.

  1. Read this list daily.

For More Information:

Take the Free Christmas Unplugged E-Course at:

Visit Coach Estelle’s Website at: where you will find additional information, articles, resources, assessments, products and services to help You on Your Journey.


Creating with Intent

There is a common misunderstanding as to what Creating with Intent really means. Creating with intent is not the same as creating an intention to be/do/have something. When you use an intention statement, in the form of a positive affirmation, to create an intention you will often see it formed like this…. “I intend to experience prosperity and abundance in my life” or you might see “I intend that my business is flourishing and income is flowing freely”. Another way it is common to use these statements is to say….”It is my intention to let go of fear with ease and grace”. When you use these types of statements you are creating an intention. This puts what it is you desire to manifest into the future. Energetically, it puts your manifestation into some future point of time. These types of statements are not definitive statements. Why would you intend to manifest something? Why not just manifest it?

Creating with intent however is creating with focus, attention as in the word intensity. It is creating with intensity, the intensity of your focus, attention….your energy.  This brings your energy into the present moment. The Law of Attraction responds to your energy, what you are feeling. The stronger the intensity of your desire, the larger the manifestation of that desire.

When you create with intent, you have a vision, you can feel that vision. You focus your energy, your thoughts on how that vision feels. When you hold onto this you can actually feel the energy grow and expand.

All things are created energetically long before they ever manifest.If you want to manifest something do not intend to do so but do so with intent, with the intensity of your energy and let that energy grow and expand.

Stressed, Struggling or Stuck In Your Career? 3 Crucial Keys for Women Professionals to Go From Passed Over To Promotion

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You will learn three major blocks that hold driven professionals back from achieving their desired success. By understanding these common and pervasive blocks, you will know what to do, what not to do and why. You will realize that you can (easily) release what is interfering or blocking you from reaching your goals and dreams in your life and career.

Significantly, you will understand that you can:

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-Create your own reality

About Dr. Anne Deatly:

Anne Deatly, PhD, is CEO and founder of E Quantum Breakthroughs.  An author, inspirational speaker, and radio show host; she is known as The Radiance Doctor.  With 21 years as a PhD Virologist, Anne uses her expertise in conjunction with Advanced Energy Medicine to shift the lives of corporate professionals, middle management, and C-level executives.  By blending spirit, science and human potential, her clients breakthrough the corporate barriers experiencing quantum leaps to the next level in their careers.  Anne knows that people can live and achieve at a higher potential- physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Dr. Anne empowers people to increase mental clarity, live revitalized and stress-free, and radiate joy. Using the methods she now practices, Dr. Anne skyrocketed her position and changed careers.  She is now the go-to-authority for catapulting major career shifts in executive professionals. Selected as an original messengerin the Messenger Summits in San Diego, CA(2012),Anne shared the stage with Bo Eason, Neale Donald Walsh, Arielle Ford, and Sheevaun Moran. Dr. Anne is the author of Radiating Love and Joy, in Adventures in Manifesting-Passion and Purpose and Winds of Love and Joy, in No Mistakes- How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance.

Dr Anne Deatly

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Tapping the Essence of Joy in the Real World ~ How to Have It, Live It, Do It and BE It

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Sue Urda & Kumari

There are many ways to joy and each day brings us a new opportunity to witness it and find it in the outer world. The real trick though is to find true joy within ourselves – because if we don’t have it within, we surely will not see it outside ourselves.

Listen in as Sue and Kumari discuss how they have each found joy in some very unlikely ways and circumstances. They’ll provide tips and tools for you to tap the essence of your own joy and to live in this space more often, even as you move through some difficult or unexpected times.

You will learn how to readily access your personal joy, how to be joyful even when there is chaos around you, and how to provide a space for others to live in their own joy.

Listen to Sue and Kumari’s Presentation

About Sue Urda:

Sue Urda is known as the Connections Catalyst. She is an Author, Speaker, Inspirer & Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network &Powerful You! Publishing, and she is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.  As an entrepreneur and having started 3 companies since 1989, Sue knows the challenges and joys young businesses face, and she is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive through connections.

Sue’s award-winning book, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude and three Amazon bestselling books, Empowering Transformations for Women and Women Living Consciously  and Journey To Joy are designed to assist women on the journey of their lives, to inspire them tap the inner wisdom of their hearts, to feel their personal power, and to live each day through deliberate creation and intent.

Much to Sue’s delight, both the publishing company and networking organization have proven to be a source of inspiration, motivation and real growth for women across the US and beyond.

Through the sharing of her business, personal and spiritual experiences, Sue assists women in their own pursuit of success, joyful-living & freedom and her mission is to connect women to each other, their visions & themselves.

Sue’S Websites: ~

About Kumari:

Internationally acclaimed intuitive healer, author, visionary and animal mystic, Kumari’s deepest joy is empowering others to unwrap their innate intuitive, manifesting and healing gifts.

Kumari is the host of “How to Heal Anything” an internet TV program; former host of “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja, a leading empowerment radio network. She is co-author of the bestselling book “Empowering Transformations for Women.”  Her transformational work includes critically acclaimed CDs “Connecting with All Life” and “Awaken Your Soul”, the groundbreaking “Divine Human” course and Quantum Creating retreats.

Kumari’s mission is to inspire awareness and compassion through exploring the human/animal spiritual connection as a vehicle to experience the bliss of Oneness.  She serves as a catalyst for global ascension through conscious vibrational healing. She has facilitated thousands of people…and their animal friends in achieving profound transformations.

Kumari holds a palpable energetic presence where healing occurs spontaneously and the light and wisdom of the Soul unveils.  She teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that anyone can awaken to the magical remembrance of their divine nature.


Heart-Centered Networking ~ Demonstrating the Change

Web Banner - PY!LCJoining in Sacred Activism by Merging your Conscious and Unconscious and Cultivating Global Healing ~ One Soul at a Time.Presented by Malathy Drew

Heart-Centered Networking is about completely transforming the way in which WE have been taught to exist in this world. It is about living your soul’s purpose, doing that which makes your heart sing and making a difference in the world! It is about connecting with other human beings and realizing that when WE come together in a spirit of collaboration and support one another, everyone thrives.

Heart-Centered Networking is about opening to a completely different paradigm than anything that any of us that are alive on this planet have ever experienced before now. It’s like being at the end and the beginning all at the same time. It is a time for extreme Compassion, for self and very importantly for others. It’s a transition time. It’s a birthing and it requires commitment and Action.

In Social Media, depending on where you are in your life’s journey and the ability that you currently have to hold a continually open heart, you can show up in a multitude of ways and levels. You can just watch, you can hit the ‘Like’ button on posts you resonate with or you can hit the ‘Share’ button and pass the information along to your network. If you have the courage to show up and share your experience, then you can start conversations on your page and you can comment on other peoples post in your network. Finally, the final phase is going into the large networks and just shining brightly.

About Malathy Drew:

My name is Malathy and I am the Visionary of Heart-Centered Networking which is a complete shift in paradigm of Networking, Promotion and Marketing. WE utilize the immense Power of Facebook and Twitter infused with the Transformation that is created when You are committed to merging your conscious and unconscious.

Probably like many of you reading this, I have experienced many emotional and personal ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs, as well as successes and failures in my life. It seems that much of my life was spent  living in what I like to call the “Tornado of Destruction”. I traveled through life for many years trapped in my own hell, caught up in my past and scared to death of my future.

I have overcome this fear and have learned that LOVE is truly the answer to all of my questions.

My name literally means ‘the overcoming of suffering’. My life has been a testament to just that process. I bring a lifetime of transcendence to bear in the art of Heart-Centered Networking, the core concept behind Whispering Energy.

During my life’s journey, I have become aware that I have been given a precious gift with my mission of healing. I have realized that it is only by being willing to walk through the depths of our own suffering that each of us can reach glorious and exhilarating heights of joy, bliss and healing beyond our wildest dreams. I look forward to meeting you in Heart-Centered Networking.

Being Powerful You! Tapping the Essence of Your Most Powerful Self for the Greater Good

Web Banner - PY!LCPresented by Sue Urda, Co-Founder of Powerful You!

Do you realize that in each and every moment since you were born you’re making a difference? It’s true. By virtue of your presence on this planet you have an impact on everyone and everything around you – whether you try to or not, whether you’re aware of it or not. Does it matter to you what type of footprint you leave? If so, why not focus your time and energy in a way that makes the meaningful difference you know you were born to make.

If you get the sense that there’s something more for you here in your lifetime; If you feel that you’re here for a higher purpose; If you know deep down inside that you have a message to share, then NOW is the perfect time for you to step into your personal power, tap the essence of your most powerful self and let your light shine!

In this powerful session’ you’ll discover:
-What power is and is not
-Why it matters if you step into your personal power
-The importance of connections for your growth
-The beauty of your purpose and applying it to your life
-How expressing your passion feeds the greater good
-The impact of your conscious awareness
-How to play it BIG in a world that needs you

Get your power on and join Sue for a session that will catapult you into a new way of being – the Powerful You! way!!!

About Sue Urda:

Sue Urda is known as the Connections Expert. She is an Author, Speaker, Inspirer & Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network &Powerful You! Publishing, and she is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.  As an entrepreneur and having started 3 companies since 1989, Sue knows the challenges and joys young businesses face, and she is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive through connections.

Sue’s award-winning book, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude and Amazon bestselling books, Empowering Transformations for Women and Women Living Consciously are designed to assist women on the journey of their lives, to inspire them tap the inner wisdom of their hearts, to feel their personal power, and to live each day through deliberate creation and intent.

Much to Sue’s delight, both the publishing company and networking organization have proven to be a source of inspiration, motivation and real growth for women across the US and beyond.

Through the sharing of her business, personal and spiritual experiences, Sue assists women in their own pursuit of success, joyful-living & freedom and her mission is to connect women to each other, their visions & themselves.